Acer's trend-setting Blu-ray notebooks

Acer has announced a new line of Gemstone Blue notebooks aimed at home entertainment. Almost all the new £799-£1,399 models feature Blu-ray disc drives in addition to 4GB of memory and Nvdia 9500M GS or 9650M GS graphics.

These are Full HD 16:9 notebooks and that means Acer has had to launch some new screen sizes: 18.4-inch and 16-inch. Another feature is that the notebooks are co-branded with Dolby. They feature True 5.1 output and second-generation Dolby Home Theater tech – a first for a notebook.

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resistance1003922d ago

£799, thats a good price for a 1080P laptop. Im interested

mighty_douche3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Where does it say they have 1920x1080 screens?

EDIT: just checked the official site, both have avaliable 1080p screens :) So yeah, they're dead cheap as you'd be looking at £3-400 just for a nice 1080p monitor (would bee 22" though)

decapitator3922d ago

Yeah, thats a decent price for a Notebook with BD. Am curious to know how well if it will play Starcraft 2. If yes, then it will be a buy for me.

fury3922d ago

nice pics of those new acer laptops below + first hands on video

Rybnik3922d ago

WOW, this kinda came out of nowhere. Anyone know if this will be out in the USA?