The PS4 Has Massive Momentum, But Faces Problems Of Its Own

GR writes: "Following the announcement of the Xbox One the results have been clear: many people aren’t happy about what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox brand. Reading comments and feedback online would lead you to believe that the Xbox One has no chance of competing next-gen. Meanwhile, gamers have been quick to wrap their arms around the yet-to-be-released or even seen PS4, which Sony touts as gamer-focused hardware. While there is good reason for these trends, this is only the beginning of a long feud and there are several challenges the PS4 faces that make it anything but the perfect machine you may be led to believe."

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acharlez1547d ago

True. This whole used game thing (if true) will quite likely apply to the PS4 as well.

JonnyBigBoss1547d ago

Sony won't receive as much flak for it since it didn't come out first, but it'll be an issue that gives no advantage to either company.

Wii U wins! :) j/k

MariaHelFutura1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

wrong spot.

HammadTheBeast1547d ago

I dunno, if I recall correctly, they said it was an "anti-consumer" process, and that they had no plans for it.

theBAWSE1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I'm sorry this was a poor article everything they said you could say about scambox one and the comment on first party was grasping at straws

Look at how many studios they relevantly missed out... Sony's first party is better now than it was on ps2 all they need to aquire is quantic dreams

Sony has the better gaming studios.. Both consoles will be expensive.. PS4 will bbe a media centre as well look at all the music an TV channels on ps3 it's not gonna suddenly stop on ps4..

Truth be told both consoles will sell

SHORYUKEN1547d ago

If Sony wants to do this they could do it long ago.

Microsoft is digging their own grave.


Dee_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

saying ps4 will have this because Xbone will have this is like saying PS4 will have subscription fee to play online because XBone do.The only thing publishers will do is more than likely keep using the online passes.EA=/= all publishers.EA may have something else in works, but whose to say this drm thing is it.We dont know.
I mean by this logic why doesnt wii-u have this?

rainslacker1547d ago


Online passes will likely become digital now so no need to include them in the box. While I'm not a fan of online passes, they are what they are, and in some regards online games do require monetary support to have them continue. This will be especially true if they have to pay for time on MS servers to run games. Since this is the case, I won't be against them since they don't lock out entire games.

kwandar1546d ago

Wii U wins - not a joke - if Sony goes down the same path as MS with used games. Neither Sony nor MS have enough exclusive product to drive gamers.

Wii U costs less, with exclusive product and none of the used games crap. Steam costs less and games costs less and the PC is likely more powerful (if not this year, than certainly next) than a dedicated console.

Plus .... Wii U plays the Wii games too, and there is a strong virtual console line-up.

IF PS4 follows MS ... they will lose the rest of their audience who will stick with their PS3, because it plays all those games they've already purchased, irrespective of the dozen games on the PS4 at launch.

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Muerte24941547d ago

Sony is going to give nintendo the upper hand? That just means the rise of Nintendo all over again. Nintendo's Wii U will be the only console to allow used games with no strings attached. I doubt it also because ps4 doesn't require mandatory installs. Remember Sony receiving their own version of DRM "Simcity" with OFFLINE Heavy Rain? This is why I think they chose not to follow this route. I think they filed a patent to have the option there if people supported it enough.

wishingW3L1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Sony has taken many bad decisions in the past you know, they aren't perfect. Another thing is that Game Publishers want this DRM bullcrap to happen, so what if they tell Sony that if they don't implement something similar to M$'s draconian policies that they will not make games for the PS4?

Rusty5151547d ago

Sony were asked about if they were going to block used games and their reply was that they were going to do the right thing. But Sony also said it's up to the developers to decide stuff like this. This is what I'm scared of though. I think that they might be being too nice to developers and assholes like EA are going to just take advantage of them and add as much bullshit as they want like required online games and used game fees. I don't think EA would have canceled their online passes if only Microsoft are doing the used game fees.

Muerte24941547d ago

I doubt Sony will continue with this especially given the backlash. The key thing is Sony isn't forcing installs of their games. People don't realize that Sony and Microsoft both publish games too. I buy new anyway so all of this doesn't really affect me. I'm rather have ps4 given the lack of titles on the competitor's system. Guarantee Microsoft's going to trump out some kind of Dance Central using the next gen kinect.

GenericNameHere1547d ago

That's the same excuse I've seen for the last 2 years. Always using the "Sony always f*cks up" or the "$599" lines to respond whenever someone criticizes MS or Nintendo. Do you really thing Sony will make the stupid decision to sell a $500-$600 console again?? Do you think Sony is the only console to make stupid decisions?? People criticize Sony fanboys, when Xbox and Nintendo fans are just as worse. MS was stupid to be the only hardware company to make you pay to play online and rush the release of the X360, yet still people ate it up, because apparently paying for something = unhackable. Then Nintendo decided to completely change image, from hardcore with the GC and before that, to family friendly with the Wii, and now back to hardcore with the Wii U. I still can't believe hate Sony for making mistakes, when all this X1 restrictions are probably the biggest mistakes any hardware company could make.

S2Killinit1547d ago

I share your concerns because it is right on. Problem is, MS is opening pandoras box and everyone else including Sony will have to respond. If MS decides to take gaming in that direction and they are successful in shutting the consumers up and manipulate them into accepting it (just as they did with monthly online fees) then the whole industry will have to go along in order to compete. Sony is currently saying that they want to leave it up to the developers because if the developers like the idea then Sony will be at a disadvantage, so even though this is not something Sony would have done by its own, MS's decision to implement fees on used games forces Sony's hand in letting the developers do what they want. This is the problem with having a company like MS in the gaming industry. They are not focused on gamers, they have other ambitions of going up against Apple and Google and gamers are just a pawn.

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MariaHelFutura1547d ago

"Do you want us to do that?" he asked.

No, I said. I think, if you buy something on a disc, that you have a kind of moral contract with the person you've bought it from that you retain some of that value and you can pass it on.

Do you agree, I asked?

"Yes. That's the general expectation by consumers," said Yoshida. "They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."

So if someone buys a PlayStation 4 game, I asked, you're not going to stop them reselling it?

"Aaaah," was Yoshida's initial answer, but seemingly only because he'd forgotten his line. "So what was our official answer to our internal question?" he asked his Japanese PR advisor. The advisor stepped in but didn't seem to answer clearly, at least to my ears. Yoshida then took control again firmly:

"So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?"

I said I thought that was fine.

DOMination-1547d ago

PS4 might still have always online games though it is not a requirement set out by sony. They are leaving the option open for publishers and I believe we will see EA and Ubi use it in future for both consoles.

Sony have to keep their options open because its possible tgey could lose publisher backing.

Muerte24941546d ago

DCUO/DUST514/Warhawk were all always online. Xbox One is requiring you to install the game. I don't think Sony ever mentioned a mandatory install for games. In other words, what method would Sony use to verify the game? Another reason why is because you can play games without an internet connection. This is opposed to XBOX ONE where you have to register it first before you can intall and then play it.

tetsuhana1547d ago


Interesting how all of your comments always get a bunch of disagrees for no reason

MariaHelFutura1547d ago

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.....or your cable provider.

maxgamehard1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


The disagrees and debubbling are the only form of defense the xboners know. Its sad they can't accept the facts.

SDF Repellent1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Maria, you been beaten a dead horse regarding this eurogamer post. All Yoshida is confirming is that it will not block used games, and nothing confirmining that there will NOT be a fee involve.

When really asked about online registration of games and fees, Sony failed to answer them in other interviews.
" When asked whether games would require online registration, Yoshida noted that that decision was up to the publisher. When asked if Sony, as a publisher, would require games to be registered online, Yoshida said, "we are not talking about that plan."
When PlayStation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara was asked for clarification on what Yoshida had said , here is his response:
"Well, first of all, we haven't stated that second-hand games... we haven’t made a statement on the second-hand games question," Gara said. "The answer to the pre-owned question isn’t clarified just yet and we’re working through that and we’ll announce our
position in more detail as and when we can."

I hope Sony ain't going down the same path as MS because I am planning to get a PS4, but to keep defending something like your first born without any official concrete confirmation is just silly.

MariaHelFutura1547d ago

Truthfully used games is a secondary issue for me on PS4 or Xbone. ID tracking through facial recognition and 'always on' is my main concerns for either console. If PS4 does those, I'm done. Ill just buy a Wii U and continue to enjoy my PS3 and 360.

MysticStrummer1547d ago

@SDF - It's not a dead horse if other people keep bringing it up. PS4 doesn't require an online connection. That alone means that MS's strategy can't possibly apply to PS4.

Darrius Cole1547d ago

No mandatory online checks means no check to see if the games I play are used or not.

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Arai1547d ago

The whole thing escalated because Xbox fans are pissed at Microsoft and trying to put Sony under the bus.

This started out at NeoGAF by the way, E3 is in 15 days.
I'm sure Sony will clear everything up there.

a_bro1547d ago

15 more days until the end of the world. Wait, his isn't soul sacrifice lmaoooo

MysticStrummer1547d ago

It's not likely to apply to PS4 because it doesn't require an online connection, which is the only way MS's used game system can work.

Publishers may require an online connection for their games, and they may use that to determine if someone is playing a used game, but that's on them not Sony.

MariaHelFutura1547d ago

The PS4 won't require an "always-on" internet connection, and it was never going to need one, Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told Game Informer (via Gamespot).

"Did we consider it? No, we didn't consider it," Yoshida said. "The main reason being that many countries don't have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet."

Fair point. Yoshida previously confirmed an offline mode in terms of the PS4's social and sharing features, saying, "Oh yes, yes, you can go offline totally.

SexyGamerDude1547d ago

It's funny how your comment got so many disagrees. The MS fanboys are mad.

S2Killinit1547d ago

couldn't have said it better. You are a gentleman and a scholar sir.