Cover Goods: The box art for upcoming games is beautiful

Dali Dimovski of writes:

Video game box art has come a long way. Every year we get some spectacular designs that transcend typical “guy with gun in your face” and portray something more. We’ve hand-picked the box art of a few upcoming games that we think is nicely done, and why.

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MNGamer-N1855d ago

I love box art, these are some great examples of how box art is getting better.

_QQ_1855d ago

The pikmin one and the Luigi one look so beautiful, i love the vibrant colors.

Nasdac1855d ago

Then you must love Tearaway box art too...

_QQ_1855d ago

i like it, but it it doesn't look as vibrant or popping as the other two. Mostly because the paper look.

jcnba281855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Pikmin 3 boxart looks great and the boxart for Wonderful 101 is very cool as well.


kirbyu1855d ago

Why is Call of Duty on here? That one looks boring.

yugovega1855d ago

3 of those are not good examples of good boxart. forza looks the same every time, cod just ugh, and batman isn't too impressive. though considering none of the batman games have decent coverat its to be expected. why havn't they stolen the look of the dark knight film posters?

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