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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Next-Gen or Not?

MP1st - In recent articles here on MP1st, there seems to be a lot of controversy about what makes a new game engine and what doesn’t. Is the engine of Call of Duty: Ghosts new, or is it a copy/paste job from the last generation of console hardware? In a very strict sense, no. It is not a brand new engine. But that in itself is not a bad thing. The actual answer is, as usual, a lot more nuanced. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   700d ago
Nope not next gen.They even said its still the shame shitty engine.
Goro  +   700d ago
It's a new engine on Next-Gen consoles
MariaHelFutura  +   700d ago
No. They actually said it's a modified last gen engine. If you showed me the Call of Duty presentation at the Xbone reveal and told me it was current gen, I would have believed you.

Lockon  +   700d ago

This looks next gen to you?
Blacktric  +   700d ago
I wouldn't dare calling a game that still uses a modified Quake 3 engine Next-Gen...
Boody-Bandit  +   700d ago
It's not even this (PS3/360) gen. They are using the same engine they have since COD inception. It's a modified quake engine. I'm sure some will disagree but you will be disagreeing with a fact.

Like I already said a few times this week on N4G concerning COD:Ghost, "COD fans deserve better than this and Activision made way too much money over the years not to give it to them."
StraightPath  +   700d ago
check this image out see how outdated COD ghosts is and it can be done this gen. Pathetic.


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KillrateOmega  +   700d ago
On one hand, it is being released for next-gen consoles. On the other hand, it can be run on current-gen consoles.

Soley because it can be run on current-gen consoles, I'd have to say that it's more current-gen than next-gen.
Sarobi  +   700d ago
I'll go as far to say that next COD title after this one will be "next-gen".. this seems very current.
maria123  +   700d ago
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JsonHenry  +   700d ago
I will say not next gen because we all know the X360 was probably the lead dev platform. Yes I know it is a "new" engine but that really doesn't mean much when it is being held back by old hardware. There will not be enough PS4/X1s in people's hands this year to spend too much time on making the next gen versions what they could be. Instead you will probably get the exact same game but running at a higher resolution and probably using higher rez textures.

Will it look better than current gen? yes. Will it be next gen? Not a chance.
MariaHelFutura  +   700d ago
Wrong post.
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PigPen  +   700d ago
I don't care about that, I'm so buying this game.
Max-Zorin  +   700d ago
New engine or not, knowing Infinity Ward the game will most likely bring back death streaks AKA awarding you for losing.
DemonSlayer420  +   700d ago
No, in terms of FPS, Killzone Shadow Fall will be a true next generation gaming experience. Guerilla Games pisses all over Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Neversoft, Raven, and every other crappy developer that gets shoehorned into the COD franchise. COD4 is the only good COD game this generation, it went downhill from there and will continue to do so.
Cyfyxtfg  +   700d ago
This guy just put my heart at ease. Thank you kind sir :) i was so worried about graphics i forgot why i loved cod in the first place <333333
merciless  +   700d ago
It is not next gen. They are using the same quake engine with minor tweaks for almost a decade now. It is not next gen tech. It is not designed to harness the next gen hardware only to be playable on it.

BF4's "new" frostbite engine is next gen
KZSF "new" engine (i forget the name) is next gen
Watchdogs "new" disrupt engine is next gen

You get the point right?

But who among you will still reward this fraudulent behavior? Who among you supposed "real" gamers will preorder a game prepositioning itself as next gen but clearly isn't? No game, regardless of the title and marketing campaign will receive a penny from me if it calls itself next gen but is actually old tech. I'm not stupid nor do I have a single penny to waste.

Leave Call of Duty Ghost's to the sheep who are easily swayed by slick marketing.
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insertnamehurr  +   700d ago
Baha@ the xboxone fan boys who will buy one play cod ghosts only giving everyone desagrees.
Virus201  +   700d ago
COD isn't only played by Xbox gamers. It's the biggest multi-platform game series ever. To single out "xboxone fan boys" is stupid.

On Topic: COD Ghosts should even be released for the Xbox One and Ps4. Release it on current gen and take time creating a new engine...for real this time.
*Looks at Eric Hirshberg*
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from the beach  +   700d ago
Early next gen, lol.
HammadTheBeast  +   700d ago
Killzone Shadowfall is "early" next Gen. This is a knock off.
ginsunuva  +   700d ago
Well it IS on current gen consoles, so no.
dazzrazz  +   700d ago
The engine is not new, and groundbreaking technology used in it is being used in most of the games for past 10 years. But these days whatever lie and garbage you say doesn't really matter because majority of call of duty players play only call of duty every year so they don't know much or have not seen much either in terms of decent graphics
Jek_Porkins  +   700d ago
I think we'll have to know more about it, like how many more players per map? How much larger are the maps themselves?

The good thing is that it's still running at 60fps, and to me that is an important part of why COD games are so much fun. It's a shame to think some shooters will still probably be running 30fps on next generation hardware.
NarooN  +   700d ago
It's next-gen in name only. Like I predicted correctly ages ago, the engine wouldn't be "new", it'd just be yet another iterative update of their pre-existing engine. Even then, the visuals are subpar. It looks like PS3.5 or Xbox 360 and a half rather than next-gen.

What's even worse is how they're adding technologies that are old to the engine, yet they act like it's revolutionary. Remember how they added HDR lighting to the BO2 engine, a 2012 game, when that type of rendering was possible in real-time ever since 2005 when Valve released the Half-Life 2: Lost Coast tech demo? Pathetic.
ExitToExisT  +   700d ago
I dislike CoD since COD 4 but if i leave hatred aside , i really didn't feel it looked next-gen. As a game developer myself i noticed a lot of bad lighting at the footage they showed. There were a lot of unlit , just pitch dark areas.
venom06  +   700d ago
ITS CALLED DECEPTIVE MARKETING!! plain and simple.. they're doing this because they know people would've bashed them to hell had they been truthful and said it's the same crappy engine just with a supposedly next gen coat of paint.. it's lying.. plain and simple.. they've been "tweaking" it for years... if tweaking means its new, why they didn't say that had a "new engine" in between MW2 and MW3??
girevik  +   700d ago
I am not COD fan really but this the typical complaints at the start of a new generation. I remember people complaining that the graphics of 360 launch games were barely better than the Xbox. Give it time.
jameson12345  +   700d ago
No, not if it has the same gameplay and premise as the previous ones. Next gen games need to do things unavailable in the previous generation, not just look fancier or add a couple new do-dads. Dogs don't count.
sigfredod  +   700d ago
Daz  +   700d ago
NO, killzone is a good example of next gen,

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