Looking Towards Final Fantasy on the PS4

By Ferrell Marsh

Final Fantasy is a two and half decade old media franchise, which had its first game published in the year 1987. It was made by Hironobu Sakaguchi, while it is now owned and developed by the Square Enix that was formerly known as Square. Now the game has branched into serious genres of action and tactical role-playing, MMO, racing, fighting, rhythm as well as third-person shooting. The upcoming Final Fantasy (PS4) Game for PlayStation 4 is a very fine attempt by the Square Enix with a possibility to get hold of the PS loyal players.

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Arai1756d ago

This E3 is going to be one to remember if rumors are correct.
Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV, the Last Guardian are all rumored to be there.

A good game takes time to make, it's been 7 years now for FFVXIII, so I truly hope it returns the franchise to it's former glory.

Kamikaze1351756d ago

Well, with at least Versus XIII/XV and XIV, I'm excited. E3 has been lacking for so long now, but it looks like this one will be one to remember.

abzdine1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

guys, this is why you should be excited for Sony's E3 conference cause heavy stuff are gonna be revealed there:

TopDudeMan1756d ago

Did you know that it's rumoured FF versus XIII's working title has already been changed to FF XV?

Ilovetheps41756d ago

Who's been rumoring KH3 to be at E3. Didn't they say that they wouldn't be working on KH3 until they finished Versus?

Actually, I guess this wouldn't be the first time they announced a game they haven't started working on.

Arai1756d ago

This gives it away partially:

It's rumored so nothing set in stone yet, I would have to do a lot of searching to find all the pieces for it to make sense...even then it's still a rumor until actually confirmed by S-E.

Skate-AK1756d ago

I think they would save one of those for TGS.

Chrono1756d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 was never hinted at. The fans just talk about it every year.

Capt-FuzzyPants1756d ago

There has been a couple of rumors from people who claim to be close to SE. Apparently they have a reliable track record, but I'm not sold on this rumor. It's possible, but it's a longshot.

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DigitalRaptor1756d ago

Square Enix and Sony are rumoured to be working on a project together and it's rumoured to be Final Fantasy XV.

Now this could be Versus XIII, renamed, or a new exclusive project. E3 will hold ALL the answers.

mrmancs1756d ago

Always remember booting up final fantasy on ps2 camera swooping down into train station , secret characters , locations...frankly one of the best games I ever had the pleasure to play.. If they return to that sort of setting and design , winner.

Blastoise1756d ago

I'm looking forward to whatever they put on the PS4.

It's funny I hated FFXIII and XIII-2 but if they actually make a good one I'd buy it in a second.

lets hope this gen they finally make the Final Fantasy that should have been

RoadRage1756d ago

there will be a FFVS13 trailer at E3 showing ship exploration and the massive scope of the game and a release date at TGS
at this point Sony owns the game...

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The story is too old to be commented.