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Xbox One according to Microsoft

Everyone has their own opinion of the new Xbox One, but this is how Microsoft are presenting their next generation entertainment system to Xbox 360 gamers. (Xbox One)

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ApolloTheBoss  +   700d ago
Entire gaming community reaction in a nutshell.

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Grimhammer00  +   700d ago
meh indeed
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Lifebanisher  +   700d ago
meh meeeeeeeeeeeh im a sheeple :p
Omar91  +   700d ago
I won't make a decision until E3. But so far I'm not impressed with the look of the box. Thats the least of the systems worries though.
mr blonde  +   700d ago
I can't wait for Xbox one! I think it's going to be the best console yet! And them partnering with the Nfl is HUGE!

My friends and I are really big on Football so we are all over that. Who better to be in charge of telling the story of Halo then freakin Steven Spielberg!!!

I know everyone is hating on the Xbox one right now but not me. I always have internet. So always online is perfect for me. Every game I have ever bought has been brand new so the whole used game doesn't effect me whatsoever.

Can't wait for E3 where they will talk about nothing but new games. Xbox one will be huge! Day one buy here.
xPhearR3dx  +   700d ago
I agree with your third point about always buying new and being online. But this TV/Sports crap needs to have less of a focus. MS announced 15 exclusives in year 1 of the Xbox One. Which is great, but unless they continue that effort of new IP's and exclusives. They're going to fade in the distance.
NegativeCreepWA  +   700d ago
The only reason it's been focused on so much, is it's one of the new features, nothing wrong with showing off what's new. People are acting like it all of the sudden doesn't play games.
xPhearR3dx  +   699d ago

It's not that they're showing it off. They focused on TV/Sports almost their entire reveal. They should have talked more about the future of XBL. XBLA or Indie games, more game incentive features for Gold Members, etc. They mentioned Xbox One is basically a DVR for games. Show some of that, that's a GREAT feature. Not to mention Sony also offered a similar feature on a much lower scale. Boast about that, not friggin' TV and Sports.
KarrBOMB  +   699d ago
Hey Blonde, I love football too. But I find it a little creepy at very minimum, that the camera and mic are always on. I find it ridiculous that I can't let my friends borrow a game for a few weeks and vice versa. I find it ridiculous that I'm forced to install every single game to waste HD space, no removable HD either. I find it ridiculous that my current accessories will not be compatible either. You said you buy everything new right? So if you're like a lot of us and have an expensive headset, (mine were $250) than you have expensive and useless paper weights. I also find it ridiculous that the Xbox one controllers require AA batteries.

So you and your friends can enjoy all the BS that the casual gamers don't care about. Us actual gamers will be playing the PS4 where were not herded into intrusion. Have fun buying AA batteries into oblivion.
Sitdown  +   699d ago
You can't use rechargeable AA batteries?
NateCole  +   699d ago
@sitdown. It's 2013.
Darrius Cole  +   699d ago
Are you cool with the camera and microphone that is watching and listening to you 24/7 while it is connect to the internet?
KarrBOMB  +   699d ago
@sitdown ...

Have you used even high end rechargeable batteries before. They are not extremely reliable or long lasting. Plus that means your constantly taking batteries in and out of the controller. I thought Microsoft was trying to have seamless integration.

And what Natecole pointed out... it's 2013, why go backwards in technology when you everything else is a hypothetical jump. That's a huge hypothetical there as well.
klecser  +   700d ago
A 500 dollar machine that lets you *gasp* watch TV in slightly new ways. Woot! *rolleyes*
mr blonde  +   700d ago
xPhearR3dx, With a Billion dollar investment in games alone I am sure they are committed. The TV/sports stuff is just added bonus. I think E3 will be nothing but games. They just want to get all these extra announcements out of the way first. I fully agree with what you are saying though
KarrBOMB  +   699d ago

What about the inability to rent from Gamefly or Redbox? I use to blindly buy games by the dozens, many sitting unwrapped and unplayed. Then I realized something, I was wasting my money on garbage. So I had a novel idea, how about using Gamefly and Redbox so I don't drop $65 on a game that gives me $25 trade in value the next day?

Ohh and the whole demo market won't work in defense. Tons of games don't have demos or don't release them until way down the road. "Homefront" is my prime example of why I started renting.

So what about that? Do you even care that MS's focus is on money and the Xbox one is very anti consumer? Or is the NFL TV such a big addition that the anti consumer product becomes worth it?

Also, do you currently own a Kinect and regularly use it with and without friends? Curious to know what gamer bracket you're in.
mr blonde  +   699d ago
I do intensive research on each game I buy. By the time a game comes out I know pretty much everything about it. I use to rent games when Block Buster was around but very rarely. Was it confirmed that you will not be able to rent xbox one games?
About Microsoft focusing on Tv and the NFL. I personally think it is great, Like I said my friends and I are really big sports fans and the whole fantasy league feature is icing on the cake, all over that. This is all personal opinion so please don't take offence.
I use to be a Hardcore gamer. Where as soon as I got off work all I would do is game and every new game that came out I had to buy. It was like crack!. Fortunately I got older and have a family now so Tv time has been cut and we all share time on it., and that is where "instant switching" or whatever it is called works out great for me. I do have Kinect but my kids are the ones who use it the most. My wife and I use it when we throw parties and have friends over. Dance central makes for a great game for women at parties. To answer your question though, I personaly don't use Kinect by myself.

Anyway like I said it's just my opinion and I am looking forward to xbox one on day one.

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