Netflix and Microsoft: A Perfect Marriage ­or Mistake in the Making?

There have been a lot of rumors recently about a possible collaboration between Netflix and Microsoft. Specifically, the rumors hint at the introduction of a service that would allow Netflix customers to download movies to their televisions through their Xbox 360 "Xbox Live" connection. The speculation has largely been fueled by a survey that was supposedly sent out by Netflix to some of its customers asking "If as part of your Netflix membership you could instantly watch movies and TV episodes on your TV with your Xbox 360, how likely would you/anyone in your household be to do that?"

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decapitator3918d ago

It could be good and bad at the same time. But to defeat Sony's BD, Microsoft would do anything to beat em.

mighty_douche3918d ago

I find it strange why people now think it's MS digital downloads Vs Sonys BR. The PS3 will get its own DD service if its successful, then the PS3 will certainly tick both boxes.

sonarus3918d ago

yea it was announced like a yr back that sony was looking at some way to incorporate netflix services into ps3. So regardless sony will cover their DD bases and blu ray as well. I personally prefer blu ray. Saw a copy of terminator 2 blu ray at my local target yesterday for 15 bucks. Considering going back to get it

mighty_douche3918d ago

I have T2, it's not an amazing show piece for HD but it looks good enough.

Looks more of a upscale job that true 1080p.

crck3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Digital downloads = Rentals.
Blu-ray = sales. A very small pct. of dvd or blu-ray sales are attributed to rental companies. I believe it was in the area of 5%.

2 different markets. A renter doesn't normally buy movies and a movie collector doesn't normally rent much.

Why don't people get this?

sonarus3918d ago

at might douche yea i heard the quality isn't the best but 15 is a pretty good deal

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Mr Blings3918d ago

as long as the selection of flicks was good and HD was available. It would also depend on if they charged more in the monthly fee. If so I would just keep getting flicks by mail. only takes a day for them to come in.

Gish3918d ago

I already use the netflix "watch instantly" option. But hooking my laptop up to my tv is a pain. I had heard the rumors about PS3 using it, which I own, but it would be a huge selling factor to me personally. I love my blu-ray, but getting to watch whole television series on demand is a great idea.

sumfood4u3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

They said the same thing with Halo & Bungie A Perfect Marriage.............. now they got a Divorce!

mighty_douche3918d ago

Whaaa? Bungie and MS yes, Bungie and Halo no.

DreDawgg063918d ago

dude, this has no effect on Microsoft in a negative way. It just creates more developer freedom meaning they can use their genius to create something besides F***ing Halo, and Bungie has stated they will work for the mean time exclusively for the 360.

Bladestar3918d ago

I agree with crck on this one...
I also agree in some ways with many that believe that digital distribution may not be that imediate as far as replacing physical distribution in terms of sales... but in terms of rentals... digital distribution is already a reality and will continue to take marketshare from video stores and retal stores...

I understand if someone wants to own the physical thing... as some people havent gotten over the idea of hugging the movie disc case.

they will eventually get over it... just like many people did when MP3 and digital distribution in the music industry killed physical distribution.

Currently microsoft is not the only company pushing digital distribution as far as movie is convern.... Apple, NetFlix and others do the same.

killing the rental marketplace will be the first fatal blow to physical distribution...

Currently only a few obstacles exists and as they fade digital distribution take over is innevitable.

yeah.. yeah... bla bla.. not everyone has broadband...
it may be true that people without electricity and internet in Haiti will not be able to buy movies and download them... and have a better chance of having an 62' 1080P TV and blu-ray (LOL)....
But here are some real stats of how many people have broadband in the US. Only with the US microsoft and netflix have a huge profitable market...


Broadband subscribers:

United States: 66,213,257
UK: 14,361,81
Canada: 8,142,320

Many of you make it seem as if digital distribution is not profitable and not worth entering, but it's big market... even 1 million of those broadband users buying movies on regular basis are worth capturing... and microsoft knows that.

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