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New GTAV details leaked by Russian magazines

In May 23 Rockstar Games and 1C-SoftClub (The official publisher of GTAV in Russia), held a closed presentation of the Russian version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in Moscow. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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KillrateOmega  +   425d ago
You can't say that R* doesn't strive for improvement :)
camel_toad  +   425d ago
It'll all be for nothing if those fish don't have awesome AI.
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Blacktric  +   425d ago
Dogs. Don't forget the dogs. So far the Dog from Ghosts (which I'm completely emotionally attached to) seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of what Franklin's dog is capable of in GTA V.

Rockstar needs to get their heads together and top that really high bar Activision set with Ghosts trailer.

brodychet  +   425d ago
Rockstar wishes they could be innovative, such as Activision; Activision's innovation of course being new and fresh ways on how to remain completely the same, but make more money each year.

Down with COD.

Dark11  +   425d ago
"Sometimes damages (like wounds, Injured by bullet…) will leave marks on the body of the characters forever"

wow o_o

can't wait!
DirtyBollix  +   425d ago
I can't see that being true.. Like think about how many you get shot in one mission alone in gta. By the time you've completed the game there'd be nothing left of the characters!!
Elimin8  +   425d ago
IKR.. Unless they meant what takes place in the cutscenes...
plaZeHD  +   425d ago
I can confirm that it is not true.
NameRemoved0017  +   425d ago
Wheres the PC version already.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   425d ago
Who disagreed with you? Who the hell disagreed? I want to know why someone would not want a PC version to release.
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Dmarc  +   425d ago
Im not even a pc dude & I find alot of PC enthusiast obnoxious, but I know I will also be getting a pc version when I get my gaming rig. Cant wait for the mods
tachy0n  +   425d ago
me neither because of stuff like this:

> Some of the problems that associated with the low capacity of some platforms still exist, like the number of cars on the street…

thanks to the crap amount of VRAM....

the PC must unleash the full force of GTA V just like it did with GTA IV.
Mr_Nuts  +   425d ago
I think the first time I play this I'm just going to wander around. Find a road, wait for a nice looking car to appear and then hijack it.
Mexico619  +   425d ago
isn't that what everyone does? lol
Dmarc  +   425d ago
My tradition since vice city was, complete the intro mission, kill hookers til I get tired, find a car, look for more cars, run over people, fight a bunch of random people, listen to radio stations while running over people,find a decent car and cruise, find a bridge I cant cross yet, and finally start the mission in pursuit of crossing the bridge. But all of Los Santos and the other county is open so yea.I more than will wander around until I get killed by a animal....
erick21093  +   423d ago
LOL !! ^^^^^^ I usually just start the campaign and stop at around the 5th or 6th mission to just get in the know of the city lol
omi25p  +   423d ago
I usually bone hookers and then murder them for my money. Then rinse and repeat.
RavageX  +   425d ago
I just wish you could customize your character like in SA. You know, workout, box and all that.

IF you can, then my one last wish for a GTA game is create a player. I'd love that. I don't mean a simple, "choose your face and hair texture" I mean 100%...eyes, shape, etc.

While I'm at it, car modding would be cool.
NameRemoved0017  +   425d ago
I spent like an entire hour making my saints row 3 character the first time :P
BlmThug  +   425d ago
Car modding is back and is more detailed and expansive than ever with both cosmetic and performance upgrades being available i.e grills, rims, engines etc. Tattoos and barbers are back too
Shotcalm-  +   425d ago
you can go to the gym and stuff like in SA..get a haircut and new clothes etc..anything beyond that would make it a rpg and that is not GTA.
Geovanny  +   425d ago
Background music better not be annoying
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isarai  +   425d ago
When has R* ever had annoying background music?
nevin1  +   425d ago
They never had background music during on foot stuff.
isarai  +   425d ago

Max Mayne 3
Red Dead Revolver and Redemption
Manhunt 1/2
The Warriors
AnimeAvenger  +   425d ago
Always the option to turn it off most likely. Pretty neat feature, R* knows how to choose soundtracks.
Plagasx  +   424d ago
If RDR is anything to go by, GTA V's background music will be amazing...
lazyboyblue  +   425d ago
Should have been an xbone game. Why even bother doing under sea stuff if your machine isn't powerful enough to allow the fish to swim away when you approach?
EvilFluff91  +   425d ago
@lazyboyblue I know right of course the Xbox One will be better at water physics and stuff it is after all the future of watercoolers, what was Rockstar thinking.
Lykon  +   425d ago
CaptainFaisal  +   423d ago
Rockstar should release the game in June, giving them 6 months to port the game to PS4, And X1. Which is enough! And i bet the game is finished! So release it in june then patch the game weekly or monthly! I bet you all agree! I wouldnt want to play the game once school starts again!I bet you all agree! Spread the word on twitter! ( #GTAVJUNE)

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