Publisher Spotlight: Aeria Games

oprainfall writes: “Players of MMOs have some pretty big reasons to follow Aeria Games. Their mission will ensure that they will always be searching for and localising the greatest MMO and browser games for gamers across all of Europe and the Americas; this alone, in my eyes, makes them a fantastic publisher for the Western market.”

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Asuka1605d ago

have to say i am quite enjoying Scarlet(Queen's) Blade. I know it is completely fanservice and some people dont like that, but the core mechanics are very well done. But yeah, the fanservice is just great XD

Agent_hitman1605d ago

Thanks to Hentai dev Aeria games. They should make schoolgirl games as well.

Pyrrhus1605d ago

Terrible publisher. Its up there with PWE in terms of crapness.