One 4 U: A take on the new console market

Michael Marr from Capsule Computers wrote :

After the announcement of the Xbox One at Microsoft’s recent revelation event, gamers around the world now have a better insight into what the 8th generation gaming console market is shaping up to be. Many gamers and households want to pick which system is right for them and their friends and families, the sort of single console syndrome that has ignited and fuelled the passion of console wars since the very beginning of digital time...

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masterabbott2001d ago

at the moment im sitting on the fence on all the consoles im going to wait for E3 and see what the xbox one and ps4 have to offer andif they both cannot deliver, then i might get a wii u or just stick to play my xbox 360 and ps3 or even better my SUPER NINTENDO as i still think thats one of the best consoles ever made

One4U2001d ago

They Stole My Profile Name !!

Mcardle2001d ago

Yeah me too, though the length of this coming generation is going to be even longer, so Might get a Wii U and then move to either a ps4/XB1 in a couple of years once they have established themselves.

Laike2001d ago

I think it's fair to wait til E3 before passing judgement. However, the pit of my soul fears Microsoft took one look at PS3's rocky launch and said "we can do it better" without learning from Sony's errors. I'll wait til E3 before final judgement. Maybe Microsoft hasn't deserted the gamers quite yet

koga882001d ago

As far as the Xbone is concerned, unless they come out at E3 or sometime soon and really clarify the whole "fee" thing there is no way that I'll be picking up that console. I'd much rather just go for the PS4 at this point and maybe even the Wii U instead. Hell, I bet the Xbone will be the most expensive console this market, even more than the PS4 since it bundles that dang Kinect with it.

Subby2001d ago

Just today I read reports the whole fee thing is undecided now. A bunch of men in suits are sitting in a boardroom trying to work out how to salvage the situation that's become a PR disaster. Or maybe they simply don't care, as Microsoft's attitude to everything they establish seems to be.

Subby2001d ago

At the end of the day it's what's going to deliver the games that will come out on top. That sounds like a no-brainer but from what we've seen it seems like SOME companies just don't get it.

Personally, I think all the finger pointing that happens towards manufacturers should be directed to publishers. In this day and age when a high-budget sequel "only" sells a million units and is considered a failure - we have a serious problem with the industry.

In this regard, Sony embracing INDIE devs is a step in the right direction. Full stop.

Aquarhane2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

The wii u is a great console, it is just lacking the big hit games.

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The story is too old to be commented.