Xbox One Interview With Spike TV Host Geoff Keighley

GamerHub.TV: After the Spike TV live broadcast of the Xbox Reveal, Geoff Keighley talked Microsoft Xbox One in this exclusive interview.

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Walker1581d ago

LoL @ that geoff's pic =)) !

ZodTheRipper1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

"Me want dorito!"

abzdine1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

this guy is an ass, he cannot give his real opinion he lives only on praising others so they don't turn their backs to him and i'm not sure he is a gamer.
What's wrong with saying this console doesn't appeal to anyone with what has been "announced" so far?
A console TV centric i really dont give a s***! I want to play games as number one reason for buying it, and if there are extras i'm ok with that, but GAMING FIRST!

Bimkoblerutso1581d ago

No mention of any of the "controversial" surprise there.

AND I kind of lol'd that he suggested the TV and multimedia features impressed him..."as a gamer."

Yes. That makes total sense, Geoff. The features that have nothing to do with gaming really appealed to your gaming sensibilities. Yes, I totally get that.

Omar911581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


Well you may have misunderstood what Geoff was saying. He was explaining how the simplicity of the features such as going from TV to gaming was very interesting to him as a gamer. As any gamer would probably enjoy a more simple navigation through the many features we will be experiencing next gen.

Bimkoblerutso1581d ago

I didn't misunderstand him. They asked him what the Xbox One will open up "for console gaming" and his first response was to gush about the features that have nothing to do with gaming. How is that a misunderstanding?

The whole interview was nothing but veiled, unenthusiastic praise. Microsoft was presumably just off screen with a vice-grip on his ever-recessing genitalia.

MikeMyers1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

"this guy is an ass, he cannot give his real opinion he lives only on praising others so they don't turn their backs to him and i'm not sure he is a gamer.
What's wrong with saying this console doesn't appeal to anyone with what has been "announced" so far?"

Everything he said was well thought out and well mannered. Something rare within the forums here. Instead what we get are knee-jerk reactions and people acting like the world has just ended. Plus attacks on anyone who says anything positive or they must work for Microsoft. The maturity level is embarrassing. What we also see are people who are more interested in convincing others not to buy it than worrying about their own purchases. Then again we see it all the time here with games like DMC and Tomb Raider.

When we see the games in action we will have a better understanding but it seems like nobody cares because they are so focused on how it requires an internet connection and what it means to used games. Hardly anyone wants to speak about the possibilities of how games will be played.

He talked about the 15 button commands going from Call of Duty to Netflix. People want a quick and easy service to use. Everyone talks only about games even though a large portion of console gamers on the Xbox 360 and PS3 (not sure about Wii) spend time on their consoles doing other things than gaming. In fact Netflix is more popular on the PS3 than any other console. So yes, some people do in fact want to know what else it offers than just games and how the operating system works and the functionality and navigating.

So until we get the full picture and see what games are shown and how they are played at E3 we won't know what the system offers.

Geoff isn't some rabid fanboy who has to choose one system.

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MariaHelFutura1581d ago

Someone break out the Mountain Dew!!!

rainslacker1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Internet Meme incoming

Edit @mushroom that's not the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture, but good none the less.:)

jagiii1581d ago

Not a fan of this "journalist"...

Excalibur1581d ago

Ugghh... all PC answers.

HarryMasonHerpderp1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

That's all he ever gives.
Doesn't want to upset his sponsors!

ZodTheRipper1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Television, music, entertainment ehhm and games.. he almost forgot to mention it.
I don't understand how it feels broken switching between Netflix and Call Of Duty. If I'm playing a game, especially online, I certainly don't want to watch TV. Even between the matches I'm busy doing other stuff like picking new perks etc.

Right now I'm playing a lot of Skyrim again ...and I'm honestly switching off my phone while doing it because it's annoying. After a long day of work, I just want to play. I don't want to chat with anybody, I don't want any incoming calls. And so the kind of stuff the new Xbox is doing doesn't appeal to me in any way. I might be extraordinary, but that's just how it is.

Excalibur1581d ago


Sometimes I even get tired of the people on my friends list bugging me.

ZodTheRipper1581d ago

Especially them :D
And now with this smartphone stuff, my phone's blinking every 10 minutes. If it's not a call or a SMS, it's Facebook, Whatsapp or an E-Mail. It's all pretty cool when I'm bored at the bus stop or at work but I don't want it while I'm trying to concentrate on a game and have fun.

Why o why1581d ago

Whatsapp is taking over the world. Great app

I agree with the intrusion point you both make. Why on earth would I switch from a game to a film on the fly. Good tech but how useful is it really

nix1581d ago

90% of the time my phone is off the internet because i hate getting msgs or alerts. it gets annoying. i only go online when i want to.

and i hate.. i mean hate when i get pop up msg when friends log in and log out on PS3. if that little thing pisses me off then i wonder how much i'm going to hate when i get a skype request.

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