Super Mario Galaxy 3 vs Super Mario Sunshine 2

If it came down to Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2, which would be better for the Wii U?

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Snookies121581d ago

I'd rather have Sunshine 2. We already have 2 Galaxy games, that's enough. They're fantastic, but it's time to move onto something else.

Samus HD1581d ago

I would rather have a brand New 3DMario

Mr_Nuts1581d ago

Exactly, we've had two Galaxy games and the sequel was basicaly cut levels they couldn't fit onto the first game. To be honest thought I'd rather have a brand new mario game with a different setting

We've had

- Peach's Castle
- A Sunny resort
- Space

Whats next? I'd say they do an open world mario game

Moonman1581d ago

So glad to see love for Sunshine! 3DS could get a Sunshine 2 and Wii U a sequel to SM64? ;p

3-4-51581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Mario 64 2

Levels were nice little segments of areas and not too big or small, just enough to platform and solve puzzle.

The soundtrack was different and not typical mario music.....songs like Dire Dire Docks are beautiful.

I want a mario that feels different like that, but updated.

The problem with jumping around a bunch of little planets is, not many are memorable, but if stars take place over certain areas, you spend more time in them and grow more memories of them either good or bad.

WiiUsauce1581d ago

nah, the Galaxy games have some of the most epic moments in any game I've played and I would love to see it on a grander scale, in HD on much more powerful hardware than the original Wii. I really want Galaxy 3.

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Pozzle1581d ago

What about a Super Mario 64-2?

Rearden1581d ago

Mario 128? Remember the GameCube tech demo :)

PigPen1581d ago

Yes indeed, you called it!

cpayne931581d ago

Check out super mario star road, its basically a sequel to mario 64 made by a guy named skelux, some of the most fun ive had in a video game in a long time. But yeah I want a sequel to mario 64, galaxy was too linear and sunshine took away some of the skill around jumping with that jetpack, but I would still prefer sunshine 2 to galaxy 3.

Sandmano1581d ago

Both seem to be great games.

PigPen1581d ago

With Super Mario Galaxy and SMG2 this current gen, I will love to see Super Mario Sunshine U (forget the two).

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