Fast & Furious Showdown Review (GamerHub TV)

Vin Diesel would take one look at this and go, "Nahhhhh..."

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jagiii1699d ago

Big surprise, another crappy Activision movie game.

KrisK1698d ago

I know...right...:(

Different publisher and all, but here is hoping the new star wars games don't get hit the same way.

G20WLY1698d ago

Oh man! And I thought this was gonna be awesome!!

/S lol

chazjamie1698d ago

nah son they were both bad.

DDDGirlGamer851698d ago

Movie sucks ass, game sucks ass

Excuse me I mean A$$ :)

EazyC1698d ago

Need for Speed watch out, there's a new racer in town!

creHEARTive1697d ago

I wonder if this was made by Vin's gaming company. thank goodness the movie is good.