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Submitted by Rearden 917d ago | opinion piece

Super Mario Galaxy 3 vs Super Mario Sunshine 2

If it came down to Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2, which would be better for the Wii U? (Wii U)

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Snookies12  +   917d ago
I'd rather have Sunshine 2. We already have 2 Galaxy games, that's enough. They're fantastic, but it's time to move onto something else.
Samus HD  +   917d ago
I would rather have a brand New 3DMario
Mr_Nuts  +   917d ago
Exactly, we've had two Galaxy games and the sequel was basicaly cut levels they couldn't fit onto the first game. To be honest thought I'd rather have a brand new mario game with a different setting

We've had

- Peach's Castle
- A Sunny resort
- Space

Whats next? I'd say they do an open world mario game
Moonman  +   917d ago
So glad to see love for Sunshine! 3DS could get a Sunshine 2 and Wii U a sequel to SM64? ;p
3-4-5  +   917d ago
Mario 64 2

Levels were nice little segments of areas and not too big or small, just enough to platform and solve puzzle.

The soundtrack was different and not typical mario music.....songs like Dire Dire Docks are beautiful.

I want a mario that feels different like that, but updated.

The problem with jumping around a bunch of little planets is, not many are memorable, but if stars take place over certain areas, you spend more time in them and grow more memories of them either good or bad.
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WiiUsauce  +   917d ago
nah, the Galaxy games have some of the most epic moments in any game I've played and I would love to see it on a grander scale, in HD on much more powerful hardware than the original Wii. I really want Galaxy 3.
Pozzle  +   917d ago
What about a Super Mario 64-2?
Rearden  +   917d ago
Mario 128? Remember the GameCube tech demo :)
PigPen  +   917d ago
Yes indeed, you called it!
cpayne93  +   917d ago
Check out super mario star road, its basically a sequel to mario 64 made by a guy named skelux, some of the most fun ive had in a video game in a long time. But yeah I want a sequel to mario 64, galaxy was too linear and sunshine took away some of the skill around jumping with that jetpack, but I would still prefer sunshine 2 to galaxy 3.
yugovega  +   917d ago
i'll take both please.
Sandmano  +   917d ago
Both seem to be great games.
PigPen  +   917d ago
With Super Mario Galaxy and SMG2 this current gen, I will love to see Super Mario Sunshine U (forget the two).
Interface23  +   917d ago
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3-4-5  +   917d ago
Platforming was good...the camera is the reason I couldn't get very far. I couldn't play the game because I was always fighting the controls.
Errefus  +   917d ago
Sunshine enough said.
josephayal  +   917d ago
wut? Where i can buy Mario Galaxy 3?
Moonman  +   917d ago
That's an awesome question jose. :)

_QQ_  +   917d ago
It is rumored to be called super mario Retroverse.
from the beach  +   917d ago
Preferably a new setting / game mechanic.
lilbroRx  +   917d ago
Same here. I want an entire new theme and concept again.

It shocked me when they did Mario Galaxy 2, because Nintendo had never done that before. Since the SNES there has usually been only 1 full scale Mario game on each new console and they usually never use a concept or major mechanic more than twice.

Mario 1 had mushrooms and fire flowers

(True) Mario 2 had blue deathshrooms and redone jump mechanics.

Mario 3 added a new aestetic, an area map, mulitple costumes that had different effects, hidden minigames and hidden whistles

Mario 4 had a new aesthetic, it had Yoshi, a continuous world map and new glide mechanics.

Mario 64 added 3D mechanics, punching, wall kicks, back flipping, hat power ups, butt slam, cannons and overall new mechanics for everything

Mario Sunshine removed power-ups and gave you a water cannon filled with mechanics based on it, a city with people to interact with and various other things.

Mario Galaxy gave us the spin move, radial gravity mechanics, limited power ups, star bit collection and firing.

Then there was Mario Galaxy 2 which kind of broke the formula as it was just more Mario Galaxy. I would rather they go back on the route of making completely new concepts and mechanics.
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Picnic  +   917d ago
Sunshine. The original 'game' might as well be regarded as more of an extended tech demo without Miyamoto's full involvement in it. The levels were relatively boring. Only the hub world, perhaps Noki Bay, and the opening animations were particularly interesting. So Sunshine 2 could right those wrongs.
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tweet75  +   917d ago
what id really like to see is a modern mario return to subcon..the world from super mario brothers 2
Moncole  +   917d ago
Combine them.
Moonman  +   917d ago
Great idea but not set in space. More like SM64 with the FLUDD as a power up?
MontyQ  +   917d ago
a Mario fps where marios gun shoots out shells like a wolfenstien clone with mario
Kos-Mos  +   917d ago
It`s not even funny. Sorry.
gamer42  +   917d ago
Personally I would want something entirely different, but if I had to choose, I would take mario sunshine 2
Deagle  +   917d ago
Sunshine for sure
ltachiUchiha  +   917d ago
They are both great but i still think the old classic mario rpg is the best in my opinion. =]
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   917d ago
either sunshine 2 or an all new 3D Mario different from the rest.
PANTHER1030  +   917d ago
Maybe Microsoft could make the publicity campaign, at present is the best Nintendo announcer.
greatcrusader44  +   917d ago
I guess Sunshine 2. Galaxy was better but we already had a sequel. Sunshines atmosphere was off the chain but the FLUD mechanic could be irritating.

Would rather have an all new Mario game though, they get better and better.
Kennytaur  +   917d ago
Super Mario Moonshine. :-P
Picnic  +   917d ago
Now Super Mario Moonshine is a great idea. Could be like a companion piece to Luigis Mansion : Dark Moon.
AgentCLJ  +   917d ago

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jcnba28  +   917d ago
I'm a huge fan of the mario games but I just couldn't get into sunshine. The camera was terrible. Galaxy games were fantastic but for the next game I'd like them to go back to the castle like in mario 64.
YoungPlex  +   917d ago
Sunshine was one of the lesser Mario titles imo, while the galaxy titles are some of the best Mario titles (actually the highest rated games based on metacritic) ever! Easy pick if you ask me but hey people are entitled to their opinion.

I'd rather have a brand new 3D Mario game!
MusashiBlack  +   917d ago
Mario and Sonic when worlds collide..... Just dreaming:/
QuebecSuperstar  +   917d ago
Super Mario Sunshine 2, pleeeeeeease!

That or an open-world Mario.
Jagsrock  +   917d ago
sunshine 2, Look at this screenshot from the new 2014 mario and sonic olympics game. Delfino looks great in hd and the mario sonic games arn't even known for their graphics. I personally loved sunshine, it was very charming and had similar mechanics to mario 64 sans fludd.

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CaptainN  +   917d ago
Rather have "Super Mario Universe" over more sequels. Time to show what the Wii-U can do!
vakarian75  +   917d ago
Mario is trying to confuse us the cover is for a second Super Mario Sunshine not the first.
ltachiUchiha  +   917d ago
Mario galaxy for me but none of them can beat mario rpg. My favorite mario game of all time.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   917d ago
id rather see sunshine 2,or better yet a game more like 64,but well better,galaxy is my least favorite of the 3d mario games.
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