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Sony exec: "dozens more games coming to Vita"

TVL: Our favourite Vita front-man is at it again, promising dozens of new Vita titles on the way – under his watch alone. (PS Vita)

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a_bro  +   832d ago
Hopefully that comes with a price cut, including memory cards. If Sony wants this to be the companion device for the ps4, then it needs it.
jujubee88  +   832d ago
I think so to but,
It's yet to be shown that SCEA have the ability in them to make such a bold move.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   831d ago
I can confirm that the excellent hacker series Hacker Evolution and co from Exosyphen Studioes are coming to Vita.

It is an exclusive news from me, enjoy ;
sinncross  +   832d ago
If PSV digital sales are as good as Sony say they are, then a cut on the memory cards would be a pretty smart move.

cant wait to see what these games are but I just hope that it is not Indies only being referenced here (since this exec is responsible for the indie surge for Sony). Not that I dont want indie games, but I want Sony to also bring out some mainstream stuff too.
flyingmunky  +   832d ago
E3 will be the perfect time to announce those price cuts. The Vita has been out long enough now that the people who bought one at launch won't feel ripped off that they bought one for 250-300$.
tubers  +   831d ago
Not really.

It has to coincide with good amount of releases.

Maybe around Q4 where there's plenty of VITA games that are to be released (KZM, Tear Away, Ys, etc)

Else it's almost the same..

JPN sales are back to lower numbers w/ no real substantial software even with already having a price cut.

Unless ofc.. there's gonna be a huge title and bundle just after E3.
rainslacker  +   831d ago
A PS4/Vita bundle would be awesome too.:)
nix  +   832d ago
those memory cards. they literally bleed you. they really need to bring down the price of those things. i've got a 4 gb one and i have to keep deleting games to install another one.

one more thing that i hate about PSN and Vita is that they never properly mention the size each game takes. for PSP games it just shows the save file size for eg. 400Kb. i always have to search google to find out exact space the game requires.

and i still think the games are quite expensive. titles like Uncharted etc did retail at 50 dollars. that's expensive for such a small device.
himdeel  +   832d ago
I agree about the memory cards bleeding you. Even though I had the money to buy a 32 gig when I purchased my Vita, I still waited a little more than a month before buying one. I kept thinking to myself, I can buy a 32 gig memory card for $75 (amazon) or I can buy games.

I eventually got the memory card so I can download all my games to the Vita. I was especially pleased to have done so, seeing that most new Vita games I've purchases except COD have been discounted on PSN.

So in the long term the larger memory card certainly is worth it but deciding between games or accessories is never something you should make a consumer do IMO.
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badz149  +   832d ago
I am gaming more and more on my Vita now
the fact that I can't spend too much time on my PS3 helps a bit too. here's hoping for more exciting NEW and exclusive Vita games this E3! ports will not do this system justice!
YoungKingDoran  +   831d ago
I reckon.
Vita is my saviour, and my GF's bane.
But seriously, her house is boring as hell.
ThanatosDMC  +   832d ago
32gb is too small for the Vita. I hope they come out with bigger cards. I dont like switching cards either since it messes up my icons and background pictures for each slide.
himdeel  +   832d ago
I agree even a 64 is too small for me now. I'd like to get a 128 gig if one was available.
ThanatosDMC  +   832d ago
^Yup, been downloading my games instead of buying those cartridges because it's such a hassle to change and store. Pretty sure I lost my UMvC3 cartridge because of my cat.
HakatoX  +   831d ago
but then all we will hear is how that new card iz too pricey......

@ other people.... dont you see with the time and effort on complaining over price... you could put a couple bucks away a day and you know..... save for one? has the practice of patient purchasing and saving taken a back seat to crying and pouting?

The price is a bit high but nothing like psp launch or what we paid for first gen MB cards. Do we have to hear it in EVERY DAMNED TOPIC HERE?

All I am trying to say is your whiney efforts could be put to another more constructive use?
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rainslacker  +   831d ago
Would be nice if they slash the prices of all the cards by AT LEAST half. Would be nice if they introduce a 64GB and I'd love a 128GB card.:) I know they're phasing out the 4GB cards.
Arai  +   832d ago
He's probably hinting at Vita E3 coverage, since Sony didn't do much last year for the system.
Rumor has it that Vita will get some decent showing at this year's E3, more so than PS3 at least.
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sherimae2413  +   832d ago
i think so too...
sony should put more vita love this coming e3, to instill confidence to potential buyers and vita owners alike ^_^

im expecting new game announcements for vita this e3 ^_^
Arai  +   832d ago
The conference will be 2-3 hours long, and I'm pretty sure they'll use Vita to demonstrate Remote Play with the PS4.

Plus another developer that works for Sony hinted that they have an 'avalanche' planned.
himdeel  +   832d ago
IT BETTER! I must see remote play for the PS4 at E3!
sherimae2413  +   832d ago
im already HYPED and full-blown EXCITED! ^_^

im ready to face that "Avalanche" sony is preparing ^_^
Prodigy-X  +   832d ago
Better be a PS Vita E3 blowout
ApolloTheBoss  +   832d ago
You know it is. ^_^
icecoldfire  +   832d ago
The more the merrier.
RiPPn  +   832d ago
Dozens?? I like the sound of that. E3 is building up to be one of the best we have seen in years!! Can't wait!!
KingKevo  +   832d ago
I'll definately want to get a Vita. I'd definately appreciate new Vita games made for the Vita, but the ability to stream PS4 games to the Vita is already a good reason for me to get one. Can't wait to see how those systems will work for other uses.
creized1  +   832d ago
Hello Brother!
remanutd55  +   832d ago
when a fan asked him. any system sellers? he said oh yea!!! well now im extremely excited, i think we will see God of War, Gran Turismo games on the vita pretty soon.
Blank  +   832d ago
Im expecting great vita coverage this year its been said by many staff members in sony for me personally I want a good deep price cut on memory cards I filled my 4gb and 32gb I have been holding on to get another 32gb after E3 hoping a price cut on those, aside from that ps+ doesnt help me conserve space. I hope the best for all consoles this upcoming E3, its a crucial one since its a big peek of next gen and the offerings we will expect.
MichaelLito79  +   832d ago
I am hoping they announce more retail titles then download titles my memory card is maxed out. LOL
project_pat36  +   832d ago
Good. As of right now there aren't really any "System Sellers" in my own personal opinion. I loved the PSP, but I only bought it to play FF7CC and... Well I guess that was really the only game that truly appealed to me lol.

I love the Vita, from what I have read/watched online about it. I definitely intend to get on but not until it starts seeing some fresh IP's. Assassins Creed and BLOPS just not cutting it for me tbh.

This is great news though, maybe the ps4 will have a bundle that includes a psvita, however I don't see it happening at all, at least until damn near the end of this new generations console cycle.
AD705  +   832d ago
So how about the PS4 games? we've heard nothing on the PS4 front on that. Sure we already know of millions shadowfall, infamous second sun and a bunch of others. But what will they do to counter the 15 games 'S will announce for the Xbox one.
rainslacker  +   831d ago
Given the way that Sony has been so far leading into the next gen, I wouldn't doubt that they have some megaton announcements for E3. Sony has always been good at showing games at E3, even when they spend too much time on Wonderbook. I'm actually surprised that we haven't seen that many leaks on what they will be showing.
goldwyncq  +   832d ago
Keep 'em coming.
Salooh  +   832d ago
Hope they are serious :) .
-Gespenst-  +   832d ago
"Dozens" means 24 at least... I hope so.
tubers  +   831d ago
dozens could mean an indefinite amount..
-Gespenst-  +   831d ago
Em, no. A Dozen by definition is a group of twelve things. I suppose in some cases it can be an exaggeration or embellishment, but in this case, the guy was highly emphatic about it. In fact, he said "Dozens" and was highly emphatic about it. That means (because it's plural) no less than 2 dozens, which is 24.

I'd dismiss it as exaggeration if he wasn't so emphatic about "dozens".
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shadowmist13  +   832d ago
Hoping for gta!
Mikelarry  +   832d ago
i am glad more games are coming to ps vita, anyone know what happened to ps1 classics for the vita as i haven't seen an update in a while
PSjesus  +   832d ago
i really like Sony's new direction with connecting their staff
directly with gamers and fans
boybato  +   832d ago
am i being overly optimistic to expect that out of the 'dozens' of unannounced games 5-6 are AAA titles? Sony you better not fu%# the Vita at E3

edit: btw i'll cry tears of joy if ever theyve managed to make squenix, konami and capcom on board the Vita train.
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PANTHER1030  +   832d ago
Syphon filter, Uncharted, Bioshock, MGS, Gran Turismo games ....please.
AndreausAhazard  +   832d ago
I just want some amazing exclusives, something new but professionally made like a heavy rain for example it doesnt have to have a big name but give a big experience.
GdaTyler  +   831d ago
I agree with this. We need some big exclusive titles that give gamers no choice but to buy this sexy powerhouse of a handheld.
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tubers  +   831d ago
Bet more than half of those are indies.

We'll see.
sherimae2413  +   831d ago
have you read the twitter conversation tubers?

someone ask him or said, "it better have systems sellers there!"

and shahid replied " oh yeah :)"

i think you know what that means ^_^
PrimeGrime  +   831d ago
For the people still complaining about when you switch your memory cards it messes up your placed bubbles.. Have you not updated your Vita lately?

They released a firmware a while ago that fixed that, I don't get how anyone is still complaining about it. Seems those who are clearly don't own a Vita or just haven't updated it for a while now.
stuntman_mike  +   831d ago
what was that big game he was promising a few weeks back on vita he said it was a big name, he also hinted it was something that would get you hooked hours a day or something like that??
boybato  +   831d ago
no one really knows although I'm confident that it will be revealed in E3.
-Gespenst-  +   831d ago
I hope all these games are amongst those: Time Travellers, Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy XI F2P, Zero Escape 3, Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix (just because of atypical it looks for an AC game), Steins;Gate (localisation), a Shin Megami Tensei game (maybe IV), oh and perhaps a Final Fantasy V remake.

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