Gut reaction – Xbox One vs PS4

Stuff TV: "I'm leaning towards the PS4. Shoot-in-the-face fests and football franchise updates don't excite me; Quantic Dream, Media Molecule and Jonathan Blow excite me, and each presented a demo at the PS4 event that left me wanting more. Sony's trumpeting of 2013's more esoteric gaming elements (and my non-journalistic assumption that it's doing so for anything other than cynical reasons) has caught the attention of my Amiga-addicted inner child. Permit me to completely change my mind once E3 rolls around."

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BigFnHooters1667d ago

Doesn't sound that smart to me.

"Permit me to completely change my mind once E3 rolls around"

Anyone who is clinging to the delusion that somehow Microsoft is going to magically blow people away at E3 just isn't very bright.

Three years of epic failures at E3 for Microsoft are exactly what will take place once again:

* Halo, Halo, Halo...
* The same tired small batch of other Xbox franchises
* 'Exclusive' PC ports
* Third party 'exclusives' that aren't actually exclusive
* Lame payed for DLC
* Faked Kinect demos
* Kinect shovelware

ltachiUchiha1667d ago

Lol I just read the paragraph above. Didnt read his article but im not going to fall for microsofts tricks again until they show the gamers come first before stockholders.

Grap1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

u keep writing this list nearly in all xbox one news. i don't like xbox one either but u should give MS a chance in E3. and plz stop trolling.

silverbeld1667d ago


That is brilliant!


kneon1667d ago

Microsoft could still change course on the drm, that would be a big step in the right direction. But I'm not counting on it.

b163o11667d ago

I've never owned a Xbox, for good reason. My friends original Xbox ate his disc in front of us, his 360 got the RRoD...twice, the exclusives are getting milked, you have to buy the game, just to pay to play. While my PS has been nothing but good to me. It's brought me KZ, HeavyRain, PSASBR, infamous1&2, journey, GT5, netflix(I say netflix cause you dont have to pay to play lol)free online gaming. I tell people all the time my PS3 was one of my best investments cause it just keeps giving. PS4 launch I will be standing in line for that.

S/N how will the Xbox work for people with illegal cable O.o? Cause I fall under that category. I haven't had a cable bill in 3yrs ;)

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thereapersson1667d ago

What if, in a purely hypothetical sense, Sony somehow adopted a similar format to used software? Sony has obviously stated they never considered any sort of always-on mechanism, however they are still somewhat unclear on the used games application, as one previous article reported. I am just saying we should wait for E3 before we put all our eggs in one basket.

CRAIG6671667d ago

Sony have said they are going to leave the decision on used games down to the publishers, this I find to be a much scarier prospect than that of microsoft.
Atleast with microsoft if I choose to sell a game the proceeds will go back to microsoft and the people who DESERVE it,the game creators.
With Sony's current stance well... can you foresee a massive publisher like EA saying sure play our games for less than price of retail and we get nothing.
Microsoft are putting there foot in the rite direction and it's best for the industry as a whole, sure they aint perfect but Sony's decision to leave the publishers in charge is a half arsed attempt to look like the better guy, they aint,they are a business focused company just like any other corporation.

kneon1667d ago

The ps4 doesn't have mandatory installs and mandatory Internet so they can't implement effective drm. The only thing they can do is online passes and I don't have a big problem with those

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


will next next gen have xbox 2?

they trying to reboot xbox and forget the past meaning of it.

NewEra71667d ago

One the guys said they couldn't finish Uncharted "because the tiny controller and stubborn sticks meant my shooting was about as accurate as a dog with an Uzi" ?? What a mediocre reason. Definitely the definition of a true gamer! /s

WeaseL1667d ago

Has MS not seen all the new TV's that are coming with Skype and allot of other things built in and FREE to access.

MRMagoo1231667d ago

coming ? my boss at work has had a tv for over a year at least that comes with skype and a camera in built, the things xbone are doing have been around for ages

MikeyDucati11667d ago

First of all, E3 means nothing. People need to omit that thought from their minds. That's why we have the problem with Aliens: CM-for people believing such nonsense.

IronFistChinMi1667d ago

I'm going for Xbox One first and will get the PS4 as soon as they release an exclusive I'm interested in.

theDECAY1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The only exclusive game we know of on Xbox One is Forza...

IronFistChinMi1667d ago

Plus Quantum Break and Ryse...

Omegasyde1667d ago

Technically they announced "Fantasty Football to stream statistics while watching an NFL game".

With the rise of people watching TV and movies at home while researching the show via a tablet or smartphone - Its not really that impressive as it will block part of my TV view area.

MonkeyNinja1667d ago


People still watch TV? Seriously?

Where I live, basic cable is $45, digital is $55, both through Bright House. Still nothing to watch.

Netflix + Hulu Plus is $20, and I can watch what I want when I want. All you need is internet. So unless you don't have internet, why would anyone still watch cable?

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