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Submitted by capitalK 989d ago | opinion piece

Opinion: What Does Xbox One Mean For Sony?

Spong: "We've all seen the Xbox One reveal or heard or read about it from our trusted news sources. How it went depends on your view of converging entertainment media. It's the aftermath that I'm concerned with here." (PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   989d ago
It means Sony is laughing it up. Sony has no worries anymore Microsoft shot their self in the foot this time! Sony has games and told their fans games come first. Sony has Gaikai which is social for "gamers" far as streaming games etc. Also instant full game trials, play as you download games, and free online. Sony knows how to treat their fans Microsoft just shits on them
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BigFnHooters  +   989d ago
"It means Sony is laughing it up."

They've worked hard to be in a position to be able to do so.

Sony has been relentlessly building up their gaming efforts since they first entered the console market back in 1994 with the two fundamental pillars of console gaming:

1. Bleeding edge technology
2. Games, games, games

And all that hard work has payed off for both Sony and gamers.

The failure of the Xbox One is all one needs to see why Sony is the dominant console maker while Microsoft continues to fail:

* Sony's Playstation team are gamers
* Microsoft's Xbox team are beancounters

Microsoft's beancounters see the Xbox as nothing more than a device that they can extract as much cash from gamers as possible - being forced to pay to play online, shipping the crappiest hardware, ads everywhere, don't bother with first party studios - just pay off third party developers for lame DLC, and on and on
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nix  +   989d ago
it also means they can make memes like this.
silverbeld  +   989d ago
It means Sony stock will rise all time high.

Once the Xbox one is out PS4 will sell like grazy.
MikeMyers  +   989d ago
Has Sony taken advantage of the huge mess Microsoft is in about used games? No. Which leads me to believe that yes, they are planning to do something along the same lines.

"It means Sony stock will rise all time high."


Sony's stock currently sits at $20.96. Which is what it was about before the Xbox One was announced. The day after the Xbox One event it rose to over $23. So as you can see things settled down and is the same as before. Sony's stock has plummeted over the years. Hopefully the PS4 can help change things around but it will take years and years for them to ever get back to their high's years ago.

Microsoft's stock was between $34-$35 before the Xbox One event. It sits at $34.27 right now. A small dip prior to the Xbox One.

Nintendo was at about $13.60 before the Xbox One event. It went to roughly $14 after the Xbox One was shown. It now sits at $13.04. They have dropped since last week.

What that means is both Sony and Nintendo didn't improve from the Xbox One show other than a day or two. Microsoft has dipped a tiny bit. It will be interesting to see what those numbers are after E3.
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rainslacker  +   989d ago

If your competition is getting nothing but negative news from the media and the forums, and the social media, there is no reason to bring attention to yourself. You use that to your advantage. If Sony has plans for it, they definitely wouldn't want to be in this fray right now, and would probably be better off waiting till it settles down some(if it does). If they don't, then they would want to let this boil over for as long as possible.

Sony could easily announce some piece of news, some small positive thing about their console, but why do so? It would take the attention away from the Xbox. Right now that attention is making Sony look much better.

I don't think Sony is over at their HQ laughing though. The Xbox is competition to them no matter how much vocal outcry there is. But right now there is nothing that their marketing needs to do to help it. Sony is almost nothing but praises since the reveal and right now from the community itself.
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lastofgen  +   989d ago
Don't you think that if sony weren't on planning to charge fees in the same or a similar way that Microsoft is planning on that they would have taken this golden window of opportunity to make it known to the public by now via twitter or other media?? What if Sony is planning the same thing and has made similar plans with EA, Activision, etc.?

With EA having dropped major support to the Wii U, couldn't it possibly have something to do with wii u's support and no-fee-terms for used games?

All Sony said was that they aren't planning on blocking used games- a statement which leaves open for fees.
MariaHelFutura  +   989d ago
Sony said this "We will not block used games, that will be up to the publishers." If the publishers are on the internet, they should know what the smart thing to do is.
lastofgen  +   989d ago
"Sony said this "We will not block used games, that will be up to the publishers." If the publishers are on the internet, they should know what the smart thing to do is."

So...since sony hasn't exactly clarified their full policy regarding used games, we can still assume that these publishers may still want to block used game sales or charge a fee for their access to another party of the same game copy, right?

And, considering the attitude of publishers these days regarding used game sales and negativity directed toward gamestop, can we assume that a good number of publishers may opt to completely block used game sales for the ps4?
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loulou  +   989d ago
ofcourse this is not unique to microsoft. i have said the exact same thing lastofgen.

if sony were not implementing the same thing, this would be all over the net... their silence is deafening.

e3 will be telling.

mariahelfuture. ofcourse sony know what is the smart thing to do... fall in-line with the major devs or see their 3rd party support die
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loulou  +   989d ago

whats all this about i wonder... saint sony hard at work
grassyknoll  +   989d ago
I have quite a logical explanation why Sony may not do it. If any system would have had draconian DRM, it would have been the Vita. Piracy killed the PSP more than any system (bar Dreamcast). So I'm optimistic PlayStation 4 may just have online passes.
caseh  +   989d ago

They done the same thing right around the PS2 was released. Sony are a huge business and they will patent ANYTHING and EVERYTHING simply to protect their concepts.

Doesn't necessarily mean they will actually use it.
Skips  +   989d ago
@ loulou

Try and keep updated kiddo...

"Interestingly, I also spoke to a Sony source elsewhere at the event this evening who told me that the anti used-game patent discovered last month was actually nothing to do with PlayStation 4 at all."

Your link = January (When the patent was discovered)
My link = February (After the official reveal)

@ lastofgen

"With EA having dropped major support to the Wii U, couldn't it possibly have something to do with wii u's support and no-fee-terms for used games"

Will you look at that! EA supporting a platform that doesn't block used games!
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esemce  +   989d ago
Consider this the WiiU still has a very small install base and many WiiU owners did not buy the console for EA's games.

When the PS4 hits it will sell like crazy and have a massive worldwide install base therefore it is worth spending money on creating PS4 games as they will be very close or even ports of PC/Xbox versions.
rainslacker  +   989d ago
If Sony isn't blocking then no. It gives their competition time to react. Since this is likely a software "feature" it could be stripped out of the final delivery, and MS can just say, we never had intentions to do all that. Sony would be better off waiting until MS makes it plan known, then they can play it accordingly.

Silence isn't a sign of guilt. Just means that they are waiting to reveal their plans. MS isn't in that position, because they've already let the cat out of the bag, so their silence is just making people not trust them, and taking things to their logical conclusion based on what was said.

Either way, even if Sony does want to restrict used games, I don't see how that is really relevant to it being wrong or right, or how it should change our views in any way. Perhaps you could explain that to us.
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Arai  +   989d ago
Sony is busy partying:

@ loulou, doing some research would have made you look less misinformed.
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Omegasyde  +   989d ago
I can see them not blocking used game, however I am sure online passes will continue to be norm for PS4 that have a multiplayer parts.

Honestly though, I can see publishers justify the added expense as the additional 10$ will likely go towards server maintenance.

Now I am sure PS+ will go up in price, if they include a selection of Gaikai games. Cross game chat will probably be free(on vita its free), but game session-sharing/hijacking will probably be a premium service.

Off topic:
My real concern is if they make a Singstar PS4 edition and if my songs will migrate over. I am sure if Rockband 4 comes out, EA will charge a fee to migrate songs over.
GamersRulz  +   989d ago
ummm...Something to crush?
lnvisibleMan  +   989d ago
It means plenty on space on TV shelve for PS4.
Foxgod  +   989d ago
Competition, plain and simple.
If you dont take competitors seriously, they could overrun you.
Sony is mature enough to know that markets change and evolve constantly.

Look at Nintendo and the Wii, they where completely disregarded by MS and Sony.
jon1234  +   989d ago
Bump in the road?
RandomDude655  +   989d ago
Nah roadkill
yesmynameissumo  +   989d ago
It means the PS4 is even more appealing than it already was. I want a game console with extra features more than I want a set-top box that play games with a camera always on.
nobiggy  +   989d ago
It means Sony wins, horrid just horrid reveal.
LeRise  +   989d ago
XB1 means absolute win for Sony. More than 130 million PS4s to be sold in 2020. Period.
radecGaming  +   989d ago
To turn on my PS4
if you know what i mean*
Gameland  +   989d ago
It means that there is going to be a crazy long line to buy the PS4.
vigilante_man  +   989d ago
I was looking forward to getting my hands on a PS4 this year. With what has happened this week can you imagine how long we may have to wait?

It could be sold out for a solid 6 months!!

Damn MS...
Gameland  +   989d ago
It means Sony better start building PS4s now so I can get one at launch!
MikeyDucati1  +   989d ago
That they have nothing to worry about...
chrissx  +   989d ago
I have a 360 but there's noway I'm getting an xbox 1. Its obvious MS don't care about the rest of the world. PS4 it is for me,its a no brainer! Everygamer I know feels the same
Harmonizer  +   989d ago
Since Microsoft is "blocking" used games so to speak, sadly i expect publishers (EA comes to mind...) to "block" their used games on Sony's console as well, because Sony is letting the publishers choose whether or not to do so.

That would make sense as EA just ditched their online pass thing.
Omegasyde  +   989d ago
I see them doing this, as they stopped implementing online passes. Of coarse, they could then make exclusive day-1 DLC only available for new purchases.

I am sure Capcom will continue with its Disk Locked content, them greedy bastards.
fekix313  +   989d ago
Personally if I see a publisher trying to block used game sales they will lose any and all business that I may have put their way even if they put out the singluarly most awsome game ever.
MrStealYourGirl  +   989d ago
It means that everyone will now see the light, walk down the tunnel and find that it wasn't heaven at the end... but kaz standing at the pedestal wisely sharing his wisdom on how glorifying the ps4 really is!!!


Proud founder of the Sonynism religion :)
jams_shop  +   989d ago
It means SHIT to me I'm sure it means SHIT to SONY.
VonBraunschweigg  +   989d ago
Much needed competition of course, and if Microsofts one-a-day online policy & cloud/DRM thing protects them from piracy and Sony makes one mistake and hackers blow the system wide open - a greater threat now they went from Cell to x86 - it will be serious competition. Competition is usually good for gamers.
noctis_lumia  +   989d ago
it means crap
sony got this already
izumo_lee  +   989d ago
I hope all this negativity with Microsoft do not go to Sony's head. Do not stay complacent & stay the course with what Sony originally has planned. Have it in Sony's mind ignore all the news about the Xbox1 cause things can change really fast this day & age.

Even the questions about used games & always online Sony has for the most part addressed these issues pretty quickly while Microsoft has sidestepped that.

Sony has to stay on what they have planned with the PS4 cause we have seen that with casuals they will forget about you while the hardcore gamer will always return if you give them what they want. So far Sony has done just.

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