Report: Vista SP1 Choking On Widely Used Intel Chipset Drivers

PCs from Hewlett-Packard Gateway, Lenovo, and other major computer makers that contain a widely used Intel chipset can't be upgraded to Windows Vista Service Pack 1 if they're running certain drivers.

Microsoft has said that Vista SP1 won't work with "a small number of device drivers." The list, however, includes drivers for an Intel chipset that's found in thousands of PCs and laptops.

The affected chipset is Intel's 945G Express series, which is used in computers from virtually all major system vendors. It's also found on standalone motherboards sold by Asus. The 945G Express chipset driver versions between numbers and won't work with Vista SP1, according to Microsoft.

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decapitator3892d ago

So who's fault is it exactly ? Microsoft's OS or Intel's chipsets ?

Mike Ox Big3892d ago

You will only experience problems if your drivers aren't up to date. Vista is pretty good about doing that for you, especially if you check the "Microsoft Update" option.
So what's the problem?

lsujester3892d ago

Both, and neither:

MS for making an OS that is incompatible with planet Earth.

Intel for pushing out crap chipsets even when they knew a needier OS was coming.

And lastly, the consumers for ignorantly having no knowledge of maintenance of the computers that they buy.

GutZ313892d ago

XP, linux, OSX all work flawlessly with the intel 945G.

I'm going to have to blame vista.

GutZ313892d ago

Also, why would drivers "stop" working after an OS update?
Are these OS updates not to improve support for drivers and system stability, or have we changed the laws of physics in the coming of vista?

decapitator3892d ago

Gotta agree with you there. Microsoft seems to have rushed the OS update for some reason or they just did a really poor job on it.

Chuck Norris3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

They were probably too busy packing all those goodies to Nathaniel.

lsujester3892d ago

Not necessarily. The update is compatible, just with the new version of drivers. I mean, if you were designing a game, would you make it so that it runs best with software that came out two years ago, or the ones that are out right now?

Mike Ox Big3892d ago

im using 945G and it works fine for me, just make sure you are signing up for Microsoft Update. That way it will update your drivers for you.

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