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Submitted by redblack 989d ago | news

German federal commissioner for privacy protection: "Xbox One is a surveillance device"

Microsoft's new game console Germany's top privacy advocates worried. The Xbox one is a "monitor", Peter Schaar, told SPIEGEL. Users could not control what information would be stored on it. (Xbox One)

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Cam977  +   989d ago | Well said
Ban it!
Ban it for our privacy, to show manufacturers that they can't get away with this and for the preservation of gaming! My latest submission details why if successful, gaming will die as many manufacturers will copy the limitations brought to the table with the XBONE. The XBONE is a threat to gaming! Ban it for us!
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ZodTheRipper  +   989d ago | Interesting
Here in Germany, consumer privacy is an important topic fortunately. Companies like Apple or Google had problems with our government more than once so it was just a matter of time until someone was alerted by the new Kinect.
I don't think that they will ban it but it could make Microsoft change their strategy, at least on this side of the atlantic.
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fr0sty  +   989d ago | Well said
Hopefully they do something to apply pressure to Microsoft. Hopefully they can get enough negative press from this to be forced to change their ways, because this direction they are heading is quite disturbing. Not only does their device watch and listen to me, but it sees in night vision and makes a damn 3d model of my living room. Requiring it to always be connected is the dumbest (and scariest) thing Microsoft has ever done.

They're called options. For those who do not have an issue with having a camera always monitoring them, let them enable it. Don't force us all to deal with that crap.
GamingWorldPeace  +   989d ago
Wait, if Kinect would be banned in Germany, does that mean the new PS4 eye might be as well? The tech behind it is similar to Kinect. I am just keeping it real and looking at all possible angles and how all this will turn out.

"Sony says the Eye will allow the PS4 to use face login, and the collection of microphones might make voice control possible as well. No word yet if the new camera device will be a PS4 pack in or sold separately"
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kneon  +   989d ago
It's the fact that Kinect is mandatory that is the issue here. There is no technical reason that it must be connected, it's just that they know most people won't leave it connected if given the option and that would make many of the features useless.

I expect Germany and some other countries could force Microsoft to make Kinect optional.


I haven't seen anything about the PS4 eye being mandatory for the use of the console. If it is then they would face similar issues, unless perhaps if it's inactive when the console is off. Kinect is never off and that's the problem.
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GamingWorldPeace  +   989d ago
"Kinect is never off and that's the problem"

Why can't it be off? Owners have the option to disable its Wi-Fi connection, turn the power button off, pull the power plug. There are ways around it like even taping a piece of paper over the camera.

I think people are over reacting. MS will get sued if they haven't thought about this in advance. I am sure the camera will just be on standby mode and nothing will be recorded and sent over to the net. It will only awake with a key word like xbox on or something. You people tripping.

MS already confirmed that there is an off mode for the camera.
"It's not the case where you'll be able to remove the camera altogether. But you'll be able to put the system in modes where you can be completely secure about the fact that the camera is off and can't see you."
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Shuyin  +   989d ago
Mal einer, der informiert ist! Like! :D
kneon  +   989d ago
But they won't let you turn the sound off since that disables the ability to turn on the console on using your voice.

If they do add the ability to completely turn off Kinect then they should allow you to unplug it if you wish.
Blank  +   989d ago
This is great germany knows whats up and are calling it out here in the US microsoft is good buddies with the government itll take a good court case to try to stop this as opposed to germany whom think more further about these things. I just want all this kinect nonsense to stop in a way that you dont need the kinect to use the console aside the used game fee but thats for another article/thread.
DragonKnight  +   989d ago | Well said
@GamingWorldPeace: You can technically turn it off, but if you do the Xbone won't work. The Xbone will not allow you to do anything without the Kinect 2 being connected and on. That's not an overreaction, that's fact.

Stop trying to spread lies about the PS4. I can't believe you'd support the Xbone's practices. The PS4's camera is optional, as is everything else about it. You can use the camera, or not. You can be online, or not. You can use the share button, or not. All optional.
Tyre  +   989d ago
@Zod18 The German people are my heroes!
GamingWorldPeace  +   989d ago
Yo DragonKnight,

Dawg, why are you calling me a liar when in fact Sony hasn't admitted anything pertaining to the PS4 package. I watched the entire 2 hour reveal and search through various news articles and not once did Sony confirm anything stating the camera is optional. If it is, then it is all good because I don't have a need for it. There are also no news about other details like mandatory install, online pass/fee and etc. All Sony had confirmed thuz far is that the PS4 doesn't require always online connection. If you can find any links that can debunk of what I had said, then I will shut up and apologiez.
Look hommie, I am a Sony fan and I love me some PS4 but I also love me some Cole Train too on xbox so I try to keep an open perspective of things on both sides.
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BitbyDeath  +   989d ago

"The light-bar doesn’t require the camera to function."

In other words it can be turned off.
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kreate  +   989d ago
I should move to Germany where freedom is protected instead of exploited.
rainslacker  +   989d ago
Has there ever been an instance where Germany banned something due to consumer privacy? I'd be interested to see the effects of that.
morganfell  +   989d ago
Google and 5 seconds. Amazing what you can find:
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Pinkdolphin  +   989d ago
Only ban kinect, ps eye gets a free pass. *rolls eyes*
MysticStrummer  +   989d ago
"Why can't it be off? Owners have the option to disable its Wi-Fi connection, turn the power button off, pull the power plug."

Not if they want their One to function they can't.

@Pinkdolphin - PS4 isn't ever required to be online, so I'm not sure what your point is. If it never has to be online, it can't be considered a possible surveillance device.
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BattleAxe  +   989d ago

The nice thing about the PS Eye is that it is completely optional, the PS4 isn't built entirely around the use of this peripheral. In my opinion, Kinect is a complete invasion of privacy, on a scale that I've never seen before. Its going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.
Mrmagnumman357  +   988d ago
@ Frosty, you nearly just described the CCTV screens from 1984, if that isn't a sign to step back, I don't know what is.

Sooner or later we will reach the ((Brave New World) of (1984)), I don't plant to help them reach that vision. TV's are going to start having this same tech within the next few years, and it will be always on. This is getting scary.
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r1sh12  +   988d ago
I think the majority of the countries within the EU are well protected by the data protection laws.
We even get very good consumer protection too, I mean look at google glass - they are able to freely be utilised in the states, and have only just come under fire about the privacy concerns.

But within the EU the concerns have been aired since its rumours..
Lets not forget googles main objective is 'to know everything'.
I will say that MS have good data protection policies, but even I can see the mandatory kinect is an obvious way to spy.
Silly Mammo  +   989d ago
"Xbone" Hehe that might not be the nickname MS wants to catch on with the public.
braydox21  +   989d ago
hey I have an Xbone to pick with you lol, but yeah their naming of this console is absoulutly terrible.
Pro Racer  +   989d ago
Hopefully the German court will win out over MS on this issue and force them to change their always-on and Kinect-required policies for the Xbone.

However as it stands, I think I'll hold off until the Xbox Two announcement and hope they don't make the same mistake twice.
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nirwanda  +   988d ago
Xbone makes it sound like a fossil.
Mike134nl  +   989d ago
Having cameras in your living room being it kinect and to be honest lets not forget the ps4 eye, definitely could lead to privacy issues.

I am not sure about the legislation in America but I am pretty sure that in Europe private information cannot be gathered,stored(for longer periods of time) or offered to third parties without consent. Also said information is not allowed to be stored on servers outside the EU.

Lets just consider that monitoring people without consent is not legal. Information concerning Reaction rates, learning or emotional states could be useful for developers to fine-tune their games, even in these cases some kind of consent should be given by the player.
ShwankyShpanky  +   989d ago
"monitoring people without consent is not legal"

Can't wait to see the EULA. Maybe that will finally open some people's eyes.
ginsunuva  +   989d ago
No, let the XBone come out, then ban it.
nypifisel  +   989d ago
There's some great things about the EU. Like if a company tries to screw its citizen they'll just ban importing that product. Microsoft have to listen to them or they'll loose a market of half a billion people!
mmj  +   988d ago
That's true but Xbox 360 has only really been massively popular in the US, perhaps Microsoft are just focusing on the that market as they seem to be going down the police state route (under the guise of the war on terrorism).

Perhaps MS got themselves a lucrative Department of Defense contract to increase their domestic spying ability, money alone will ensure that Xbone is not banned in the US.
TwistedMetal  +   989d ago | Well said
its just sad that xbox fanboys will go down with the xbox one ship. no reason at all to get a xbox one

ps4 has

1. more exclusives
2. more power
3. better multiplatform titles
4. longer life span and will allways be supported the longest.
5. better gaming features
6. more devs like it and support it
7. indie devs.
Muffins1223  +   989d ago
#Deal with it
slapedurmomsace  +   989d ago
I hope it does get banned, but I can see some governments making an agreement with MS about surveillance in the name of terrorism. And when I say some governments, I mean my government of the good ole' 1984 loving USA
kenshiro100  +   989d ago
Wow, at this rate, Microsoft will have to deal with lawsuits soon enough.
Maddens Raiders  +   989d ago
Makes perfect sense to me -
TheKayle1  +   988d ago
u dotn understand what u r talking this peter schaar...

so u would ban every mobile phone with a read/fron camera and an internet connection and pretty much every ipad3g and notebook etc etc...pls...sht up
MaideninBlack  +   989d ago | Well said
"The fact that Microsoft [can] now spy on my living room is merely a twisted nightmare." the commissioner said.
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GamerzElite  +   989d ago
Oh MS in trouble!
Nyxus  +   989d ago | Well said
Has Microsoft gone completely insane?
fr0sty  +   989d ago | Well said
What I don't get is that people didn't see this coming. Microsoft has been well known to do this sort of thing in the other areas of their business. look at how they got in trouble with skype after they bought it, for spying on people's conversations. That is why I never supported their Xbox brand. They charge for everything they can, restrict the crap out of everything, and then have the nerve to tell you that you can't even use their products at all unless you let them watch you with a 3D camera and let the device phone home over your net connection at least once per day.

This isn't so much of a shock to me, it's them living up to their character.
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KillrateOmega  +   989d ago

When I heard how they were planning on applying these devices and technologies, I honestly couldn't say that I was surprised.

The thought of there being an eye in my living room, looking me dead in the face, recording my voice, uploading a map of my living room, and possibly keeping track of my heartbeat, is something that is and should be alarming to everyone, regardless of your console alignment.

To make it worse, Kinect HAS to be connected in order for the One to even function. We're forced to choose between letting Kinect gather its data or not being able to utilize the console that we paid money for.
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Gh05t  +   989d ago
Dont forget this is all for money. Microsoft will record data like your Emotions when you watch movies or tv and will sell that to the studios for profit. Imagine if you had statistical proof through facial recognition whether your big dialogue made people sad or that joke you made really landed with your target audience.

MS is a huge data mining machine from health records (big payer in the digitization of health records), to school statistics on children (why do you think they "donate" all these computers), on millions of computers through Windows plus their partnership with facebook and other social media and now to be in millions of living rooms reading emotions, how many people watched the show, how was their heart rate, and what is their demographic make up. This information can be used from games, tv, movies, and music. It is all about collecting information. If you dont think it is than apparently you haven't done product research and bought this information from companies to do market research.
rainslacker  +   989d ago
Mining information for movies or TV's isn't as worrisome as if MS would sell that same type of information to politicians or the government. I believe keeping politicians guessing at what their constituents think is much more honest than them manipulating us based on our reactions to a particular speech, although honestly and politics rarely go hand in hand.

Data mining in general is used for broad statistical analysis. Most companies aren't going to care about what specific person's reaction is, unless that one specific person has some major influence on their perception.
braydox21  +   989d ago
SOP ( Sons of the patriots)........... my god its finally happening Kojima was right this is the furture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im not the only one who shares this theory or is it fact now?
Excalibur  +   989d ago | Well said
Giving Germany's History they would know, why some people are in such a hurry to be spied upon is beyond me.

IDK, this Kinet always on has so many legal ramifications I'm shocked any company would risk it, it only takes one hack job or bad employee doing something nefarious with it and you instantly have thousands if not millions of potential lawsuits.
Trampling on peoples right to privacy is pretty serious and scandalous business.

As I stated before I absolutely don't understand the need for the Kinet device to always be connected and on for me to play a single player game that has no Kinect abilities.

Why M$, Why? I really want to know why you feel it necessary to force this on me?
I'm sorry the whole thing feels shady at best.
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ZodTheRipper  +   989d ago
It's simple, the more Microsoft knows about you the more they can profit from it. The mistake they made was seeing this interaction only from a company-perspective. They thought it's a win-win situation if they know exactly what you like to offer you even more things you might like, but all of this comes at the cost of your privacy and there is no other way around it. If you think about it, Google does this for years now but it's far more subtle. And since they almost have a monopoly position with their search engine (who uses Bing or Yahoo, honestly?) and it's part of our everyday life now people don't have that much alternatives like with the Xbox so they just deal with it.
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uuaschbaer  +   989d ago
Like I said elsewhere: wtf is wrong with europe that only germany cares about privacy?
aiBreeze  +   989d ago | Well said
Why Europe? Why not the world? This is an American device of American conception after all. Still, kudos to Germany for taking a strong stance on this.
waltercross  +   989d ago
I'm an American, but no way do I support this crap, Our Government will only respond to this if many consumers complain to them about it.

PS4 for me!
stage88  +   989d ago
Lets hope this gets banned in all major European countries. If the Bone catches on it will set a horrific precedent for video gaming.
ZodTheRipper  +   989d ago
Not only for video gaming but for the whole technology industry. Companies shouldn't exploit modern technologies to gather any private consumer data imo.
uuaschbaer  +   989d ago
Internet, ebooks, digital shoes :p.
aiBreeze  +   989d ago
In before the Xbox fanboys come on here and say it's just like a webcam being connected to your PC. Biggest difference here is that you don't need the webcam connected to load your PC up.
sashimi  +   989d ago
and we have control of our webcams, not some 3rd party corporation
Excalibur  +   989d ago
Yes, Major kudos to Germany.

It's shocks me that more people in America aren't screaming about it given what the country was founded on and our constitution.
Even more surprising that an american company would be so blatant about it.
stuna1  +   989d ago
Well that's easy! Most Americans won't know what the ramifications of buying a XBone until it's too late! That's probably why Microsoft isn't targeting you or me, they're targeting everyone else! Meaning casuals who don't check up on these things.

I don' know if anyone has actually seen a real life sheep, but they are some of the stupidest creatures in the world! It's actually true if one sees another jump off a cliffs others will follow it! That's why they have shepards.

The way Microsoft is acting, they seem to think they are leading a lot of sheep! It's time for us a gamers to prove them wrong.
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Tetsujin  +   989d ago
What kills me the most, there's still people who argue in favor of this, I asked why and the first 2 words out of their mouth "Live and Halo."
ShaunCameron  +   989d ago
I don't find it that shocking especially when successive governments with the support of lobbyist groups have done plenty to undermine the Constitution. In reality, Americans don't have as many rights as they think.
waltercross  +   989d ago
The U.S is the front lines when it comes to Freedom, Liberties and all that Jazz. You always hear about Agencies, Groups, Unions, People fighting for control, Lawsuits happen all the time. We do have rights, we just need to be more Vocal and take action.
stuna1  +   989d ago
Shaun you're absolutely right! Right now the Constitution is not worth the paper it's written on!
Imalwaysright  +   989d ago
Can't wait to see MS response to this.
saint_seya  +   989d ago
"We are not happy with European governments. We blame Germany for been missinformed regarding our stance on kineitc, for more info wait for comming announcements"
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Aquarhane  +   989d ago
Nah, they will just scream at the media for making things seem bad.
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r21  +   989d ago
Xbone? Weird short form XD
Anyways, that's one way to look at the 'xbone'. Another being a cablebox with gaming capabilities.
1nsomniac  +   989d ago
I cant believe the fact that no one has mentioned there Patent for movie rental costs - That's crazy!!

So you rent a movie for say £4 & a family of 5 sit down to watch it & the camera see's there is 5 of you so charges you £21 instead.

WOW that has blown my mind!
wantonGamer  +   989d ago
You're joking...

Listen to me very carefully now.

I NEED you to tell me that what you just said is not true.
1nsomniac  +   989d ago
It's in this article, I can hardly believe it myself, that's a whole new level of greed!
wantonGamer  +   989d ago
Oh God you're right. I just read it, it's actually in the article.

Unbelievable, where do they get off doing these things ?
DigitalRaptor  +   989d ago
They have already patented it.

It's what they want to do. It's what they're capable of doing. It's what they will do if no one rallies against them.

This is what we're talking about people. MS doesn't give a single hoot about their consumers. All of their products are Trojan horses for some other method of taking control and removing your consumer rights. And to think... we're called fanboys for wanting to expose Microsoft for their disgusting anti-consumerism.
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waltercross  +   989d ago
This whole shit makes me want to go to Mac, I wish more games supported Mac.
imahustla19  +   989d ago
Not just that but it can track if your looking at the screen and your heart rate. Say ur watching tv with all your new Xbox one features and a commercial comes on do you really think someone isent tracking if ur looking at the screen during commercials or if your heart is racing during specific parts of movies or shows. This is all very personal data that no company that's making a GAME SYSTEM should need.
nix  +   989d ago
good thing about this is it'll suggest porn sites if someone is feeling little horny. q;
waltercross  +   989d ago
Imagine the Sex scenes in the movie.....MS are pervs. LOL
JoeReno  +   989d ago
Wow, just wow i wish this comment had a share button attached to it so i could let every one of my FB know about this crazyness. MS has gone way way way too far
wantonGamer  +   989d ago
If this console is a success in the states well then I'm happy for Americans that they don't mind being spied on, but here in Europe we kill that sh!t real quick.
#13 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SirBradders  +   989d ago
Good ban it there is no need for an always on all seeing box its bullshit to earn them more money out of you and to spy on you.
franko  +   989d ago
Yea! Kick those mcsoft suits in the balls!
Bathyj  +   989d ago | Well said
This is a nightmare, I'm not sure people are realising the ramifications and I'm really surprised more civil libertarians havent come forward about this.

Has no one read 1984?
Are we learning nothing from Watch Dogs?

Yeah yeah, I know, thats just paranoid right? But whats keeping MS in line? Their good word?

Ha. Dont make me laugh...bitterly.
Excalibur  +   989d ago
@Bathyj, Agree 110%.

Given what America is going through right now (That being the IRS and Govenment wiretapping scandals) I can't believe people aren't really freaking out about this, when will it end?

What's next the Government and local police agencies hit M$ up and say when need to tap into your systems?

I have absolutely nothing to hide but that damn sure doesn't mean I want you watching my every move or listening to my every word.

And for those saying we are just paranoid, I may be but that doesn't mean they are watching me.
#16.1 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tee_bag242  +   988d ago
I'm so happy to see everyone's outrage here. Civil Liberties, the Constitution, Privacy, and freedom have been on a slippery slope since 9/11. I'm glad to see people finally waking up. I should have known it would take a game console to get the masses off their a$$.
Bathyj  +   989d ago
The fact xbox fanboys are just dismissing this stuff cos you can play Halo on it, and that many casual gamers with no concept of the technology will say cool, you can change TV channels with it by voice commands is just scary.

Many will just eat this up without realising exactly what it could mean and how easily it could be exploited.

What about government agencies? Wont it require whole new legislation?

What about hackers? It boggles the mind what kind of information could be up for grabs.

Maybe I'm being alarmist, but someone needs to ask these questions. After the reveal I thought it was just a console that no longer cared about gaming, but the potential for something much much worse is very plausible. I still cant believe this is happening.
DARK WITNESS  +   989d ago
I don't think many will eat this up if you get the message across.

I use to be an xbox fan abut I have always been open minded. I do find it shocking that some are still willing to support ms but there are plenty of us who can see right through this and we are not supporting this at all.

a lot of the more casual people on my friends list only saw the reveal but don't know about all this stuff. When I talk to them, a lot of them are not 100% sold on it. I mean just from their point of view, all the TV stuff and hardly any games etc has made them question getting one. When I then throw in all the info we know about used games, privacy, always online, kinect always on etc... as soon as I mention that stuff they all go from being maybe after e3 to Hell no.

I do think if the word is spread to the more casual people about all this stuff, you will see a lot of people question this and not support it.
rainslacker  +   989d ago
All you can do is put it out there that this stuff is being done. It's better to err on the side of caution in my opinion. Social media exists, and it's a powerful tool for spreading the word. It seems we certainly can't expect the mainstream media to fight for the consumer right now. All this stuff should be like candy for them to make extremely sensational headlines, and in this case that would be justified.

I'd say start shooting off these reports to the satire media like Daily show or Colbert Report. They tend to take a dim view on this stuff.
marcolinhoo  +   988d ago
sadly, i think many will eat this up.

It's a problem of visibility, and marketing.

Even billions of post about those stuff from us will be cancelled by a good ad campaign and a couple of good reviews from popular media.
Not to mention people who are already defending the XBO...

What about hackers?
welcome to where you see real family dancing and doing sports with kinect games:)
windblowsagain  +   989d ago
M$ only needs merica/s
SDF Repellent  +   989d ago
rumors, conspiracy theories, spygate, catastrophic events, yup it is official. The N on N4G stands for National Enquirer 4 gamers. LOL, I have seen it all.
#18 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(49) | Report | Reply
uuaschbaer  +   989d ago
Nation Enquirer 4 gamers for gamers? Sounds dumb.
MariaHelFutura  +   989d ago
What the hell does Germany's federal commissioner for privacy protection have to w/ N4G? You sound absolutely ridiculous.
MysticStrummer  +   989d ago
Several MS diehards keep implying all the negativity toward the One (might as well call it Neo) originates here on N4G. I guess they can't see what's going on all over the web. It's not just N4G and it's not just Sony fans. They can't understand why most people are turned off by MS's new console, and that blows my mind.
Imalwaysright  +   989d ago
Conspiracy theories? Maybe. That however doesn't change the fact that Xbone is indeed a surveillance device that will store details and information about you on MS servers. Servers that can easily be hacked. How is that not something to be concerned about?
ShwankyShpanky  +   989d ago
Microsoft Spying on Users For Free
"earlier this year (2010), the FTC named the worst privacy abusers -- companies who failed to protect consumers' personal information. Among the list of scammers and spammers, the FTC also named Microsoft as one of the companies that failed to keep the promises they made to consumers regarding the security of their personal information. According to testimony [PDF] delivered to the Senate, "Failure to maintain reasonable security is an "unfair" practice that violates the FTC Act involved such practices as the alleged failure to:
1. comply with posted privacy policies
2. take even the most basic steps to protect against common technology threats.
3. dispose of data safely
4. take reasonable steps to guard against sharing customer data with unauthorized third parties.

Microsoft Skype Messaging Surveillance Not the Main Issue, Audio Recording (Bugging) and Computer Hijacking Are

Is Microsoft Spying On SkyDrive Users?

Microsoft, Too, Says FBI Secretly Surveilling Its Customers

Microsoft's Spy Guide: What You Need to Know (3 years old)

Damn those crazy conspiracy theorists... all reading the news and paying attention to stuff with their high-falutin' more-than-five-minute attention spans.
MysticStrummer  +   989d ago
Why do you and others keep implying this is just an issue on N4G? Wake the hell up, man.
sway_z  +   989d ago
I swear MS consulted Congress/European Union and Anti-terrorism commission...'cos this system is worse than a drone.

XBone comes with CCTV in every box...welcome to 1984.
#19 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SnakeCQC  +   989d ago
i wish the uk would take Germany's stance on privacy
Excalibur  +   989d ago
It doesn't bother anyone else that M$ themselves have said that they are increasing their servers from 15,000 to 300,000?

Why is that, so you can store all the Video, audio and other data you collect from me?

Do you really need 285,000 more to save my gamer tag, game saves or push me updates via the cloud?

Seems to me all that is working fine for the current 360 and your 15,000 servers.

Again, why do you need 285,000 more?

Umm, No Thanks.
#21 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sway_z  +   989d ago
...agree, and what is alarming is that Xbox Fan Boys are being taken in by MS claiming that it will boost XBone power...Boost X1's spying capabilities more like.

Those extra servers are the equivalent of the CIA data base storage systems for a State the size of California, New York, and Florida combined.... MS even said the worlds computational power of 1999.

Here's a fun conspiracy ...Flip that date upside down. Xbox is now Called One...

1999 > XB 1-666 Mark of the Beast > Illuminati???

Alex Jones would love this! lol
#21.1 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   989d ago
Those extra 285k servers are going to be located at the new $1.2bil, 1,000,000sqft NSA data center in Utah. /sarcasm (or is it?)
#21.1.1 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
wishingW3L  +   989d ago
darn right!
VonBraunschweigg  +   989d ago
But it HAS to watch & listen 24/7 & be online once every 24 hours, how else are we supposed to turn it on? By pushing a button? And where the hell is the dashboard getting my latest tailormade ads from when it can't connect once a day or without MS knowing how fat I am? Ever thought about that? Huh? I thought so.

I mean you just say hello and 300.000 servers form a hughe thundercloud and BAM! your game runs in 4K, how cool is that? By just saying hello to your settopbox, I mean this is amazing. This is not TV, this is XBO.
Biohazard8860  +   989d ago
The iluminatti box !!!!!
solidworm  +   989d ago
MS are going to have to backtrack on so much stuff and change so much of their software for the BONE that its going to cost them millions.
Biohazard8860  +   989d ago
I would not buy anything if there is a dam camera that is mandatory for the system to use that is just creepy as hell, Does anyone know if the PS4 needs a camera at all times? because if so i am not getting into next gen gaming, I mean i want a PS4 the most but if we have shady shit like always connected camera's then i do not want a part in next gen consoles :/.
waltercross  +   989d ago
From what I heard, the PS4 Will ship with the PS Eye but there is no mention of it needing to always be on.
rainslacker  +   989d ago
Knowing MS they will stand firm in the hopes that it catches on. They aren't really known to backtrack, just release a service pack which makes it run better.
#25.2 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
franko  +   989d ago
TV achievements??? AHAHAHAHAHA,what a retarded idea. Basicaly, you get achievements just to sit your a** on the couch and watching tv. American way of life. I'm waiting for chips or burgers ach.
SuperK  +   989d ago
Interesting read
KingKevo  +   989d ago
I'm really interested in how the Xbox One will work in Europe and especially Germany for example, because over here the laws are much stricter when it comes to data privacy than in the US.

If you compare the TOS of many different products and services you can see that users here have quite a few more rights and companies do not have some of the otions to collect and use data here that they have in other territories and especially the US.

Qucik example: Facebook and their face recognition software to identify people on pictures. They have been sued in Germany and had to remove that feature and all collected data in Germany. Facebook then even did delete all data for all European users, most likely to prevent other lawsuits in Europe. Reference link:

And well, Kinect and the Xbox One is not much different with the ability to identify people and voices, scanning the people to identify how many are present and how old they are for example. And they will not be able to get the right to do it by just saying that people using the Xbox One did agree to the TOS, because those TOS probably won't even be viable in Germany and the EU.

Good luck anyway Microsoft!! /s
#28 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ExitToExisT  +   989d ago
The fact that Kinect is required to run it is a deal breaker for me
ACESupERIC  +   989d ago
Damn. I don't think I've ever seen this many Europeans in one comment thread on n4g before. Glad to see that at least one piece of MS market won't stand (bend over?) for this. Kudos to you. I wish more of my countrymen were as informed as yall. But the sad truth is most people don't know the potential of this thing. Some do but trust MS not to misuse it. But there is a large amount of people who will not have anything to do with it for the reasons you all have stated. I say inform the ones who don't know, never trust a corporation that deals in information technology,especially one who has already proven they can't be trusted not to eavesdrop on your skype conversations, and be as loud and vocal as you can to stop this blatant invasion of privacy. Peace
justrandom  +   989d ago
I agree with you but unfortunately here in North America where I live is full of brainwashed people(im european myself).I cant believe people defending microassholes practices.
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