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GamerVet Hockey Glory says his piece about Xbox One rumours:

"Well, it’s been days since the Xbox One reveal and there seems to be a boatload of negativity. As an Xbox fan (I believe I’m the only one who writes for this site who DOES NOT have a PS3), I agree and disagree with various aspects."

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The_Infected1608d ago

"Let’s not forget all the PS3 hype about Cell and BR being holy grails of console gaming. And what happened? Xbox 360 games using ancient DVD discs holding a fraction of storage space seem better as a whole. Better performing, don’t have many mandatory installs, better online."

I'm sorry are you forgetting the PS3 exclusives? They put 360 games to shame.

The_Blue1608d ago

What people don't grasp is developers aren't going to risk making a new IP for consoles, especially with all the crying about pre-owned fees.

GenericNameHere1608d ago

"What people don't grasp is developers aren't going to risk making a new IP for consoles"
Lol wut? One of the stupidest things I've read. So what are Vanquish, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Journey, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, etc? I don't remember these NEW IPs being released before 7th gen. Why wouldn't developers risk making new IPs on consoles? That's where most of the profit are, and that's where they'll get the most exposure. If you mean why would developers risk making new IPs so late into a console's life, then that would be an excellent question. Developers feel that a stronger hardware would be able to bring their true vision much closer to reality. It would be safer to just make another sequel to give your fans a little something before the next generation of games start again.
I'm willing to bet you that next generation will bring in a plethora of new IPs once again, just like any other generation did before.

imt5581608d ago

...Better performing, don’t have many mandatory installs, better online...."

Now you will have mandatory install for a whole game from Blu-Ray!!! Yeah!!!

mmj1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I stopped reading here:

"It’s not like we are comparing two systems with a huge disparity in specs."

The PS4 GPU looks to be significantly better both in terms of fillrate (16 v 32 ROP's) and shader power (768 v 1152), those aren't small differences which will go unnoticed in games.

Add to that all of the other gamer orientated improvements Sony have made to their architecture (and unified GDDR5).

The_Infected1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Yea that part has Fanboy written all over it. Facts are facts. It's 50 to 60% more powerful and the arcitecture is much better now combine that with Sony's extremely talented 1st party Developers and you get amazing games.

Edit: PS4 also don't have 3 Operating systems chugging 3Gb ram or Kinect which is using even more resources.

moparful991608d ago

It's obvious where the two companies priorities are.. Sony is using GDDR5 which places graphics as a priority. Don't get me wrong 8 gigs of RAM is more than enough to handle all of the processing needs of the console. But being GDDR5 shows that Sony is more concerned with gaming. Microsoft is placing a lot of emphasis on Multimedia functionality.

The Meerkat1608d ago

One reason the PS3 struggled was because they divided their Ram and the 360 didn't.

Its seems MS have learnt from Sonys mistake and thought "we'll have some of that"

moparful991608d ago

@TheMeerkat I made a comment below about that.. 250mb ram for the GPU and 250 for the Cpu was an error on Sony's part and I think they found that out the hard way.. There was a processing bottle neck and hindered what was an excellent console..Imagine how insane the ps3 would have been given even just 1gig of ram let alone 8.

DeadlyAssassin1608d ago

excellent article hockeyglory. Very unbias and straight to the point. You did your homework well and backed it up with some good points. I will be looking forward of seeing more from you.

Insomnia_841608d ago

"Xbox 360 games using ancient DVD discs holding a fraction of storage space seem better as a whole"


Just take a look at the PS3 exclusives.

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