Blu-ray Copy Protection Broken - But for How Long?

A Caribbean firm called SlySoft claims to have broken the copy protection technology used on some Blu-ray discs designed to prevent video content from being copied and pirated.

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decapitator3921d ago

Probably not very long. Knowing Sony, they are spending a whole lot of money working on a patch to fix that hole. The hackers will go at it again though.

Sony, just needs to let it go. I don't even think, people are willing to sit down and download a movie that is worth over 50GB.

killer_trap3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

what you've never heard of compression. apparently it's an alien programing technology that enables 50GB worth of data to be compressed in a 110KB. then after you download it it'll decompress back to 50GB and you'll have all the viewing pleasures of full 1080P on your TV screen all in a matter of seconds. you don't even need a high speed Internet connection. 56k will do just fine.

decapitator3921d ago

Seriously ?!? The can compress BD's already ? Holy Sh!t, that is news to me. I figured, it will be a few more months before they come up with a compression method for it. Damn..

killer_trap3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

hopefully thats sarcasm back firing on me.

decapitator3921d ago

No no, I seriously did not know that. I mean, I know about Winrar and .zip compression methods but I figured even with those, it would still be about 30 to 40 GB for a 50GB blu-ray movie.

killer_trap3921d ago

hey decapitator you're confusing me man. you do know i was being sarcastic right. or don't you?

why do i feel you're pulling a fast one on me? ahhhh, i give up, i don't care anymore. it's been a bad day from the start and there's no signs of stopping.

craymoogy3921d ago

I think he got you there. At first, you were being sarcastic, but then he played around with you. LOL.

Good job, Devil may cry guy.

killer_trap3921d ago

hey, you live and you learn. lightning don't strike twice. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. the time will come when i have my vengeance and it'll taste soooo sweet. i'b be careful decap no one makes a laughing stock outa me and gets away with it.

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gtgcoolkid3921d ago

I don't know. I need to know more about this "claim" from Slysoft. They were claiming last year and nothing came out.

If they do have cracked the BD+ and thats a big if, then it really doesn't matter because a nice little firmware update to change the encoding-key and boom they have to start all over.

ElfShotTheFood3921d ago

Most Blu-Ray owners are honorable, and would never use a pirated movie/game on their Blu-Ray player.

craymoogy3921d ago

this is old. They have been so quiet lately, so that means they haven't cracked BD+ yet. The article is old.

You don't need to work that hard to change the coding scheme for BD+. Very little tweak, then the hard work will start over again.

slysoft = slice me softly.

sleepbox3921d ago

Will be broken again and again. Human = Human.

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