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Smash Bros Wii U/3DS gets its first unveiling at E3 2013 and AMHNetwork have published some ideas of what they want to see in the game. What do you think?

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_QQ_1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Although i agree with most of the list IMO the next smash bro's biggest improvement should be the online, In depth Stat tracking like KDR, most played characters, average knockout %, Win/loss ratio and MMR(matchmaking rating)that goes up everytime you win and down when you lose.They should add items that can randomly unlock after a match like in Dota2 for example a toad hat for mario, a lightsaber for link, or anything like that to customize characters along with a trade system if you have duplicates. They need pre and post game chat plus better online modes.

kirbyu1643d ago

a toad hat for mario, a lightsaber for link

Uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm. No comment.

_QQ_1642d ago

The Equipment is there to add customization,With a game like Smash Bros having out of place weapons for characters would make the game funner, i'm not sure how to describe the humor of seeing mario fight with a hue toad hat,if you don't get it then you don't get it i guess. The items wouldn't change the gameplay just give your character a different look. of course you could unlock other items that relate to the character, for example gloves that add a burning effect around mario's fists, The biggoron sword or minish cap on link.Then during holidays like Xmas they could add a chance to unlock things like Santa clause hats, imagine fighting mario in a santa hat...Online games should have more than just the game to keep you playing, a system that may give you a random equipment after the match is the best way whether the item be silly or serious.Also if Smash bros is going to be THEE online experience on the WIIU then Nintendo needs to keep up with.

Shok1643d ago

I don't agree with #1.

I generally liked All-Stars, but the one thing I didn't like most about it was the stages. A lot of the fusions didn't make sense and felt completely forced. This caused a lot of the stages to just seem completely random and silly.

"Introducing dodges and Guards would be helpful for those players"

You can already dodge and guard, don't see what the writer was saying.

princejb1341643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

All smash brothers needs is to go back to melee gameplay. Brawl was a big let down

And Add third party characters

Oh yea and no more floaty feeling like in brawl

Dravidian1643d ago

I can't say I agree. Melee felt like twitchy bricks to me. Brawl, while definitely slower, felt a lot smoother and I generally find it both more responsive and fun.

I will say that melee was better balanced and quite tournament worthy. The tripping and vastly unbalanced Final Smashes are Brawls only real weaknesses imo. Tripping was stupid and final smashes, while fun, had varying degrees of usefulness which changed based on too many factors(level design/size, # of characters on screen, randomness, etc)

I'd prefer that they simply take the bad out of Brawl, refine whats left, add some more advanced mechanics, and make final smashes both balanced and not rely on smash orbs.

Errefus1643d ago

I hope the online experience is not broken like the wii version and hopefully it's has more features

TuxedoMoon1643d ago

All Smash bros 4 needs is to be generally better than brawl. Brawl had a huge amount of great content, but Sakurai killed it by trying to make it more casual friendly with the stupid slow and floaty physics, Stales moves (using the same move makes that certain move less effective over time), and tripping. Balancing is a must, but this is something THEY SHOULD NOT FOCUS ON. Balancing can be patched. I prefer having a lot more content (like what brawl and melee had with collectables, adventure mode, and music and stuff) than them solely focusing on balancing. Fighting games are extremely hard to "balance" because players will always find some sort of exploit to abuse that the beta testers missed.

I'll go down the list:

1) More dynamic levels: This would be nice. I do like stages that are constantly moving or have cool hazards. For those tourney players, I'm sure they'll have an off switch for some of the levels. Plus Final Destination WILL BE THERE.

Don't take anything from PS-all stars for the stages. All of the stages in that game sucked. Don't mix worlds!

2) More 3rd party characters: Since this is Smash bros 4, I'll guess that Nintendo would want 4 guest characters. Capcom...Fans want Capcom to add in megaman, but I'm sure that Capcom will push for RYU. the messed up part about that is that Ryu's moveset can easily be applied to smash bros controls. up-B= Shoryuken, Down-B= Tornado kick, B=Hadouken, Side-B= Fire ball, and the A buttons would be his standard kicks and standard punches, Side-A will most likely be his donkey kick.

I, like many other fans, want megaman to represent capcom. Personally, I would want Megaman X, but I'm fine with any other version of megaman....except Starforce.

Sega will have Sonic and Tails probably (as 1 character, not like ice climbers though), Konami will have Snake (most likely Big Boss/naked snake from MGS5), and Namco will probably add in Pacman, Jin from Tekken, or Someone from a Tales game.

Personally, I'd like to see:

Kos-mos (Xenosaga)
Any main character from Tales of
Kalas (Baten Kaitos)

Naked Snake
Shanoa (Castlevania OOE)
Simon/Richter/Sonya Belmont

Sonic AND tails
Vyse (Skies of Arcadia)
Nei (Phantasy star)


Chrono (Chrono Trigger)

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
Zael and Calista (The Last Story)

Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi/Ayane (Ninja Gaiden/DOA)

Fiora and Shulk (Xenoblade)
Ray MK 2 and Milkyway (Custom robo GC)
Lyndis (FE GBA)
Krystal with staff (Star fox Adventures)
Isaac and Mia (Golden sun)
Female character from Advance Wars

I'll stop there for now. If you haven't noticed, I tried to add in as many female leads and main characters as I can. Brawl added a total of ZERO female characters. ZERO Samus doesn't count, imo, cause she's a different form of an existing character and not a stand alone character. IIRC, you have to do a special input at the select screen to use her in fights. I want more females in smash bros. Krystal from Starfox is probably the only female on my list that has the highest chance of getting into the game. Especially if she's using her staff. Nintendo does have a huge backlog of female characters to use and why weren't they added to the game as playable characters is a mystery to me.

3) Save transfers: That would be nice...

TuxedoMoon1643d ago

4) Include Individual Character Narratives: They way they explain it makes it seem like they just wanted end movies for the arcade mode. But, I would like to see a better story mode. Brawl's thing was sort of cool. My issue was that you fought Kirby rejects most of the time and not enemies and bosses from individual games. I would've loved to see Mario fighting Robotnic, Megaman vs Dracula, Sonic vs. Wily, Luigi vs Pacman ghosts boss, or Link going up against an FE boss. The final boss especially, Taboo, was stupid. Not as stupid as the face from PS-all stars, but it was a let down.

5) Balancing: I just want it to be more like Melee. fast and heavy with no tripping or stale moves tacked onto it. This can be patched anyway.

6) New gameplay mechanics: IMO, they don't really need to add anything new. They just need to revise some of the characters. For example, have Ganon use his sword or have Luigi use his vacuum. The smash ball (which isn't really a ball, but a 2d circle) could stay, but some of the characters just need different special moves. Lucas, Falco, young link, and Wolf all need different specials.

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