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Submitted by GamersRulz 986d ago | article

Why the PS4 will be much more powerful than the Xbox One

The question of whether to buy Microsoft or Sony for your home games console has never been as important. Not only are the Xbox One and PS4 launching at roughly the same time – a first in the history of these series – they are also to sell at a similar price. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Cpamann   986d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(11)
M-M  +   986d ago | Well said
The PS4 will be more powerful than the Xbox One because Sony made smarter decisions when it came down to the system's architecture.
SilentNegotiator  +   986d ago
But...but I.R. lovingz the forced online! I.R. streaming the RAM! It make Xbox One more powerful and definitely not cause worse responses time!
GameNameFame  +   986d ago
so Many Fanboys are ignorant as Elite24Gamer
first each data centers are not each server. LOL thats delusional.

Each data center each hold thousands if not hundred thousand. it all varies per location. and MS is building 300k.doesnt have it currently

and you cant run graphics rendering on server. Thats not what MS wants to do. they want to "compute non latency sensitive"

not graphics dear fanboys. meaning graphics gonna the same. Unless u want to do graphics rendering on server. oh wait. that is gaikai.
SilentNegotiator  +   986d ago
You know what? All viability aside, I think there's something more important here:

How many developers would go through the extra trouble to create all of those additional complex pieces of coding just to offload some computing? They have new hardware to work with and already made plenty of great games the last few years, even though the consoles were aging.

What would make doing that so pressing to developers?
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   986d ago
Let's see why:

PS4 will use its entire GPU power compared to 90% usage in Xbox One of its inferior GPU.

PS4 will use between 7 and 8 gb of its GDDR5 memory compared to 5 of 8 GB DDR3 with less brandwidth availabe on X1.

PS4 will a dedicated ARM Cortex processor for coding/decoding and will use its 8 faster core (rumoured to run at 2 Ghz each) while XBone will only have access to 6 cores running at 1.6 Ghz each.

This is the comparison, the X1 will have to rely on (cheat with) Cloud Computing to compensate its weakness:
SolidStoner  +   986d ago
This far I wished Xbone to be as powerful, as the ps4, it would at last bring peace to game port differences... but after seeing MS xbone release, it felt in a lost deep, deep black hole, much much deeper that Wii U is now!

So I dont care, even if xbone is now 10 times more powerful than anything else, I still would not buy it! MS is just doing nasty crazy stuff.. they have to rethink the concept from zero, or it can do harm for everyone...
SecondSon  +   985d ago
Just to clarify something that even this article seems to have missed is that the 32MB eSRAM buffer on the Xbox One which runs at 102GB/s and is used as a dedicated framebuffer. 32MB should be enough for 2 1080p frames to be drawn up.

PS4 doesn't have a dedicated frame buffer but due to the speeding fast 176GB/s GDDR5 Ram it can easily use 102GB/s per second and still be left with 74GB/s to process everything else.

The buffer is used 30-60 times a second depending on the number of frames per second and without it you would get a black screen.

So the result is 74GB/s on the PS4 and 68.3 GB/s on the Xbox One.

Final verdict.
----------------------------- ----------------
Xbox One allocates 5GB of RAM at 68.3GB/s to games.

PS4 allocates 7GB of RAM at 74GB/s to games.

PS4's GDDR5 gives developers the option of choosing how much bandwidth their frame buffer will use up per second (remember the higher the resolution and frames the more will be required).

Xbox One eSRAM is separate and will not be available for much else then buffering frames as its only 32MB.

Slight advantage to the PS4 however GDDR5 has not been used in such a way in previous consoles or PCs so perhaps there are more tricks up its sleeve that we do not know yet. From what Sony has said developers asked for it so no doubt it will be as good or better than a DDR3 plus dedicated frame buffer alternative.

Excited for this gen!
Ju  +   985d ago
"PS4 allocates 7GB of RAM at 74GB/s to games."

LOL. Whut? Kidding me? This must be the biggest attempt of simple minded math I have yet heard here on N4G. Awesome.
SecondSon  +   985d ago
@Ju I didn't make those calculations myself but I didn't think they were wrong when I read them. If the GDDR5 is being used as a frame buffer 30-60 times a second around 100GB/s will be required to process the frames. Only a tiny portion of the 8GBs of memory but a substantial portion of the bandwidth.

If 102GB/s were being used as a frame buffer then you wouldn't be able to use more than the remaining 74GB/s.

Please correct me if I am wrong here Ju and tell me why cause I really can't see it. I am just trying to figure some stuff out, I am not trying to deceive people -.-
fr0sty  +   986d ago | Funny
it's all in the cloud maaaaan. 300,000 servers are gonna make it all ok. who cares if they can only communicate at between 3mbps to 2gbps max, at between 8-200ms of delay per command! the cloud is the magical answer that will make up all the difference. 4K gaming is coming to Xbone from these super-servers!
zebramocha  +   986d ago
Here's a performance chart between xbone & ps4.

@foxdie look at the related image,it's suppose to be a joke.

Related image(s)
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FOXDIE  +   986d ago
chill, hes being sarcastic!
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Freak of Nature  +   986d ago

the 300k server number is worthless since that doesn't mean 300k machines, just a lot of machines running 300k virtual machine instances-enhance the power of the console by offloading calculations to a server which provides a better game experience...

If microsoft figured out how to enhance the power by offloading calculations to a server providing a much better gaming experience they would have been singing this to the high heavens...
Boody-Bandit  +   986d ago

Are you telling me this cloud thing is just a smoke and mirrors / dog and pony show? Not from MS. Not from the company that brought us the amazing Natal that will have such amazing AI to have experiences like Milo and being able to use are whole body as a controller in mainstream gaming. No way! You are just joking or being overly sarcastic. Oh wait, you are.

You can give a blind mind new eyes but they will see things they way it best suits their needs. Let them line up like sheep and help MS dismantle an industry most of us, including the sheep, love. No biggie, right?
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NextGen24Gamer  +   986d ago
Anyone who thinks that Sony's purchase of Gaikai means that they even the playing field with what MS is doing with their 300,000 servers giving extra power to the xbox ones is living in the clouds...The reality is Gaikai as of 2012 only had 12 datacenters/servers on deck> LOL...LOL...While that's enough for their web based game streaming service...but its not even in the same realm as what Microsoft is doing. Grasp your minds around that...300,000 servers/data centers to Sonys 12. LOL...Which is why the xbox one is future proof and on every BOX it states..."Powered by the Cloud".

Like I said before, even if Sony tried to catch up, they are 7 years behind Microsoft as of now. The bottom line is that xbox one was built from the ground up to be cloud powered and future proof. Sony just basically purchased a game cloud streaming service company for a few million dollars that has 12 measily servers. LOL...But Sony fans always say..."We can do that too"..LOL Funny stuff people!

Here is a quote from Gaikai

So with a single server in a single location we can run our "network" at 100 percent capacity 24/7, but we’ll be turning away tens of thousands of potential players every hour.

"In reality I expect to launch in about a dozen datacenters across North America and Europe to ensure coverage, with the servers un-evenly distributed across them based on population density. We’ll constantly be expanding our network coverage."
PANTHER1030  +   986d ago
These servers are dedicated more for storing and streaming. It's very difficult to have a real time data processing with these servers, because: first you would need a fastest internet connection and second, for contents at 1080 and 60 FPS is unlikely to compute the server's data mixed with console's data without have large loading times and slow reponse at playing.
fr0sty  +   986d ago

exactly, they claim that they are going to have 3 servers running on each xbox with 300,000 servers (this is how they backtracked when approached on how they expected a 300% increase in power when using the cloud). If that were true, after 100k players their system would be maxed out and the game would have to run in "standard xbox one" mode for the rest of the world.

Even with these servers, the horribly slow latency and small bandwidth pipe of most internet connections means there are only certain very specialized calculations that would be able to be completed by the server and returned to Xbox One's CPU/GPU in time for rendering of the frame (which at 60fps occurs every 16.67ms).
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S2Killinit  +   986d ago
Elite24 just doesn't give up hehehe. Gaikai is the second largest game streaming in the world just for your information. (after Onlive) Look it up. Not sure where you get your numbers, but its irrelevant. There are countless articles and developers going on record about how the whole "cloud will make such and such more powerful" is utter bull crap. Please look it up.
By the way "on every box it says powered by the cloud"? You've seen the box? What does it look like?
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b777conehead  +   985d ago
elite you are full of hot air. sony is not 7 years behind microsoft.
fr0sty  +   985d ago
Then there's the fact that Microsoft flat out lied about having 300k servers running Xbox Live's cloud gaming, when in reality those are virtual machines running on a much smaller number of ACTUAL physical servers. Even the creator of Braid was quick to call them out on that BS.
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Mariusmssj  +   986d ago
I will not ague specs but it's not that surprising Sony is a hardware manufacturer, While M$ is a software developer.
koolaid251  +   986d ago
Software makes the hardware work lol
SecondSon  +   985d ago
Hardware without Software is Hardware.
Software without Hardware is Non-existent.
KimiRaikkonen  +   986d ago
And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 and its going to get even more powerful by the the time ps4 launches and make it look even more dated.
SpinalRemains  +   986d ago
But no one writes articles about, or wants your rig.

Consoles rule gaming.

Always have, always will.
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MysticStrummer  +   986d ago
"And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 and its going to get even more powerful by the the time ps4 launches and make it look even more dated."

And that means almost nothing for gaming because the vast majority of developers aren't going to spend time and money optimizing their games for bleeding edge PCs that represent less than 10% of the market.
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Tr10wn  +   986d ago
Why would they make an article that make sense here in N4G!? no ones care the PS4 is outdated at launch it still gonna rock even if it doesn't make sense.

"And that means almost nothing for gaming because the vast majority of developers aren't going to spend time and money optimizing their games for bleeding edge PCs that represent less than 10% of the market"

I wonder how they come with DX10 and DX11.... hmmm ohhh thats right it was develop on the PS3 and then ported to PC, yeah yeah that make sense, those countless games that took advantage of DX10/11 which they develop on a console are awesome....
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titletownrelo  +   986d ago
sigh*, there are three sides to these kinds of arguments.

PC supremacists: "My PC, OVER 9,000!hamehamehaaahhhh!"

Console Fanboys:"Uhhhh, nuh-uh...

and rich posers:"I've had every gaming console since the history of gaming was introduced to the f*cking Universe!" [Seananner's nerd voice]
nypifisel  +   986d ago | Well said
I too got an expensive high end PC that silicon to silicon would beat any upcoming consoles ass in pure muscle. HOWEVER

My PC wasn't made to be a gaming machine. It's a resource hog for things better left to a game. I'm even unsure whether I've actually even played a game that utilize more than 2 GB of RAM, or more than 2 Cores, I've never seen a game built with DX11 from ground up.. Do you see the pattern?

I don't even own a console, yet I know enough about hardware that your claims are stupid and doesn't mean anything. A game designed for PS4 will utilize all the things PC games haven't yet, like all memory, multiple cores etc.

Try to run The Last of Us on a computer from 2006, it's impossible! PCs needs substantially more powerful hardware than a console cause the PC leaks resources on so many things. I play ALL my games on PC but I know better than being stupid like you.
Enemy  +   986d ago
Win a GOTY for once.
PANTHER1030  +   986d ago
"And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 ",then your machine is ready for play GTA V, GT 6, Destiny. Pc version, sorry.
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AngryEnglish  +   986d ago
Kimi But nobody cares how proud you are of your masturbation station, this article has nothing to do with that.....
MuhammadJA  +   985d ago
You're right, my friend. All the responses you'll get will be off topic like. "PC gaming suck, PCs are expensive, console exclusives are better, bla bla bla".
KimiRaikkonen  +   986d ago
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fullmetal297  +   986d ago
What are you talking about? They use the same AMD Jaguar chipset. I think you mean they use faster RAM and a better GPU...
Oschino1907  +   985d ago
Not sure what MS has done but Sony def customized the chip to their liking, MS couldn't have the same chip without paying Sony.

Maybe MS did some custom work on it themselves but they were so vague about system specs no one other then MS knows for sure.
waltercross  +   985d ago
Actually they use the same Chip, but the PS4 uses a custom GPU.
3-4-5  +   986d ago
Sony - " Let's see what the dev's want this console to be. What would help them ?

Microsoft - " ok we invested a billion dollars in this...We have to push A,B,C,D,E, & F and we will throw in G just to keep them happy."
Nicxel  +   986d ago
LULZ you sir have not read up on their interviews and articles. PS4 is more powerful in the box compared to the xbox. but in some years time the tech inside the box wont matter and the power will be rendered or come from the Azure Cloud. Meaning no more new hardware as the cloud will continue to update the hardware used on their servers while the pS4 will become outdated and Sony will have to have a new investment into make a PS5 to keep up with the specs.

So, out of the box, PS4 is stronger. Over their lifetime, Xbox will be stronger. End of story.
chaos-lockheart  +   986d ago
there is a limit for cloud gaming graphics, resolution will suck. Raw graphics will be better then cloud graphics. plus there are a lot of downside to cloud gaming. Meaning you will never own the game, bad connections, company goes out of biz no games for you( even the mightiest can fall), server maintenance, etc
kayoss  +   986d ago
Your internet goes down your cloud gaming is jacked. Sony have cloud gaming but that's just and option for the ps4, all raw power and computing will be done on the ps4. If ms plan on having thier cloud do all the computing for a game your internet goes down your xbox one is a useless paper weight. The 300,000 server ms mention could be virtual servers and we all know virtual servers are crap.
waltercross  +   985d ago
@ Nicxel

Well, if everything is on the cloud eventually you'll need to be Online 24/7 even in single player mode and if The internet goes out or lags then BAM...your Console is shit, do you really want that?
rainslacker  +   985d ago
Hurray for cloud I guess. Wonder why Gaikai got so much hate before last week?

Asynchronous off-site computing. Something MS has been doing for quite some time with their cloud system. It works quite well for productivity or consumer software, and you don't even need a super backbone internet to use it.

For a game loop which processes more data than any other type of consumer level software per cycle at 60 cycles a second though? That requires a lot of raw resources on the part of the servers, and a huge amount of internet to back up.

It's good for performing a bunch of small tasks which aren't critical for the game loop to complete...for instance some enemy is far off the screen, but moving towards you, and you could program it's reactive AI as opposed to something simpler in a normal loop model. But for the demanding tasks that go through the CPU/GPU at 60 times a second, it just isn't practical.

The internet doesn't even work that fast by it's very nature, and there's no way to transfer that much discrete date 60 times a second. Claiming the internet itself can handle the amount of power that 3 Xbox Ones could perform 60 times a second is just ludicrous, hence, any advancement in game play isn't going to be real time, which is pretty much how it's handled now if it isn't important enough to add to the game loop in the first place.
SpitFireAce85  +   985d ago
Yeah that's why people upgrade their gaming PCs..
Why not just use the cloud right s/.
DarkHeroZX  +   985d ago
Lol Sony has a better cloud service available to them dude.
Morpheuzpr  +   985d ago
Even if "THE CLOUD" was actually a viable way you are essentially telling me that you would buy a presumably $400-500 console just to stream cloud games?

What about the cost of XBL if that's the case? You think that if "THE CLOUD" is basically the hardware and the actual XBONE just a "key" to its content they would keep XBL at the current price.

Maybe that's their plan all along. First get people accustomed to the idea of paying to be able to play the games that they already payed for (XB360) and then make them pay to be able to play the console they already payed for (XBONE). I got to give it to them, that is brilliant.
50Terabytespersec  +   985d ago
Simple enough one word we all look at when we buy a GPU card!
The size of RAM is Right but the Bandwidth is Phenominal!!!!
It is a shame there is no ability to Raid0 2 or 3 250MBps SSD drives!! and utilize this !with games installed on the Hard drive OMFG!!!!!
But im happy with old streaming technology and mechanical HD as long as that RAM and Bandwidth is kicking ass!!! I LOVE !!! IT PS4!!!!
DarkHeroZX  +   985d ago
4 is bigger than 1 that is why.
Kohven  +   985d ago
As powerful as the PS4 may be...I find it rather funny that it will not play games in 4k...but the "XBone" will.
Aquarhane  +   986d ago
To me it just comes down to the games, not the power of the console. It has been like that with me for a long time.
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InTheZoneAC  +   986d ago
and with that in mind xbox has never been an option for me
Godmars290  +   986d ago
The Xbox might actually be more powerful, but only when its online.

And more than likely you'll have to have a Gold XBL account.

I expect Sony plans to use Gakai to wrangle PS+ subscriptions. Stuff its library with BC PS1/PS2/PS3 games.

Also thinking that XBL is going to see a couple of price hikes.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   986d ago
Gakai also has the ability to boost system performance.
And just think considering that OnLive which could run games @ 720p @ 30fps required a fast and stable connection, streaming games in Full HD and above may not be feasible for most people.
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sourav93  +   986d ago
Actually, onlive now streams at 60fps (played witcher 2 yesterday; buttery smoothness of 60fps). But of course, the resolution is crap. Just wanted to point that out.
Ju  +   986d ago
Speaking of Gaikai...I think it won't be what it was [when Sony bought it], but (!) they integrated a lot (!) of Gaikai tech into the console - which nobody seems to even remember.

- Custom cpu (a full ARM "computer") doing all the network traffic - which is huge! Network cards with custom CPUs are freaking expensive in current PCs. Those offload all packet encoding/decoding from the OS/main cpu

- HW encode/decode units to actually allow compressed data streaming without CPU load. This again is huge (required for remote video streaming).

Now, we are speaking about cloud. This is a fundamental advantage in cloud computing. And yet, the one who is trying to sell us on the cloud does have none of this.

Makes you wonder. But same ol, same ol. Marketing money beats engineering budget. Didn't work against Apple, did it?
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rainslacker  +   985d ago

Sony has some dedicated codec chip which could theoretically help with the resolution/graphics quality that you speak of. I'm not sure if that's what it's going to be used for, but no doubt they would want to keep traffic as low as possible, and compression is one way to achieve that.

Not sure if MS has something similar, but given what I saw at the conference, it's safe to assume that there may be.

It's hard to say what MS has in their system to facilitate all this stuff in their system. They may be using cloud now as an afterthought to the system because Sony is so big in it. The MS cloud was already in place before the Xbox, so this expansion may not be completely xbox related. Assuming all 300K servers will be used for Xbox is even stretching it IMO, since that's a lot of money.

I believe MS cloud is an all in one thing for all it's cloud services. Whether it can do the same in the box through hardware is unknown, because we know so little about the system
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Dr Pepper  +   986d ago
Would the Xbox really be the powerful item then? Or would the power really be at the source of all that streaming data? The Xbox would then just be a middleman, not more or less powerful than it already is.

This talk really reminds me of the Cell when the PS3 was first being talked about. Sure, the PS3 went on to support great, high quality, exclusive games. But it really got in the way for some popular titles as well. I hope MS isn't relying too much on something that most developers will potentially see as an obstacle/hassle rather than a benefit.
Muerte2494  +   986d ago
I'm not disagreeing with you..
just wanted to point out that the RSX held back ps3 significantly. The CELL was performing basic geometric rendering to lighten the workload of the RSX. Mark Cerny said the people who've gained experience programming for the CELL will be able to do that with PS4 (low-level GPU access). He said this is where developer can really push ps4. They have sort of a tier system for programming by having an entry, intermediate, and advanced.

I don't get here people keep saying the for the most part games on 360 looked the same as ps3. They are not clarifying that this was only the case with exclusive where devs where just porting 360 code. Case in point, BF3 DICE has ps3 as the lead console, and it's xbox360 lagged behind heavily. When it came to exclusives, there was no question which system had more power.
#4.2.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
Godmars290  +   986d ago
If you haven't noticed yet, MS seems more about appearances and what it can get away with. What it can convince people of. Like the Xbox was the cheaper console despite an ongoing subscription and expensive propitiatory HDD.

Right now they're saying that they can do something better than something people already own - cable boxes - but the specific people they're targeting likely have high end cable boxes which perform better.

Want to talk smoke and mirrors? That MS is a technical innovator or leader is the best they've pulled.
Ju  +   986d ago
The CELL was actually awesome if you look at what we got out from a pure SW perspective - and I am not speaking of "teh zell is so powerful".

- But it created Spurs (and probably other libraries) which for gaming is a different way of working with distributed data: jobs vs. threads.

All this works on the PS4 as well. All those CELL/SPU based job schedulers can now take advantage of an 8 core CPU. While it will require threading (read Guerilla's paper) it pushed data to low latency thread to make scheduling manageable by a job manager to simply reduce "lag" in a gaming environment (so to speak). Jobs are co-operative vs. preemtive threads. But it gives you much better control over CPU caches and per frame real time granularity than pure threads do.

PS3 forced people to think that way and today nobody would doubt that such an approach would not benefit gaming - this works quite well on a traditional architecture as well - as long as you don't flood the cores with x amount of threads.
Morpheuzpr  +   985d ago
The reason why some devs kept saying that the ps3 was harder to develop for is because the didn't have the luxury of just calling libraries that somebody else had worked their ass off coding (dx style). They had to know how to code to the metal, make there own tools to make the hardware do what they wanted to achieve and lest face it most so called developers are just software operators. That's exactly why licensed engines like Unreal where so popular this gen.
Transporter47  +   986d ago
When it comes down to it, Gaika is the best company for Cloud.
its_JEFF  +   986d ago
because... of the cloud?

If you really look at history, Sony did this with the PS3... remember allowing your PS3 to contribute computing power for cancer research? I really do think that cloud computing is a viable alternative... in the future.

MS has their cloud service and so does Sony, remember Gaikai? Yes, Yes I know MS has 300,000 servers. But currently that's just a claim, "Mr. Gaikai" Perry claims their building the "fastest" network in the world. Both companies are making big claims about clouds and networks but that cloud computing tech is still in its infancy. It won't be making a big impact, yet.

If you believe the claims that either side are making, 40 x more powerful being one of the more ridiculous ones, then you've fallen for their PR hook, line, and sinker!
GamersRulz  +   986d ago
you are not serious, are you?

for the sake of argument, I will not put PS4 GDDR5 ram into equation.

Do you really think that MS can negate a 610Gflops difference in GPU power using the clouds, if So then you will be severely dissapointed AND too naive to believe this PR spin.

in case you don't understand numbers, I will make it easier for you. PS3+X360 Gpu power totaled around (430Gflops). So basically:

PS4 1.84TF > X1+PS3+X360 (1.2TF+430Gflops= 1.63TF combined.

So PS4 still has an advantage of 200Gflops over X1+PS3+X360

all that without even mentioning the blazing fast GDDR5 RAM in PS4.

also MS cloud spin was about CPU computations not GPU, they said that each X1 will have three times the CPU performance of X360 which approx 150Gflops, considering that you have blazing fast internet to achieve that. also when you consider the cloud lag and huge latancy, that makes relying on such feature meaningless and very difficult to execute.
#4.5 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(49) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   986d ago
"you are not serious, are you?"
Course not.

But if MS can make it look they can get away with it...

Also surprised that no one seems to be considering that they're going to be charging for this "Triple X1". That with all they're planning, XBL can't remain at the same price.
SniperControl  +   986d ago
Took the words right outta my mouth.
It's laughable to think MS are quoting Nvidia GTX Titan(which runs at 4.5 teraflops) power for the XBone GPU via cloud.
sjaakiejj  +   986d ago
The 184Gbps bandwidth for the GPU is already considered a bottleneck. Use of the cloud would restrict that bandwidth to about 10Mbps for the average household.

Microsoft likes shouting that the cloud is going to make their console more powerful, but it's nothing more than PR nonsense - it's spinning the truth in such a way that people believe games are actually going to look better because of the cloud.
SegaSaturn669  +   986d ago
This xbox triple powered cloud processing sounds like the nonsensical ranting of a homeless person who has just accidentally sat on their bottle of vodka and is collecting coins to pay for a colonoscopy.
nypifisel  +   986d ago
Cloud computing is years away from being a reality. And how to implement this when the internet infrastructure is so uneven? Would you see games with "Only for 8 mbit connections and up"? Resources like polygons, particles, textures all need to be local.
nirwanda  +   986d ago
@gimme and sourav
Reading about the 3 display plains in the xbones gpu I thought it was a really weird feature to have but if the main display plain is run directly by the xbone and the other 2 are steamed in from servers they wouldn't need to be a high resolution.
Think it would have been much easier and probably cheeper to go with a second gpu instead.
BABYLEG  +   986d ago
Lol am I the only one sitting back in my chair laughing?

I actually like what the Xbox can do. I think people are mad because no other console can do what Xbox does the way Xbox does it.. Plain and simple. Enjoy a pseye that hasn't even master voice controls yet and an os that'll be ass backwords, while Xbox one has 3 of them. Ps4 is stronger on paper. With the cloud however, the one is about 3 times the strength of the ps4

edit: lol at people calling it the xbone thinking they're clever. Kids these days

what's wrong with being capable of doing everything?
#5 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(84) | Report | Reply
Gimmemorebubblez  +   986d ago
Its a $500 TV remote!!!!!!! It rapes your rights as a consumer. Not even 1% of people with internet connections will be able to handle such massive data traffic when upscaling the graphics from the performance boosters in the servers.
KimiRaikkonen  +   986d ago
How exactly does it rape my rights as a consumer? If i like whats on offer, then i buy it. Microsoft is not forcing me or you to buy it.
waltercross  +   985d ago
This is why PS4 will outsell the XBO, IMHO.
NewEra7  +   986d ago
Need some clippers ? The wool's convering your eyes.
Toon_Link  +   986d ago
Why are you so angry? I'm sure most people that visit n4g will pick a side they like more, but in reality will own both eventually.

Just remember most corporations are full of promises you might want to wait and see what happens.

Oh and how will this cloud boosted gaming work will the game box say right on the front if you will need the power of the cloud to play it? Seems a little odd that games will come out for a console that can't be played on the console without an Xbox gold account or 10mb+ Internet or whatever it takes to get the cloud computing. Either way I will wait and see.. Wait for more game announcements, wait for how all this will work out and eventually I will buy a console when the right "gotta have it" game comes out.
#5.3 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
its_JEFF  +   986d ago

wow... just wow! Did Sony announce anything about voice controls? Doesn't the pseye have 3 microphones? what do you think they're there for? LOL where did you get the 3 x more powerful from? MS said nothing about it being more powerful than PS4, they compared it to the 360. You must have used "fanboy" math... that kind of math always works out in your favor! As far as OS goes... XBox One looks to be pretty sweet.

I love it when new console wars come around, the fanboys come out. It's so entertaining.
SHORYUKEN  +   986d ago


I hope you still have friends to play with on your xbone. Cause most of us are jumping out.

You do know the xbox is an ANTI CONSUMER machine that got DRM crap on it do you?
#5.4.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(8) | Report
saint_seya  +   986d ago
Im sry by mistake agreeded in your comment.
its_JEFF  +   986d ago

it's okay man, I don't really care about the "agrees/disagrees." But I do think its cute that you thought it necessary to go out of your way to let me know that you "accidentally" agreed with me... maybe a Freudian slip?
NateCole  +   986d ago
If you think you only need an Ethernet connection with standard boradband speed to get 3 times the power of a next gen console then you are nuts.

To put thing into perspective. The RAM the PS4 uses speeds of 173Gb/s. Google Fiber is offering 1Gb/s with real world speeds of 700Mb/s

Google fiber is 173 times slower. So you say 3 times the power?. How will that happen if even Google fiber is 173 times slower?. MS have fooled you lot.
Godz Kastro  +   986d ago
You guys just don't understand how they are going to use cloud computing. Please read. It's not going to act as a dedicated CPU. It will aid the X1 in operations that don't need to be immediate. Please inform yourselves before making blanket statements like that.
#5.5.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(13) | Report
NextGen24Gamer  +   986d ago
Godz Kastro

Finally someone with some common sense! I have been waiting to jump into this discussion but the bottom line is that Sony Fans will bash & hate and try to convince eachother that the cloud won't work for games...But the reality is different than they claim it to be! Right on the Xbox One BOX it will say CLOUD POWERED! Since the beginning of its inception they intended to use the cloud to help developers. It will definately aid the xbox one in operations that don't need to be immediate. There are many articles on it and soon developers will speak on it and what Microsoft is doing with it! But when you are ignorant to information, you try to talk yourself & your sony friends into believing that its rubbish. Everyone will be enlightend soon enough! And the funny thing is, sony fans will still rant & rave that it can't be done. meanwhile everyone who has an xbox one will be enjoying true next gen gaming! Kudos Microsoft for actually being innovative and forward thinking enough to take us into the future.

E3 will CLEAR a lot of the nonesense that sony fans are spewing over the internet up! There are games and experiences that will only be found on the xbox one and there is no way I'm going to be left out of that. No way, no how. I will have both consoles and purchase and play the games I want to play.
#5.5.2 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(14) | Report
sakyboy   986d ago | Spam
MysticStrummer  +   986d ago
"If you think you only need an Ethernet connection with standard boradband speed to get 3 times the power of a next gen console then you are nuts."

Don't bother trying to talk sense. Developers don't know about the magic cloud apparently, because they're saying PS4 is more powerful. Let's hope they don't hold back multi plats because of One. I'm thinking they won't, because PS4 is a lot easier to develop for than PS3 was.

This cloud power business is just a ploy to get more XBL Gold subscribers. Even if it works, which is highly unlikely, once again MS will be making people pay an extra rental fee for something they already bought. Seems insane to me, but some will line up to take that treatment.
#5.5.4 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
waltercross  +   985d ago
@ Godz Kastro

If it acts as a Dedicated CPU it STILL needs the Internet to compute. So It still needs to send shit back and forth.
rainslacker  +   985d ago
Based on the premise, you wouldn't be sending anywhere near the amount of data that is possible through the memory bus through the internet over cloud. Likely the significant data that needs to be processed would be kept on the servers, and only variable data would be sent to process into a format to be sent back, or by some claims used to draw for the frame buffer on the client side(X1) I believe NVidia has a working model of that implementation, but it is pretty rudimentary, and requires special hardware.

I think most people talking about how awesome the cloud is going to be don't understand how they are going to use cloud computing, so no reason to call out the dissenters if you can't offer reasons why they are wrong. MS press releases on THEORY practices are not definitive proof, a working model, or even a working theory. This is in general. You yourself actually did state how it is intended to work based off what MS said so nothing against you.

I might be wrong though about all this. If the day comes MS can prove it works, then I will eat my words and be VERY impressed that they got it to work. Until then, it's not worth using to base your purchase decision on. You may end up being disappointed like all the people who brought the Vita for remote play.
kneon  +   986d ago
Didn't some ps2 games support voice commands?

Don't be fooled into thinking you need kinect for that,all you need is a microphone and the software
waltyftm  +   986d ago
Tong   986d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
imt558  +   986d ago
Ask Mark Cerny. He knows why is PS4 more powerfull than XO.:)
r21  +   986d ago
This means no more shoddy versions of multiplats for anyone :D yay for next gen gaming.
izumo_lee  +   986d ago
What really? I thought Microsoft told us that the XboxOne was 'rocket science' stuff! I wonder why the PC crowd isn't all over the system like they have with the PS4.
torchic  +   986d ago
I think the PC crowd were going at the PS4 because many were claiming it to have high-end PC capabilities. it's really debatable.

Xbox One is so weak they didn't even bother. it's clearly a mid-range PC
BitbyDeath  +   986d ago
Silly PC crowd thinking they know more than developers who are working with the hardware.
*shakes head*
badz149  +   986d ago
"XB1 is rocket science stuff" - doesn't matter much because rocket science is never amazing on CPU and GPU stuff...just they are built tougher.

"PS4 is equivalent to high-end pc" - HELL NAW! PC FROM 2010 RUNS CIRCLES ABOVE IT!

this just means...rocket science is so last gen LOL!
rainslacker  +   985d ago
Maybe the "rocket science" stuff is the problem. MS set out to make a rocket, when they should have set out to make a game console. Rocket science really doesn't have anything to do with computer science on a theoretical/operational level.

Computer Science: the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications

Aerospace engineering(Rocket Science): the primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft

On a side "This is rocket science stuff" the next gen's giant enemy crab?
#9.3 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Cpamann  +   986d ago
If graphics is everything in games then pc is clear winner much better graphics then console otherwise xbox one have 15 games and ps4 have 12 exclusive games
Salooh  +   986d ago
Fool your self -.- . If MS couldn't bring good console do you think they will provide great games?. Their worst thing in 360 was lack of exclusives. Doubt they will fix that. Unless you count the kinect exclusives then that's your thing only. We only count big games such as gears/forza ..etc
#10.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
plmkoh  +   986d ago
Graphics aside, has Microsoft even confirmed the blu-ray drive can play blu-ray movies.
#11 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SHORYUKEN  +   986d ago
Good question. They still very vague about the hardware.

I hope it can blu-ray movies.
Godz Kastro  +   986d ago
It plays blurays... You people really need to stop. Why are their so many hating on ms. Scared or don't have enough games to play on your ps3 so you post about Xbox all day on n4g.
MysticStrummer  +   986d ago
@Godz Kastro - Take a look around the internet. The hate for One is not just on N4G and it's not just Sony fanboys. Longtime MS supporters are favoring PS4. That may change after E3, but MS has some 'splaining to do.
kayoss  +   985d ago
@godz kastro... He said, "...there's not enough games on the ps3.." ROFL... You're one f'n delusional dude that need to be get checked out. Either you're in denial or just plain ignoring the facts. Do you know how many exclusive ps3 games are coming out for 2013? Let me ask you, how many exclusives are coming out for the 360? I can name you 3 games for the ps3 that's are coming out this year, the last of us, gran turismo 6, and beyond two souls.
Dr Pepper  +   986d ago
It's been confirmed to play blu-ray movies on, as well as other sources, so it's a safe assumption that the blu-ray drive will be for more than gaming. It would be kind of bizarre to not go with proprietary discs (like the Wii U uses), but then not take full advantage of the drive you are paying to put in your system.
a_bro  +   984d ago
well, they call it xbox one for a reason. it has to play blu-ray movies. or else it defeats the purpose of the name....
grassyknoll  +   986d ago
Just remember, 10% of the gpu of the Xbox One is dedicated to the OS. So the PS4's GPU works out at about 60% more powerful. PS4 also has better software tools & is releasing the source code (that can be modified). In a couple of years, the differences are gonna be stark (without difficult PS3 programming).
#12 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
SHORYUKEN  +   986d ago
PS4 is truly next gen hardcore gaming console.

The xbone is a next gen TV setup box with Big Brother watching you.
OSIRUSSS  +   986d ago
The Xbone is 2 360s duct taped to a dvr!
kneon  +   986d ago
Except it doesn't have dvr capabilities
koolaid251  +   986d ago
yes it does
kneon  +   985d ago
It only records video games, not incoming TV. Though that could still change.
solidboss07  +   986d ago
Adding to the hardware specs are the facts that PS4 has much more of its total RAM available for games because XBox None is needing nearly half for other useless applications. And Sonys 1st and 2nd party deveopers can use the 8 core CPU to its maximum potential. We know this because of what they extracted from the Cell, an ordinary 8 Core CPU (4x2) should be a refeshing doddle for them. All of that multi threading and of loading to different SPE's of Cell B E will surely have some crossover potential to PS4? Although the GPU is the grunt of the PS4 instead of the CPU (Cell) in PS3 its still good to know that the systems potential still has room to grow from more efficient use of its multi core CPU.
The_Infected  +   986d ago
PS4>Xbox One

PS4 is a "gaming console" and way more powerful than Xbox One. I bet no game at E3 will hold a candle to killzone: Shadow Fall and I want even mention a ND game. Infamous: Second Son will probably be the best game all around at E3 IMO.

Xbox One is weak yet fanboys say oh but but we got the cloud power!! Wtf you think Gaikai tech is on PS4? "The fastest and most powerful gaming network in the world" remember?:)

Seriously Xbox fans do yourselfs a favor and make you way to Sony and you will be much more satisfied. Sony caters to "gamers." Get PS+ and say bye to stupid Xbox Live:)
#16 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
FrigidDARKNESS  +   986d ago
Idont know why folks think the ps4 is going to be this monster macgine. I have yrt to see it in the games one look at watch Dogs demo from last years e3 2012 and the current ps4 version there has been a drop in visual quality. The ps4 may look good on paper but not in game quality.
ILive  +   986d ago
Your comment was actually pretty stupid. Read the comment below mine.
#17.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   986d ago
That first Watch Dogs demo was running on a very high end PC. I'm definitely getting a PS4 and have no interest in PC gaming, but the most bleeding edge PCs will always be ahead of consoles. The problem is those PCs represent less than 10% of the market, closer to 5%, and most developers aren't going to spend time and money to optimize their games for that small a number. They will, however, reveal their games on that type of hardware to get maximum buzz.

Comparing PS4 and One, PS4 is more powerful in pretty much every way. Graphics are only part of the puzzle though, so when you look at developers it's subjective which side has the best 1st party roster. I'd say Sony has the clear edge there too, but depending on what games you enjoy your answer could be different.
#17.2 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NateCole  +   986d ago
Power aside. It's the talent that Sony has that will really set it apart from the rest.
a_bro  +   984d ago
those first party companies learned the PS3's architecture. with all the experience, the transition to PS4 is going to be a breeze for them.
chrissx  +   986d ago
Buys xbox1 day 1..powers on console..*reads: internet connection needed to continue...ok does that. 2,inserts in xbone game cd...*reads: internet connection needed to make sure u are an original owner of the disc..*silently curses*,ok does that.. 3,after abouth 10hrs of enjoyin and playing game,game pauses and a screen pops on*reading: daily internet connection required for.... Oh my, there is no way I'm getting xboxone! No matter the games they show at e3! MS is not to be trusted !
Drainage  +   986d ago
xbox go home youre drunk !
gamertk421  +   986d ago
Drainage go home, you're out of bubbles!
urwifeminder  +   986d ago
Was not expecting the specs of any console to match my pc so its not a factor for me so wii u and xboxone here I come.
sway_z  +   986d ago
The box under the TV is nothing without amazing games to it's kind of dumb praising the plastic and circuit boards...

Let the games do the talking....and PS4 games talk loud and clear!

XBone will have awesome games I'm sure, but I feel it's games are the least of it's problems right now...

For all the communication tech in X1, yet MS cannot communicate the X1 answers regarding DRM/Always On/Used Game fiasco...
lyliade  +   986d ago
I have a ps3 and a xbox 360 but this time i will go with PS4 it will be mor epowerful,more exclusive and for hardcore gamers.
hano  +   986d ago
Propaganda piece. It will not be 'much more' powerful. If anything there will be no noticeable difference like current gen.
SniperControl  +   986d ago
Multiplats current gen maybe, but are you seriously comparing Killzone 3 with Halo 4? Dont get me wrong, Halo is a good looking game but Killzone is a bloody beautiful game.
i agree, we wont see much difference with multiplats on next gen, but i expect the PS4 to perform slightly better on AAA titles.
SCW1982  +   986d ago
Uncharted 2 and 3 also say hi. Oh and lets not forget Kratos
koolaid251  +   985d ago
Wow a man version of Tomb raider lol
kayoss  +   985d ago
3rd party this gen may not see a different, but 1st party there's a big difference.
SusanBoyd28   986d ago | Spam
TooTall19  +   986d ago
I will be the judge of that when they actually release.
lisamonroe   986d ago | Spam
kevnb  +   986d ago
No matter what pr says, and no matter what the theoretical performance is; you have to wait until you can test them in real world scenario.
GoldPunch-TR  +   986d ago
Japons like powerful machine. For example: PS3 too.
CaEsAr-  +   986d ago
neildee250  +   986d ago
Xbox will be more powerful cos I will be on it lol. Seriously though, playstation doesn't stand a chance without building a network like xbox live. Xbox live is the one thing that keeps users on Xbox cos of friends etc. Kinda has a similar influence as facebook, its social.
#30 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
ILive  +   986d ago
Really, xbox live, really! I think im done for today.
-Falaut-  +   986d ago
Xbox will be more powerful cos Xbox
dcortz2027  +   986d ago
The only difference between Xbox live and the PSN is that you need to pay in order to use Xbox Live while the PSN is free to use!! Just because you pay for something doesn't make it better. If you are into social networking and watching tv/movies then the Xbox One is for you, if you are a GAMER and games come first then get a PS4. The choice is yours..
koolaid251  +   985d ago
Why can't you cross chat on the PS network?
Why nobody talks on the playstation network?
waltercross  +   985d ago
Oh God this again....LOL, So people will buy XBO for Xbox Live and still pay $50? whatever floats their boat.
kayoss  +   985d ago
Pointing and LOL at koolaid. You pay $30-$50 for cross chat lol. Give me a second...i can't breath because I'm laughing so hard. LOL. $50 more for cross chat. Hahah. I'm going to laugh about this for a while.
chuckyj1  +   985d ago

So what exactly are you paying for PlayStation Plus for? You don't get online gaming... What features are you actually paying for with the subscription?

Cross-Party chat is a far better feature than anything you get on Playstation Plus. What a rotating stable of free games? That you lose the ability to play when you are no longer a member...
neildee250  +   982d ago
Doesn't make it better? It stays online at least, allows cross party game chat and has more other features than gaming (even though it does it very well) than the playstation. I have both consoles so its easy to see.
SCW1982  +   985d ago
Gaikai says hello.
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