Bonus Round - Dissecting The Microsoft Press Conference

GT:The Bonus Round guests highlight the memorable moments and missteps of the Microsoft Press Conference.

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fattyuk1789d ago

More like a post mortem!

ABizzel11789d ago

Why have a blatant fanboy on a show that's suppose to give unbiased information.

Oh wait, Patcher has been on here countless times, so this must be an opinion piece.

Mark this please.

kingmushroom1789d ago

i know right, what a blind sheep.

Az1mov1789d ago

worthless debate! gaming journalism, where no one talks ever about technical specs, Computing architecture, technologies and design and some many other interesting topics.. instead you'll have them speculating on each and every ones decision "[insert manufacturer name] might/need/could/should do to avoid failure or secure success in the coming months" deal with the data at hand already before making any stupid assumptions

Ashunderfire861788d ago

I know this is a little off topic, but just wanted to say this anyway. I think the big 360 announcement at E3 is the Xbox Mini rumor.


The Xbox Mini is suppose to be attach to Xbox One to play 360 games. Yes backwards compatible.

SOULJER1788d ago

Damn. Closet geoff got one of his fruity @ss friends on the panel. Just great.

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