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“BioShock: Infinite” is not a bad game, but it is not the greatest game of all time. Instead of buying the game for $60 at any game retailer, wait until the price drops to around $40. Great character development, a unique soundtrack, an amazing storyline, but horrible gameplay.

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dafegamer1853d ago

It's not a 5/10 game either. Please dont underrate games for the sake of hits

Locksus1853d ago

People cannot have different tastes nowadays? Why?

RoninRaven1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Yes, by all means, but I'm pretty sure the score was meant to attract attention, not to express his "honest" opinion.

Locksus1853d ago

How so? If I was a reviewer, I would express my opinion on it even if it was a mediocre game in my opinion.
Not every low score is given to attract "hits".

RoninRaven1853d ago

The game has many shortcomings I know, but there are also many aspects to like if you look at it in an objective manner. And @Locksus, I agree not every low score is given to attract hits. This one from my perspective is.

dafegamer1853d ago

I respect his opinion, but even at the lowest, this game is no way a 5/10 game. 5/10 is mediocre and this game is far from mediocre. the majority of critics agree with my complaints

fossilfern1853d ago

I seem to be in the minority because I agree with the review.

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McScroggz1853d ago

Definitely not giving this site a click...

Blastoise1853d ago

I thought it was pretty boring *shrug*

pop-voxuli1853d ago

Then you havent played it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I guess everyone who didn't like it mustn't have played it according to your logic. Ever heard of different opinions?
I also found it boring.

Inception1853d ago

I bought Infinite, play it until the end, and sold it again. Just like Blastoise said: it was pretty boring and this came from a guy who loved Bioshock 1.

RoninRaven1853d ago

I just hate when people use these kind of gimmicks in exchange for clicks. Just stop.

LOGICWINS1853d ago

I think what you really hate is when reviews don't confirm your pre-existing beliefs.

Jek_Porkins1853d ago

On a score scale of 5, a 3 would be average, anything lower than a 3 means the game is broken, which Bioshock Infinite was not.

Even if you didn't like the story or thought it was boring, the games mechanics certainly weren't busted.

Salooh1853d ago

Opinion shouldn't effect facts. Opinions must be said in the end of the reviews.. Lately reviews are all about opinion. They only mention what they want instead of saying the facts of the game.

There are many other factors to make these reviews dumb. Sometimes they give someone a game like GT5 who's a fan Forza ( The oppesite is true ). It's like reading fabricated stuff lol. Just be fair and say what's good and what's bad without opinion and then say the gameplay is boring to me or No smoke and damage is a deal breaker for me. That's how reviews should work. Give a specific score for the opinion so it could be changed to the reader if they accept the negatives and don't mind them or they are a big deal for them that's why they don't like it.

1nsomniac1853d ago

Your maths are phenomenal!

since when would 3 be an average of 5?

No Way1853d ago

Well.. 3 is kinda the 'middle' on a scale to 5.
1 and 2 comes before 3, where 4 and 5 comes after 3.
So, if you look at in it that aspect, then it does make sense..

1nsomniac1853d ago

You've Jedi mind tricked me, i kinda agree with what your saying now. It's been a very long day though & I am very tired & now very confused. It's these 12 hour work shifts on a Saturday, they throw me about a bit..

No Way1852d ago

By me, job well done.. I say. ;)

HarryMasonHerpderp1853d ago

No 2.5 is the average score on a scale of 5.
It's very simple.

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