Square-Enix filed for Final Fantasy Agito Trademark

Does it mean we could expect a localization in the near future?

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vishmarx1827d ago

only that there is no agito anymore

sinncross1826d ago

There is no stopping SE deciding to use Agito as the English release name, or for a relrelease of Type 0.

Irishguy951826d ago

Rename to Agito?

Versus 13 renamed to Versus?

HammadTheBeast1826d ago

This gme was amazing when I played it on PSP in japanese. Had no clue what was going on, but just the incredibly diverse gameplay kept it going.

This is a true Final Fantasy Game.

chestnut11221826d ago

You can do a lot with these game. these game really is amazing. One of the Best FF I ever played.

vishmarx1826d ago

who nows maybe se are getting to their senses after th 13/14 debacle....
arr look incredible and so did agnis prophecy...
also didnt that retard ceo resign....good signs

teemo1827d ago

my vita is ready for this game :D

jek71826d ago

hd version release on the vita please

Blank1826d ago

They better damn localize this and hopefully since they are in the red they realize its a game consumers want they will localize it.

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The story is too old to be commented.