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Madden To Be Fully Featured for First Time Since 2005

Electronic Arts has finally released more info on Madden NFL 25's Owner Mode, finally brought up from the depths of Madden 2006 on the Xbox/PS2. With this long waited for feature, we're finally going to have the first fully featured Madden since Madden 06 was released for the Xbox/Playstation 2 in 2005. (EA, Madden 25, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

mtorino  +   646d ago
To be fair franchise mode was the only one truly rejected
Father Murder X  +   646d ago
when does the exclusive contract end?
mtorino  +   646d ago
It ends this year I believe (it was supposed to last year but they agreed on a one year option extension I'm pretty sure)
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mtorino  +   646d ago
Here are more links on connected franchise/owner mode:


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NYC_Gamer  +   646d ago
I'll be happy soon as the exclusive deal is finished
jukins  +   646d ago
I hope sony can maybe give football a chance again get the san deigo team to do it and revive the gameday series. Just kidding but would be nice to see a different football series though.
mediate-this  +   646d ago
bring back the 2k series, nfl 2k5 was so ahead of its time and still looks great on xbox original.

Cant stand madden
Oh_Yeah  +   646d ago
Wow..finally, putting features back in they had yeaaaaaars ago. I mean wtf guys? Let 2k come back and show you how it's done once more, madden will end up like nba live.
mediate-this  +   646d ago
After 2k5 came out, Ea was like damn we have some serious competition in the football gaming genre, So those Aholes made a exclusive deal with the NFL.

Doe the NFL not make more money off multiple companies using their license?

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