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PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U in new console war

Punch Jump examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the Wii U to see what will aid or wound the console makers in their bid for domination. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

PigPen  +   826d ago
It's a war and all consoles will put up a fight. The exclusives will determine the winner.
WillM17  +   826d ago
Clash of the Titans. Excuse me Nintendo, Wii U is not a Titan
DARK WITNESS  +   826d ago
if you had said that a week ago, most people would prob agree.

Thanks to MS though, the wiiu is strongly making a come back.
ApolloTheBoss  +   826d ago
No you're right. Wii U and PS4 are like David and Goliaf. All odds are against it but it still has a chance. Xbone on the other hand is more like a sexually confused demigod.
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cyberninja  +   826d ago
Looks stronger than xboxone though...
jcnba28  +   826d ago
The Wii wasn't powerful yet it still dominated the market last gen.
ziratul  +   826d ago
Wiiu exclusives like: Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros, Metroid, Fzero, Pilotwings, Donkey Kong 3d, Mario 3d + average 3rd party support IS REALLY STRONG opponent to PS4 and XBOX DONE
3-4-5  +   826d ago
The 3 need to be different. There is no point having 3 consoles play the exact same games....that is boring.

Nintendo understands and know this, hence why we get amazing exclusives from them...along with some trash games but still they have games nobody can touch in terms of pure fun and replay value.

Sony- They seem to understand this as well and I'm looking forward to seeing what awesome JRPG's they release over the next 5-7 years.

Microsoft - They have a chance to win fans back and go back to their OG roots and release games like Crimson skies and fusion frenzy and a few others that were awesome but never got sequels.

The original xbox was a gamers game machine....and they've gotten away from that even with the 360. At first it was, and it morphed into a casual kinect device with indie games.
mcstorm  +   826d ago
I agree. I think this gen will give people more reason to own more than one console because they all offer different ways to play. Its the same with the psv and 3ds. I already own a Wiiu and I am getting a Xbox one on day one then in the 1st 12 months a ps4 as this is the only way to own the best gaming device on the market by owning them all.
BadboyCivic  +   826d ago
Gamers win
insertnamehurr  +   826d ago
So the wiiU has been out for almost a year and no one knows yet its specs? Is this wiiU hardware really that weak?
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gamer42  +   826d ago
I thought that people knew the specs, but didn't know what it was capable of.
insertnamehurr  +   826d ago
No one is actually sure about its hardware yet, not too long ago someone came out with diff specs.
s45gr32  +   826d ago
I am not sure but game developers know the technical specifications of the wii u.. Due to the lack of third party game support it can be speculated the wii u is weak.
ChickeyCantor  +   826d ago
It's not almost a year....
And the specs are already out. At least enough in raw numbers.

"No one is actually sure about its hardware yet, not too long ago someone came out with diff specs."

No, people said that Nintendo might OVERCLOCK their hardware so that the CPU will run at 1.6Ghz instead of 1.2GHz. And before you rant about how slow that is. Keep in mind that we are no professionals about the architecture and its efficiency.

But those are rumors, and nothing more.
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Relientk77  +   826d ago
I want the one that I don't even know what the console looks like yet
ltachiUchiha  +   826d ago
Ouya? Lol oh wait we seen that one. Hmmm the ps5?
Relientk77  +   826d ago
Ewww Ouya lol
vishmarx  +   826d ago
wtf is the wii u doing here?
ApolloTheBoss  +   826d ago
WTF is Xbone doing here?
vishmarx  +   826d ago
well couldve just written winner=ps4...
buut that wouldnt be fun
kwandar  +   826d ago
Wait till everything is out. Everyone has been comparing the Wii U to unknown hardware.

Xbox One, once they fully announced looked - crappy. PS4 ..... I hope does better, but I'd like to see it all first. Better hardware != better games.
vishmarx  +   826d ago
graphics and features in both have already exceeded wii u by lightyears despite being so crappy and early.get out.
Errefus  +   826d ago

the wii u is next gen from wii so stop bashing it....
fattyuk  +   826d ago
Okey doke?
CryofSilence  +   826d ago
I assume your greater than signs (>) are intended to be arrows, in which case, your logic is sound. Using -> would alleviate confusion.
Rusty515  +   826d ago
Guys, it all depends which one is the right ONE 4 U

*Sits back and grins*
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cpayne93  +   826d ago
Lol cheesy but it made me chuckle. For me its gonna be the wii u and the ps4. The wii u is off to a poor start but I know it'll have some great exclusives eventually.
TheSkullkid  +   826d ago
A war between the pathetic PS4 and Xbox One. Wii U is in a league of its own far above those garbage consoles. Wii U is sitting on its thrown watching PS4 and Xbox One killing each other for its entertainment.
s45gr32  +   826d ago
I think is the PS4 not the weakling wii u
herbs  +   826d ago
The Wii U is a small step forward when compared to current gen hardware specs. I will do my best to break it down for you. The CPU cycles at roughly half the speed of a 360 but can do more than double the instructions per cycle (out of order instead of in order processing) Wii U probably has a slight edge here. The Wii U has double the amount of ram for games over current gen although most people like to think this ram is only about half as fast however the Wii U supposedly has 32mb of Edram which is used as a buffer to supercharge memory speeds when used properly. The 360 uses 10mb of Edram for the exact same purpose so in reality the Wii Us memory speeds are significantly higher than what has been reported, disc read speeds are also considerably faster. The GPU is at least one generation ahead of current gen and about 1.5 - 2x as powerful. All said and done the Wii U is a very efficient machine and is a step up from current gen however the Gamepad does take a small toll on the entire equation aswell.
ltachiUchiha  +   826d ago
True but despite how small or big of a leap it is still nintendos next system that is considered next gen.
GamingWorldPeace  +   826d ago
Gears Zelda metroid forza uncharted....I need all 3 consoles.
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kwandar  +   826d ago
Three consoles? More like 5 - Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4.

Since there won't be much available at the outset, and no one wants to junk their 360 or PS3 libraries, I suspect the 3 consoles to start will be Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360.

PS4 and Xbox one, with no backward compatibility, are going to have a tough time finding an audience for a few years.
hellvaguy  +   825d ago
True but at least the digital content will remain tied to your account. Also imo, losing bc is worth the trade off going to x86.

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