New Operation Flashpoint 2 shots

See these two high-quality screenshots from Codemasters' upcoming Operation Flashpoint 2, scheduled for PC, X360 and PS3 this winter.

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mighty_douche3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

This game is seriously pretty, I'm still a little unsure whether these are actual in engine shots or concept?

I'm gonna go with concept, untill confirmed otherwise.

Gorgon3923d ago

Target renders, not in-game.

THC CELL3923d ago

call of duty and battlefield killer

Will look stunning on ps3 and PC

dunno about x box i think the draw distance will be very bad

mighty_douche3923d ago

"dunno about x box i think the draw distance will be very bad "

And why exactly do you think that? If anything I'd be worried about the PS3 as this is a multi-plat game.

THC CELL3923d ago

dont get upset look at burnout and soon to see GTA

This game has maps the size of 100km+

Dont talk to me about multi platform when codemaster made the Dirt game look great on ps3 rather rushed on x box

I will stand by my word
This game will look a hell of a lot better on pc and ps3
X box will have bad drawing distance

mighty_douche3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

"dont get upset" ?? I'm meant to be a PS3 fanboy, why would i be upset?

Dirt is your example? a lack luster old game? Theres countless multi-plats better on the 360.

The only thing you can be sure of is that the PC version will be the best and both console versions will be gimped one way or another.

THC CELL3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Now i am calling Dirt cause its a Lot better than The last bag of Crap they brought out Fall of liberty

This game is Made for pc in all words and i bet all my $$$ it will look as good as the pc version on ps3

Take in mine this is a Huge Huge game Blu ray will be great for it

Playing flash point number one there is a whole lot of use in this game where a keyboard is very used full
Transport is so real u can Almost learn to drive,fly,even shoot,
The game is very very interactive

And by the way mighty last time i checked this flashpoint out on a console it was pretty good it was Operation flashpoint Elite and to be honest it was a s good as the pc and they threw in some of the Expansion packs
I am a huge fan of flash point and even if it did not come to the consoles i would upgrade my pc to play this game.
looks like i wont be spending 100s of € cause its coming to ps3

socomnick3923d ago

Thc remind me what that first ofp elite console game was on . Oooo yea it was on the xbox.

ASSASSYN 36o3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

How many operation flashpoint games have been on the ps series. Zero. How many on the xbox series 1. And it had absolutely no draw distance problem when I was sniping the equivlent of a mile at a soilders head.

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ElfShotTheFood3923d ago

Too bad original Operation Flashpoint developer Bohemia Interactive Studios had nothing to do with this.

St03923d ago

Bohemia Interactive suck, have you played Arma? nothing but annoying bugs

Rockwallaby3923d ago

is stepping it up, have you seen the Grid video very impressive.

There is currently a gap for a realistic tactical shooter on the consoles, I mean COD4 is awesome but it isn't always the most tactical game.

Hopefully it sticks with realistic gameplay, not much info & this stage but looks to be another one to keep an eye on.

ASSASSYN 36o3923d ago

The company making this game is the same company that creates and runs military simulations for numerous countries. It won't get more realistic than this.

Gorgon3923d ago

COD 4 is great but it's not a simulation. And it never was intentend to. Codemasters stated that OF2 will probably not be as hard as OF1 but that it's main focus will be simulation. Lets wait and see.