History of Monster Games

Nintendo has a long history of taking Western development houses under their wing. Most of their legacy is obviously rooted in their Japanese studios, but for all their talent and design expertise, these teams cannot do everything.

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gamer421824d ago

maybe nintendo will let them be first party in the near future and make a new F-Zero

kirbyu1823d ago

DKCR seems to be their 1st good game.

deafdani1822d ago

That comment is, in my opinion, disrespectful of their work history. They've made already a few well received games, as the article pointed out.Have you played any of them?

I've played ExciteTrucks and Excitebots, and they are superb games. Excitebike for the Wiiware was good, too, although it played it way too safe for my liking.