Why the PS4 will be much more powerful than the Xbox One

The question of whether to buy Microsoft or Sony for your home games console has never been as important. Not only are the Xbox One and PS4 launching at roughly the same time – a first in the history of these series – they are also to sell at a similar price.

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M-M1544d ago

The PS4 will be more powerful than the Xbox One because Sony made smarter decisions when it came down to the system's architecture.

SilentNegotiator1544d ago

But...but I.R. lovingz the forced online! I.R. streaming the RAM! It make Xbox One more powerful and definitely not cause worse responses time!

GameNameFame1544d ago

first each data centers are not each server. LOL thats delusional.

Each data center each hold thousands if not hundred thousand. it all varies per location. and MS is building 300k.doesnt have it currently

and you cant run graphics rendering on server. Thats not what MS wants to do. they want to "compute non latency sensitive"

not graphics dear fanboys. meaning graphics gonna the same. Unless u want to do graphics rendering on server. oh wait. that is gaikai.

SilentNegotiator1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

You know what? All viability aside, I think there's something more important here:

How many developers would go through the extra trouble to create all of those additional complex pieces of coding just to offload some computing? They have new hardware to work with and already made plenty of great games the last few years, even though the consoles were aging.

What would make doing that so pressing to developers?


Let's see why:

PS4 will use its entire GPU power compared to 90% usage in Xbox One of its inferior GPU.

PS4 will use between 7 and 8 gb of its GDDR5 memory compared to 5 of 8 GB DDR3 with less brandwidth availabe on X1.

PS4 will a dedicated ARM Cortex processor for coding/decoding and will use its 8 faster core (rumoured to run at 2 Ghz each) while XBone will only have access to 6 cores running at 1.6 Ghz each.

This is the comparison, the X1 will have to rely on (cheat with) Cloud Computing to compensate its weakness:

SolidStoner1544d ago

This far I wished Xbone to be as powerful, as the ps4, it would at last bring peace to game port differences... but after seeing MS xbone release, it felt in a lost deep, deep black hole, much much deeper that Wii U is now!

So I dont care, even if xbone is now 10 times more powerful than anything else, I still would not buy it! MS is just doing nasty crazy stuff.. they have to rethink the concept from zero, or it can do harm for everyone...

SecondSon1544d ago

Just to clarify something that even this article seems to have missed is that the 32MB eSRAM buffer on the Xbox One which runs at 102GB/s and is used as a dedicated framebuffer. 32MB should be enough for 2 1080p frames to be drawn up.

PS4 doesn't have a dedicated frame buffer but due to the speeding fast 176GB/s GDDR5 Ram it can easily use 102GB/s per second and still be left with 74GB/s to process everything else.

The buffer is used 30-60 times a second depending on the number of frames per second and without it you would get a black screen.

So the result is 74GB/s on the PS4 and 68.3 GB/s on the Xbox One.

Final verdict.
----------------------------- ----------------
Xbox One allocates 5GB of RAM at 68.3GB/s to games.

PS4 allocates 7GB of RAM at 74GB/s to games.

PS4's GDDR5 gives developers the option of choosing how much bandwidth their frame buffer will use up per second (remember the higher the resolution and frames the more will be required).

Xbox One eSRAM is separate and will not be available for much else then buffering frames as its only 32MB.

Slight advantage to the PS4 however GDDR5 has not been used in such a way in previous consoles or PCs so perhaps there are more tricks up its sleeve that we do not know yet. From what Sony has said developers asked for it so no doubt it will be as good or better than a DDR3 plus dedicated frame buffer alternative.

Excited for this gen!

Ju1544d ago

"PS4 allocates 7GB of RAM at 74GB/s to games."

LOL. Whut? Kidding me? This must be the biggest attempt of simple minded math I have yet heard here on N4G. Awesome.

SecondSon1544d ago

@Ju I didn't make those calculations myself but I didn't think they were wrong when I read them. If the GDDR5 is being used as a frame buffer 30-60 times a second around 100GB/s will be required to process the frames. Only a tiny portion of the 8GBs of memory but a substantial portion of the bandwidth.

If 102GB/s were being used as a frame buffer then you wouldn't be able to use more than the remaining 74GB/s.

Please correct me if I am wrong here Ju and tell me why cause I really can't see it. I am just trying to figure some stuff out, I am not trying to deceive people -.-

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fr0sty1544d ago

it's all in the cloud maaaaan. 300,000 servers are gonna make it all ok. who cares if they can only communicate at between 3mbps to 2gbps max, at between 8-200ms of delay per command! the cloud is the magical answer that will make up all the difference. 4K gaming is coming to Xbone from these super-servers!

zebramocha1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Here's a performance chart between xbone & ps4.

@foxdie look at the related image,it's suppose to be a joke.

FOXDIE1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

chill, hes being sarcastic!

Freak of Nature1544d ago


the 300k server number is worthless since that doesn't mean 300k machines, just a lot of machines running 300k virtual machine instances-enhance the power of the console by offloading calculations to a server which provides a better game experience...

If microsoft figured out how to enhance the power by offloading calculations to a server providing a much better gaming experience they would have been singing this to the high heavens...

Boody-Bandit1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


Are you telling me this cloud thing is just a smoke and mirrors / dog and pony show? Not from MS. Not from the company that brought us the amazing Natal that will have such amazing AI to have experiences like Milo and being able to use are whole body as a controller in mainstream gaming. No way! You are just joking or being overly sarcastic. Oh wait, you are.

You can give a blind mind new eyes but they will see things they way it best suits their needs. Let them line up like sheep and help MS dismantle an industry most of us, including the sheep, love. No biggie, right?

NextGen24Gamer1544d ago

Anyone who thinks that Sony's purchase of Gaikai means that they even the playing field with what MS is doing with their 300,000 servers giving extra power to the xbox ones is living in the clouds...The reality is Gaikai as of 2012 only had 12 datacenters/servers on deck> LOL...LOL...While that's enough for their web based game streaming service...but its not even in the same realm as what Microsoft is doing. Grasp your minds around that...300,000 servers/data centers to Sonys 12. LOL...Which is why the xbox one is future proof and on every BOX it states..."Powered by the Cloud".

Like I said before, even if Sony tried to catch up, they are 7 years behind Microsoft as of now. The bottom line is that xbox one was built from the ground up to be cloud powered and future proof. Sony just basically purchased a game cloud streaming service company for a few million dollars that has 12 measily servers. LOL...But Sony fans always say..."We can do that too"..LOL Funny stuff people!

Here is a quote from Gaikai

So with a single server in a single location we can run our "network" at 100 percent capacity 24/7, but we’ll be turning away tens of thousands of potential players every hour.

"In reality I expect to launch in about a dozen datacenters across North America and Europe to ensure coverage, with the servers un-evenly distributed across them based on population density. We’ll constantly be expanding our network coverage."

PANTHER10301544d ago

These servers are dedicated more for storing and streaming. It's very difficult to have a real time data processing with these servers, because: first you would need a fastest internet connection and second, for contents at 1080 and 60 FPS is unlikely to compute the server's data mixed with console's data without have large loading times and slow reponse at playing.

fr0sty1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


exactly, they claim that they are going to have 3 servers running on each xbox with 300,000 servers (this is how they backtracked when approached on how they expected a 300% increase in power when using the cloud). If that were true, after 100k players their system would be maxed out and the game would have to run in "standard xbox one" mode for the rest of the world.

Even with these servers, the horribly slow latency and small bandwidth pipe of most internet connections means there are only certain very specialized calculations that would be able to be completed by the server and returned to Xbox One's CPU/GPU in time for rendering of the frame (which at 60fps occurs every 16.67ms).

S2Killinit1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Elite24 just doesn't give up hehehe. Gaikai is the second largest game streaming in the world just for your information. (after Onlive) Look it up. Not sure where you get your numbers, but its irrelevant. There are countless articles and developers going on record about how the whole "cloud will make such and such more powerful" is utter bull crap. Please look it up.
By the way "on every box it says powered by the cloud"? You've seen the box? What does it look like?

b777conehead1544d ago

elite you are full of hot air. sony is not 7 years behind microsoft.

fr0sty1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Then there's the fact that Microsoft flat out lied about having 300k servers running Xbox Live's cloud gaming, when in reality those are virtual machines running on a much smaller number of ACTUAL physical servers. Even the creator of Braid was quick to call them out on that BS.

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Mariusmssj1544d ago

I will not ague specs but it's not that surprising Sony is a hardware manufacturer, While M$ is a software developer.

koolaid2511544d ago

Software makes the hardware work lol

SecondSon1544d ago

Hardware without Software is Hardware.
Software without Hardware is Non-existent.

KimiRaikkonen1544d ago

And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 and its going to get even more powerful by the the time ps4 launches and make it look even more dated.

SpinalRemains1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

But no one writes articles about, or wants your rig.

Consoles rule gaming.

Always have, always will.

MysticStrummer1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 and its going to get even more powerful by the the time ps4 launches and make it look even more dated."

And that means almost nothing for gaming because the vast majority of developers aren't going to spend time and money optimizing their games for bleeding edge PCs that represent less than 10% of the market.

Tr10wn1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Why would they make an article that make sense here in N4G!? no ones care the PS4 is outdated at launch it still gonna rock even if it doesn't make sense.

"And that means almost nothing for gaming because the vast majority of developers aren't going to spend time and money optimizing their games for bleeding edge PCs that represent less than 10% of the market"

I wonder how they come with DX10 and DX11.... hmmm ohhh thats right it was develop on the PS3 and then ported to PC, yeah yeah that make sense, those countless games that took advantage of DX10/11 which they develop on a console are awesome....

titletownrelo1544d ago

sigh*, there are three sides to these kinds of arguments.

PC supremacists: "My PC, OVER 9,000!hamehamehaaahhhh!"

Console Fanboys:"Uhhhh, nuh-uh...

and rich posers:"I've had every gaming console since the history of gaming was introduced to the f*cking Universe!" [Seananner's nerd voice]

nypifisel1544d ago

I too got an expensive high end PC that silicon to silicon would beat any upcoming consoles ass in pure muscle. HOWEVER

My PC wasn't made to be a gaming machine. It's a resource hog for things better left to a game. I'm even unsure whether I've actually even played a game that utilize more than 2 GB of RAM, or more than 2 Cores, I've never seen a game built with DX11 from ground up.. Do you see the pattern?

I don't even own a console, yet I know enough about hardware that your claims are stupid and doesn't mean anything. A game designed for PS4 will utilize all the things PC games haven't yet, like all memory, multiple cores etc.

Try to run The Last of Us on a computer from 2006, it's impossible! PCs needs substantially more powerful hardware than a console cause the PC leaks resources on so many things. I play ALL my games on PC but I know better than being stupid like you.

PANTHER10301544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"And my pc is twice as powerful than the ps4 ",then your machine is ready for play GTA V, GT 6, Destiny. Pc version, sorry.

AngryEnglish1544d ago

Kimi But nobody cares how proud you are of your masturbation station, this article has nothing to do with that.....

MuhammadJA1544d ago

You're right, my friend. All the responses you'll get will be off topic like. "PC gaming suck, PCs are expensive, console exclusives are better, bla bla bla".