Full Trailer for Young Justice: Legacy Now Online

Over a year ago came the announcement of Young Justice: Legacy, a video game based on the popular animated series from Cartoon Network. Now the full trailer for the game has been revealed and you can watch it in the player below!

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Sandmano1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

wow that looked so bad and "one will rise, one will fall and one will die" WTF!?

zeal0us1856d ago

Man before I click play I thought it was people cosplaying ffs

Sandmano1856d ago

I thought we were done with these games this looks absolutely horrible. I need to go watch some next gen gameplay videoes to take the taste out of my mouth!

Shadonic1856d ago

Just think all the money spent making this game could of went into another season of Young Justice. WASTEFUL!!! I could of made a flash fighter game better than this.

ironfist921856d ago

Maybe if alot of people buy this, they'll make a new one?

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