Vista SP1: Threat or Menace?

Washingtonpost writes:

"Popular wisdom says you should wait for SP1 before switching to any new version of Windows. Ironically, the question on the minds of current Vista customers iswhether it's the right time to switch to SP1.

Vista SP1 reportedly wraps some 551 bug fixes along with performance, reliability, and compatibility enhancements. But given how customers who have upgraded from XP have struggled with driver and application incompatibilities, it's no surprise that many are gun-shy of the latest update."

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Massacre3922d ago

In the eyes of people that have not tried Vista but only read the reports, its both.

Those who have actually tried it like myself will say, its not the best thing ever, but it does a few things right.

rosebowl233922d ago

I have it and I think it's the best OS on the market. And yes I've used lolinux, os x, etc.

xav09713922d ago

it freezes up my computer if I play games on it. Microsoft is incompetent at making a OS. They could learn from Apple. SP1 is a broken piece of sh*t pile of crap!!! Microsoft should be ashamed. I have defeneded Vista for being an "ok" OS but not with sp1. I would not recommened SP1