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Submitted by ltachiUchiha 919d ago | opinion piece

Top Four Xbox One and PS4 Games to Get Excited For at E3 2013

By Ryan Matsunaga

With both Microsoft and Sony's next-gen consoles official, it's time to start looking towards what's really important: the games. Here are four titles to look out for as we move closer to E3. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny, PS4, Xbox One)

Rusty515  +   919d ago
Replace call of duty: ghosts with watch dogs. Then i agree.
Freak of Nature  +   919d ago
Watch dogs should be on that list! Destiny also looks really interesting as far as Multi-plats go.

I was also thinking about Capcom's up coming game **Deep down** . Did Sony officially announce that it was an exclusive to Sony?
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Rusty515  +   919d ago
I don't think it's exclusive. You know how Capcom loves to make as much money as possible...
OpieWinston  +   919d ago
I've lost faith in Capcom...After Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.
Their last shot in my books is Lost Planet 3.
sinjonezp  +   919d ago
Three out of the four will be on PC. That is where I will be picking those titles up. I am sure watch dogs graphics and atmosphere will be awesome on PC. If destiny is on PC as well, I may have to invest in that one too. I do applaud next Gen systems; they allow for the PC to truly shine when playing at 1920x1200. Cannot wait.
NextGen24Gamer  +   919d ago
1. Halo (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)

2. Mass Effect
3. Forza (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)
4. Gears of War (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)
5. Call of Duty (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)
6. Nba 2k14
7. Destiny (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)
8. Battle Field 4 (increased number of players & huge worlds due to the cloud)

Microsoft seems to have some big plans for the Cloud with the upcoming system. In their words, Xbox One’s processing power is not fixed and not static- over time, the system will simply offload a lot of its computing to the cloud, leaving up more resources on the hardware for immediate computing. Effectively, the system becomes more powerful by being connected to the internet.

Boyd Multerer, the developer of the hardware on the next Xbox, had this to say: ”The last one, the box was fixed… but that Xbox One will have access to a growing number of transistors that are not that far away that will allow for bigger worlds, and take some of the things that are normally done locally and push them out.”

He went on to state that by pushing peripheral processes onto the cloud, the Xbox One will become more powerful over time.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   919d ago
Crackdown 3 in the cloud would be crazy aslo.

Crackdown 3 was hinted it was gonna be MMO styled, or more players in the world. If that's the case then MS could easily take advantage of its cloud computing techniques to further enhance the world. Make it richer, better AI, expand the world, new threats occurring in real time. Just an overall dynamic always changing and expanding universe.
NameRemoved0017  +   919d ago
By the time that system is actually useful how powerful will a standard high end PC be? Probably DX12 on 12 or 15nm die with like 25 billion transitors and 7500-10000 graphics cores + xeon phi based secondary cpus doing heavy lifting for real time physics and tons of things being rendered.

Around the time the xbox one and ps4 are being released AMD will launch volcanic islands a GPU that is on a 20nm die and has 4000 cores on the best version.

The current best is the titan and it has like 2700 cores.
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B-radical  +   919d ago
Yes but when all consoles reach there potentials pc's are far ahead cloud gaming should shake alot of things up tho
KillrateOmega  +   919d ago
You really have a thing for this magical cloud computing nonsense, despite it's many flaws, don't you?

Here. Read this:

Also, has everyone forgotten about Gaikai? MS isn't the only one with cloud applications.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   919d ago
You really don't understand the tech do you?

its okay. Stay ignorant and eventually you will be enlightend and I promise I won't say I told you so.

It's not cloud gaming. But you wouldn't know that would you. Sony is using the cloud...yes...but theirs is for storage. They don't have no where near the amount of servers needed to use it for augmenting games. MS has been working on this for 7 years and its always been part of the plan. Sony wasn't forward thinking enough to go to the extent that MS has done with the cloud. Sony might have 5,000 servers with their service...And that's being being modest. Xbox already has 300,000. And from the beginning it was made to be an aid for developers. It would take Sony many many years of catch up to even get close to what MS has done with their Cloud infrastructure! By that time, Ms will have another 300,000 servers..

Reality is Sony thought that a little faster ram and a little more raw power would do MS in on the gaming front! But they didn't know what MS had planned and at this point there is no way to catch up. Ps4 is static...and xbox one will be ever evolving...

Internet connections keep getting faster and faster year after year...Which will only continue to help the xbox one!

Its an exciting time to jump into the next gen!

also, its a little strange that everyone on these online forums (Sony fans) complain about your console being connected or always computer is connected and always on! LOL...You can't be serious with that lame complaint...

Get out the stone age and jump into the future...whether you like it or except it, 5 years from now...every gadget you own will be always connected. It's called the advancment of human kind. LOL....

Your gaming computer can be connected but not your next gen state of the art cosole...LOL...stick with your ps3 or xbox 360 if that's an issue for you...Meanwhile me and 50 million other xbox one owners will be gaming with real nextgen games and tech!
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B-radical  +   919d ago
Lol why do you feel as if you have to go out of your way to make remarks about his comment? Like you actually thought oh im gonna take time out of my day to counter comment this ahha sheeeeeet lame much anyway im wasting my time doing the exact same thing :( bye bye sweet prince
KillrateOmega  +   919d ago

Did you even bother to click on the link? Also, you can slow down on the 'LOL's and passive aggressive comments. Trying to sound condescending won't get you anywhere. Also, how does MS plan on getting around the various data cap limits that companies such as Comcast have?

**Sony might have 5,000 servers with their service...And that's being being modest. Xbox already has 300,000. And from the beginning it was made to be an aid for developers. It would take Sony many many years of catch up to even get close to what MS has done with their Cloud infrastructure! By that time, Ms will have another 300,000 servers..**

Can you provide proof for any of this? Otherwise, this is nothing more than conjecture. Besides, MS more than likely needs that many servers in order to keep track of the massive about of user profile and Kinect-obtained data that they will be processing daily.

Also, say you are right, I see no real reason why Sony cannot expand their cloud applications as well. If I'm actually wrong, then explain how I'm wrong and enlighten me instead of simply saying that I am so.

**Internet connections keep getting faster and faster year after year...Which will only continue to help the xbox one!**

So basically you've moved on from, just days ago, saying that cloud computing will provide a 200% increase in power right off the bat to saying that it might do so at some point in the future?

These complaints are from Sony, Nintendo, AND MS fans - whether you want to admit it or not. Kinect always staring you in the face and watching you, something that should be a unnerving thought regardless of who you are. 24 hour check-ins to keep track of your user account so as to utilize an unclear and shoddy used-games policy.

And it doesn't matter if some people might already have such a Big Brother device. Does already having one make throwing more into the mix, okay?
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S2Killinit  +   919d ago
The cloud will not make the xbox one more powerful than the PS4. You need to come to terms with that and accept reality. And just so you know Gaikai is exactly what you are talking about, and it will not make the PS4 any stronger than it is, just as no cloud will make the xbox one any more powerful. Its just facts
supraking951  +   919d ago
PS4 exclusive Agent by Rock*
TheSauce  +   919d ago
COD:Ghosts and BF4 aren't going to differ much from their predecessors .

Show me some more Destiny and Watch Dogs please!
lisamonroe   919d ago | Spam
SolidDuck  +   919d ago
I'm pumped for watch dogs, killzone and destiny. But I'm most excited for the games we don't know about. Most e3's don't really have that many surprises, but with 2 new consoles coming out this year I think both companies will try to surprise and amaze us. Will they both succeed? Who knows but it's exciting. I'm for sure buying a ps4, xbox one I'm still waiting to see more. This e3 should be epic.
GotEnder  +   919d ago
like you im also excited about the games that havent been revealed. both sony and msoft seem ready to go toe to toe at e3.
lisamonroe   919d ago | Spam
NameRemoved0017  +   919d ago
PS4 for exclusives PC for everything else is the way to go and always will be.
Typical-Guy  +   919d ago
AC 4 ?!!! Meh gimme Watch Dogs ...
urwifeminder  +   919d ago
Looking forward to arma 3 pc news and forza 5 for the box.
Ju  +   919d ago
I go for PS4 exclusives primarily. Not even sure if I should go for Watchdogs. But my top 3 will be

- a Shooter: KZ:SF
- a Racer: Drive Club
- a Action game: inFamous

and maybe if there is some budget left Knack to balance this out into a more "generic" genre (guess I'll always be a kid).

Not sure if I'll need a plain military shooter. Sometimes maybe. Destiny looks somewhat promising - but might be a little bit too long for my taste (MMO aspect).

I hope they'll announce some Uncharted or Tomb Raider (just finished that - that game is awesome!). And I hope I'll be done with The Last of Us and Beyond 2 Souls - other wise those will cut into my budget in fall. Oh, and GT6.

Whatever they announce at E3 can actually wait till spring. I think I'm set with those for a starter.
Supermax  +   919d ago
I'm looking forward to the ips we haven't seen before on both consoles

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