Does PS4 need more traditional RPGs?

Team OPM debate whether there’s a place for next-gen role-players. Should classic RPGs fade away or could PS4′s new tricks be somewhere they should flourish and enjoy a renaissance.

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NateCole1793d ago

We need more RPG of any kind.

Pyrrhus1793d ago

If only we could have 1 rpg for every shooter....

Neixus1793d ago

we could use more western RPGs, games like dragon's dogma and demon soul's

TopDudeMan1793d ago

Uh, demon's souls and dragons dogma are both japan-made.

Neixus1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

i know, but they're catered for western people. and what's wrong with those games? DD and demon's souls are both games that focusing on gameplay, in comparison to skyrim for example.
Those games got the best combat in the RPG genre

TopDudeMan1793d ago

Yeah, I agree, they're both excellent games, but I was just pointing out that if they're made in Japan, they are JRPGs.

dafegamer1792d ago

Kinda Ironic, since Dragon's Dogma and Demon's Souls are made by Japanese Developers

Neixus1792d ago

the term JRPG doesn't mean where the game come from,jeez.

JRPGs = aka final fantasy, turn based combat.

Western RPG = Real time combat, more focus on action.

dafegamer1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

nope: JRPG= Japanese Role playing game
WRPG= Western Role playing game

Dragons Dogma and Demons Souls arent western role playing games, since they were made by japanese developers
edit: Monster Hunter is a jrpg and also has real time combat, so I dont get your point

rainslacker1792d ago

Can't we have more of both? I like both.:)

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chestnut11221793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Final fantasy Should Be back to it's former Glory. get Rid of FF 13 etc etc. Sony and release the God Damn FF versus 13.

FF 12 >>>>>>> FF 13.

Persona 5 and Dragon Quest would be a pretty Sweet Deal for the PS4 :)

Pyrrhus1793d ago

Yea rename Versus to 15 (imo), then quickly get LR out of the gate so they can wash their hands off of the 13 franchise.

RiPPn1793d ago

Localize all the "Tales" games please!!!

wishingW3L1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

only Nino Kuni and FF13 has sold well, that's why there aren't many of them on consoles anymore. Jrpg's these days are just as bad as current anime because they only cater to moe fans and that stuff is not very popular with western gamers. So people only buy stuff like Demon's Souls which is not traditional in a Japanese kind of way.

I wish we'd get more games like FF6-7 and Xenogears in the sense that the story is a bit serious and the art-style is not just suggestive themes with girls on mini-skirts like: the new Atelier, the new Tales games or that new TLoH: Trails in the Flash... Final Fantasy Vesus is all I care about and that game's vaporware, and where's Persona 5? Catherine was good but not a Jrpg. Valkyria Chronicles was good but Sega killed it (not traditional though).

chestnut11221793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Don't mess with Atlus baby, They're Great. Just saying. You should Play a lot of Shin Megami Tensei games ;)

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