Final Fantasy XIV Video Gives A Guided Tour Of The Game’s New World

Square Enix have shared a new “Tour of Eorzea” video, showing off the game’s world and civilization.

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vishmarx1795d ago

day 1 for me ...coming from a non mmo player

FlameBaitGod1795d ago

PC versions looks almost as ps3 lol? Gw2 really stomps on this graphically, hopefully this will play better.

King-u-mad1795d ago

I lol'd. Nice troll bro.

vishmarx1795d ago

either youre blind or a troll..
ps3 version doent even look half as good...
just download the benchmark ,,,max it and see
how good it looks

FlameBaitGod1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

OH... I wasn't trolling this time.

Edit: Below, than you have shitty card bro, cus I actually still play the game on max and it looks beautiful. Downloading the FF14 benchmark right now

MrAnderson1795d ago

as someone running GW2 at max settings, I can tell you it looks like arse.

FlameBaitGod1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yeah you where right vishmarx, this vid don't do the PC justice. Ran it and this is what I got(Yeah it looks a lot better on PC)

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Myst1795d ago

I wonder if I will have to hug the walls and sneak like in the Dunes for FFXI.. Either way game looks beautiful can't wait!

Drabent1795d ago

The Dunes!!!! don't remind me lol.

Reibooi1795d ago

lot of death but tbh some of my best memories are parties in the dunes lol

LordLaguz1795d ago

I hate and love them at the same time. It was a complicated relationship.

I miss the Dunes.

Myst1794d ago

The dunes were boss it was like conditioning for the rest of the game :p

Drabent1795d ago

Hope I get beta here in a few weeks for ps3, play ffxi til they killl it with lazy abyssea crap.....

Tdmd1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Beautiful! Loved Drybone, can't wait to explore it!

JAMurida1795d ago

It's impressive the improvements they have made to the PS3 version, given the time between part 1 and part 2 of these videos in just 3 months. Just wish they would announced when Phase 3 starts up and when the beta client for PS3 will be up.

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