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Submitted by VegaShinra 993d ago | news

Xbox One: Microsoft comments why Xbox 720 not official name

For many months, media outlets, consumers, and gamers referred to Microsoft’s next-generation console as the Xbox 720. However, all that changed this week when Microsoft officially unveiled their new console and named it the Xbox One, a surprise to many. (Xbox One)

MariaHelFutura  +   993d ago
The Xbone.
The_Infected  +   993d ago
It's a KineXbone. It watches you! It listens to you! It records you! It.....yea you get the point! Lol
Skips  +   993d ago

Hey hey hey, it also cools your wataaaaaa!!!!
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ABizzel1  +   993d ago
He told Yahoo that the system is called Xbox One because it is an “all-in-one entertainment system.”

Better names

Xbox Now
Xbox Infinity
Xbox 720 (360 * 2 or 720p) / 1080 (360 * 3 or 1080p)
Xbox Demand (on demand)
nix  +   992d ago
i had Nextbox under the great name.

at this rate it's going to be Exbox.
silverbeld  +   992d ago
Better name.

The Setup Box One.
BlindGuardian  +   992d ago
yeah, "all in one", except for the cable box for TV, and a 360 to play 360 games.

ohh, and a PS4 to play next gen games.
hay  +   992d ago
Xbox O, short for One, sounds like 'aww' or 'ou' in ouch, And a circle.
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kreate  +   992d ago
Wonder if next xbox is gonna be xbox2.
-Superman-  +   993d ago
Even if Microsoft shows only games at E3, most of the games are going to be Kinect.
So, i really don´t care about this system anymore. Always online, blocked trade/share games, DRM, Kinect... no words...
xPhearR3dx  +   993d ago
You never cared in the first place. It's pretty obvious you're a PS guy.
SilentNegotiator  +   992d ago

Why do you think so many people WENT Playstation? It's not like N4G was mostly PS fans forever.

The change to the Xbox brand happened mid-7th gen. As for myself, I was a huge Xbox fan in the first half of the 7th gen.
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-Superman-  +   993d ago | Well said
PS4 - Free Online
Xbox One - Not free Online

PS4 - Games can share, trade, not blocked.
Xbox One - Used games are blocked, you can´t share or trade. You have to buy new.

PS4 - more powerful than Xbox one
Xbox One -less powerful than PS4

PS4 - More exclusive games, better grahpic, better games
Xbox One - less exclusive games, worse grahpic, mostly kinect games, bad games.

PS4 - Can play anytime when you want, online or offline
Xbox One - must be always online

Microsoft is blinded by Nintendo Wii Casual gaming, Microsoft wants their money, and forgets all the hardcore gamers. Sony just takes all hardcore gamers and will win next gen.
HK6  +   993d ago
Prices haven't been stated for either console. Microsoft have only stated that your Gold account will carry over. Sony have said nothing.

Sony have not said anything on the topic. Microsoft said things, have since fully retracted any statements made, and said that "Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games." (

On paper, yes. If developers decide to use the cloud offloading capabilities of the Xbox One, it could possibly become the more powerful console.

Sources, sources, and sources please. Microsoft have stated that they have 15 exclusive games. There have only been five PlayStation exclusive games announced so far. Graphical comparisons will have to wait until games actually launch. The library of games and their quality (though you haven't played any of them...) is your opinion.

Sony haven't said anything about this. Keep in mind that you cannot play PS3 games offline as you have to play them via the cloud. Again, Microsoft have retracted all of their previous statements, though the current theory is that it will "call home" occasionally (not persistently) to ensure you still own the games installed (see the following article on The Verge for an idea of what this means

Wait for E3 before talking smack about gaming. Both Microsoft and Sony probably have a lot of games up their sleeves for their respective conferences.
Perjoss  +   993d ago
What happened to you Superman, you used to be someone i looked up to now you just talk nonsense, I think I preferred you when you were saving the world.
-Superman-  +   993d ago
Wii - 99 million(casual)
PS3 - 77 million(hardcore)
Xbox 360 - 77 million(hardcore)
Casual gamers - 99 million
Hardcore gamers - 154 million

Next gen(Microsoft goes over casual)

Wii U - 49,5 million(casual)
Xbox One - 49,5 million(casual)
PS4 - 154 million(hardcore)

In next gen, Sony will win most. Sony should thank Microsoft!
HK6  +   993d ago
Completely incorrect. You fail to account for casual gamers on the 360 and PS3. You fail to account for the people that solely bought a PS3 as a cheap Blu-ray player that can also play games. You fail to account for any crossover gamers that own more than one console (I own all three). Basically, your argument is swiss cheese.
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DCfan  +   993d ago
Microsoft really forgot that the casuals are gone, the Wii's hype died long ago, and now, look at the Wii U with its gimmicky tablet controller
BlmThug  +   993d ago
Absolutely flawed logic xD
Theyellowflash30  +   993d ago
So the Xbox 360 had 77 million hardcore users? That's bullshit. So many families bought a Xbox for Kinect.

Not only that but many of the people who purchased Xbox 360's and PS3's bought multiple systems due to the yellow light of death and the Red ring of death. There aren't 77 million DIFFERENT people who own a Xbox 360 and PS3. Inflated ass numbers due to system failures.
Nocando  +   992d ago
Then f*** off and get a Ps4 then, your not convincing anyone to go over to Sony with these goofy lists and comparisons.
M-M  +   993d ago
They could have been more creative with the name instead of choosing the name "One" to describe their system.
NextGen24Gamer  +   993d ago
Xbox One is very creative. It's real obvious why they named it that. Its the right name for the console. When the commercial blitz hits, it will become more clear for those intelectually challenged
NameRemoved0017  +   993d ago
I'm surprised HTC isn't complaining about them using the name "One."
M-M  +   993d ago
Youtube as well, considering their new bad channel layout is "One".
forum67  +   993d ago
Because , they are not a fruit company.
Irishguy95  +   992d ago
I'll deal with you later...
NextGen24Gamer  +   993d ago
Perhaps most intriguing, however, is that Xbox One gives game developers the ability to access Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. That leads to a few obvious and immediate applications: All your downloaded and installed games and achievements are synced to the cloud and can be accessed and played without interruption on any Xbox One you sign in to; stable, dedicated servers for every multiplayer game rather than the notoriously fragile practice of hosting matches on one participant’s console; even multiplayer matches that can grow to 64, even 128 participants, rather than the usual limit of 16 or 32.

But other possibilities also come to mind. If developers are able to offload significant chunks of processing power to the cloud—conceivably even fundamental game mechanics like physics engines or collision-detection systems—that frees them to use local processing for even more intensive processes. In other words, the possibilities are limited only by the imaginations of thousands of game programmers. “It’s not like on day one, everyone will have figured out how to take advantage of that power,” Whitten says. “It’s just one of those stakes we’re placing.”
MariaHelFutura  +   993d ago
The cloud and all the servers are obviously meant to ID track people w/ facial recognition technology and store it in the cloud, so it can find you on any Xbone. This cloud computing pipe dream is ridiculous and makes ZERO sense.
cunnilumpkin  +   993d ago
almost anything would have been better than xboxone

xbox fart would have been more respectable, I could live with that and would admire their audacity

"dude, you getting halo 5 on the fart??"

lol.....literally anything is a better name

the xbox one already came out, in 2001
johnsonbat  +   993d ago | Funny
'Oh man my fart gave me a red ring'
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Harmonizer  +   992d ago
Max-Zorin  +   993d ago
They should have called it the Xbox Infinity.
NameRemoved0017  +   993d ago
Xbox infinity sounds far better and implies the same thing as "One."
Nocando  +   992d ago
Too many syllables, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I think One is fine, it's the console version of a reboot.
Sy_Wolf  +   993d ago
It's not called that because it would be stupid. Granted Xbox One is equally as stupid. They should have stuck with "Xbox" in my opinion.
RiPPn  +   993d ago
While I'm not a fan of Xbox One, Xbox 720 is a horrible name, makes it sound like games will only run in 720p. I still think Xbox Infinity or just Xbox would have been better solutions.
NameRemoved0017  +   993d ago
Then call it the Xbox 1080.
RiPPn  +   993d ago
Except 4K TV will be the norm during this next gen, so probably not a good choice either.
cyguration  +   993d ago
Xbox Fusion
Xbox Lancer
Xbox Spark
Xbox Cloud
Xbox K2 (for Kinect 2.0)
Xbox 3

Yeah, there are like 100 other names that could have been better. I also like Xbox Infinity, something about it sounded really trendy.
TheXboxOne   993d ago | Spam
ginsunuva  +   993d ago
I'm pretty sure whoever started calling it 720 was joking a long time ago, but the gaming media and community, largely comprised of ignorant people, thought there was nothing wrong with that name.
brianunfried  +   993d ago
360 is cool, 720 you're just spinning around like a retard.
cunnilumpkin  +   993d ago
name it something cool

like thunderpussy
FullmetalAlchemist  +   993d ago
Upon doing some alchemy research I discovered the true meaning behind the "One" in Xbox One.

If you hold down Alt the click the number 1 once, you get a ☺ (a face) suggesting that this number will involve people.

Hold Alt and press number 1 twice, you get ♂ (male sex symbol) suggesting that Male gender will serve a dominate role in Xbox ones market.

Hold Alt and press 1 three times, you get o (a circle) most likely for acknowledging the Xbox One's heritage to the 360

Hold Alt and press 1 four times, and you get ї (a stick with 2 circular dots at the end) most likely another reference to male dominance.

Hold Alt and press 1 five times, you get ⭧ (a box) which clearly relates back to the box in Xbox.

Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself in Microsoft Word. Microsoft think's they have us all fooled but don't worry I'm on to them.
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dalibor  +   992d ago
Great observation I must say. That is interesting.
level 360  +   993d ago
I honestly believe in that article.

XBox720 was totally created by the community most likely in reference to 360 doing two circular moves hence 720 as in degrees and little knowing what it really meant. It is such a bad numerical choice ( by the community ).
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goldwyncq  +   993d ago
Xbox 720 sounds horrible. What was it supposed to be, a hexagon? Xbox One still sounds stupid but is leaps beyond Xbox 720.
GoldPunch-TR  +   993d ago
Worst console name ever
leogets  +   993d ago
xflops. ex box.. Xbox last. heck eben the name Xbox makes no sence. what's the x all about?
from the beach  +   992d ago
It's a great name and was a nice surprise - I don't think anyone guessed it.

People have been using the term 'Xbox 720' for like six years now but I'm glad and not at all surprised it didn't become the final name.
hahaha  +   992d ago
To pin someone around once will cause dizzy and to spin twice will cause headache.
mmj  +   992d ago
because Microsoft lack imagination.

I also like the 'all-in-one' entertainment system claim even though you'll need a separate cable box.
Nocando  +   992d ago
And Playstation 4 is imaginative?
SITH  +   992d ago
If they named it anything else, people still would complain.
Picnic  +   992d ago
It's called the One because you won't need anything else.

Any time you want to 'experience' the 'entertainment' of anything, say Naughty Dog's latest game, you just press the You Tube button and watch a Lets Play video of it.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   992d ago
Yeah, dump your TV, canceal your cable, scrap that nice sound system... This does everything! No, wait...
Themba76  +   992d ago
to be honest 720 sounds alot better
Jek_Porkins  +   992d ago
Thank goodness it wasn't Xbox 720, I didn't love Xbox One, but at least that's growing on me, not sure the same would be said about 720.
Rageanitus  +   992d ago
thank god it was no xbox 720. It made NO logical sense.

360 was called 360 because they marketed as a "full revolution" in gaming.

720 just sounds using basic math and doubling the 360 number which has no marketing value IMO. What the system does 2 revolutions?

Now Xbox One sounds like crap also. I understand why they went this direction because it is an all in ONE system that can do a bunch of gaming and a bunch of other TV stuff you do in your living room, but it does not really vibe. Why, most of the time the consumer will convert a full name to a shorter version of the actual product.

Did you see "The One" (sounds like a freaking movie title)
I played my "X1" yesterday (sorry to me that is a BMW X1 already used up)

How long did you play your "One" (huh... sounds like broken english)
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LAWSON72  +   992d ago
I dont care what they call the thing I still just call it the new xbox and in the future if I ever buy one I will call it Xbox
hahaha  +   992d ago
No game no shame.
DivineAssault  +   992d ago
Xbone=Cross bone=Death
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