PS4 vs Xbox One – The Full Breakdown

"So the two giants of modern gaming platforms; Microsoft and Sony have both now played their hand in unveiling their entrants for the next generation of games consoles.

Gamers have been speculating about these new consoles since, well, November the 23rd 2005… over 7 years ago; the day after the Xbox 360 was released. Nintendo’s launch of the Wii U in November last year focused minds on what Sony & Microsoft would bring to the table for the next 5 years plus of gaming, and today we have the final piece of the puzzle…"

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headblackman1792d ago

this isn't a full breakdown because both systems still have a lot of question marks of what's really inside of them and what they are truly capable of. we won't know the truth about both systems until e3. write this article then and maybe we can talk. but until then this article on judging the systems on what we currently know bull is pointless because its not the full truth. and if its not the full truth then you really should keep it to yourself. next.

medman1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Well, you say both systems still have a lot of question marks, I say they have a few. But the specs for both are known, and the rumors about those specs turned out to be true. PS4 wins that battle. Games? Again, PS4 has better first party franchises to fall back on, and given Microsofts presentation they don't appear to be giving priority to the hardcore. I highly doubt that Microsofts "exclusives" will blow us away. I fully expect Sony to impress us at E3 with their gaming lineup, however. They have consistently produced top quality product over the last few years, and with The Last of Us and Beyond:Two Souls on the way, that trend is continuing. What has Microsoft given us? Where are their new Ip's late this console cycle? They have been pushing their kinect garbage and casual mainstream games far too hard for far too long. Again, given their presentation, there is nothing to suggest this is going to change anytime soon. Unless they wow gamers, real gamers, with new product at E3, the Xbox One may be dead in the water for those of us who want our new tech to be used for gaming, and not for apps or control functions that can already be done better on other devices.

headblackman1791d ago

that sounds like sheer fear. both systems announced vague specs and both systems talked about games in a very limited fashion. they both over did a bunch of tech demos for their system unveils. Microsoft clearly told you that e3 was were their game lineup would be displayed. they also told us that the they are buying and setting up a bunch of game studios. we also just recently heard about how the cloud would give the Xbox one even more processing power. there is loads of missing information and we won't have enough to make our decisions until after the completion of e3. anyone that can make a decision of right now before e3 is clearly a fanbot (and that goes for any of the consoles). I think they both will come out swinging with killer info that will make our decisions very hard. I prefer Xbox myself but if they don't speak to me as a gamer and consumer in a crazy economy, then I could sway else where if the competitor does. but Microsoft is known for surprising us in a very huge way, so im not worried but more so excited to see the full out come.

game on :-)

slampunk1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Totally agree.....regardless of which brand you prefer, there are still many questions to be answered on both sides....some are ignoring the questions that they should ask the preferred company questions

-Xbox live cost? and any additional features (what is coming to Australia) TV etc etc...
-More on cloud computations, how it will work and when we will see games use it?
-Upgraded Xbox live infrastructure....more details
-Games - New IP's, exclusive and multiplats
-Used games stance and exactly how it works
-Online validation
-Cost of system
-Release date

-PSN still staying free?
-Gaikai - when will it be running? Will it be free?
-Used games status / validation?
-More details on OS
-Games - New IP's, exclusive and multiplats
-Online validation
-Cost of system
-Release date
-will PS3 accessories work on PS4 (headsets etc...)

MS seem to be getting more flack and i think that Sony did a better job with their initial presentation... They announced first this time and didn't have open interviews live after the event which is where mixed messages have stemmed from for MS....Kudos Sony...

I'm fine with a revised used game policy as long as the publishers get a good slice.....This will ensure that more games are viable and made as they can factor in increased revenue for a longer period of time...New IP's, especially AAA titles are a big risk these days....This can only help.

I feel at this point i know more about the XB1 than the PS4.....

With the features announced, Gaikai will require a connection, sharing features do too = nearly always online?? Yet not spoken of much??

and they will probably have a similar used games policy.....with their big exclusives / studios, they stand to benefit a lot from used games.....

Looking forward to more clarification of things at E3....
It will decide the console i get at launch and which will wait until next year.....

medman1789d ago

Headblackman, if you actually believe the cloud is going to give more processing power to a device, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.