3DS Weekly Deals - 3DS $145, 3DS XL $175, Pokémon Gates to Infinity $29.99 and more

3DS weekly deals and sales at Amazon, Kmart, Best Buy, GameStop, Toys "R" Us, Newegg, Target, and Walmart.

timothyckeegan1072d ago

Still confused which game I should buy:
Castlevania or Pokémon Gates to Infinity.

Kalowest1072d ago

Neither!!! But I would still go with Pokemon.

Moonman1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Do you have all the other games?

DivineAssault 1071d ago

target has a decent selection of games that are $10 off.. 1st party games too

Apollo11071d ago

Many are included in article ;).

DivineAssault 1071d ago

thats what i was referring to ;)