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Submitted by fr0sty 989d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Has Gamers' Heads in the Cloud

E-mpire takes a look at some of the claims made by Microsoft about how cloud computing will make the Xbox One many times more powerful. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

MonkeyNinja  +   989d ago
Finally, someone gets it!
GamersRulz  +   989d ago | Intelligent
let me ask you a question.

if the clouds are this powerful, why even bother with releasing Xbox One? Instead connect this MAGIC power to the 360 and bring up the performance to PS4 levels.

Use your brain people, MS didn't create 300K server to bring power to the One, they created them to monitor and check every Xbox One sold. that's why it's 24/7 online machine.

Think people. use the damn brains you have for once.
The_Infected  +   989d ago
Because you can never fully really on the cloud until Internet improves so a hybrid model will only work.
MonkeyNinja  +   989d ago
Um, did you read the article? It basically explains how the whole "3x the power" crap that M$FT has been touting around recently is nonsense. I was simply agreeing with that.

And I agree with you also, if what M$FT is saying, then theoretically, they should be able to just use these servers for 360. It's just PR jargon.
MariaHelFutura  +   989d ago
"MS didn't create 300K server to bring power to the One, they created them to monitor and check every Xbox One sold."

Yep. This thing is the New World Order in a box.
The_Infected  +   989d ago

Yea I read it. They think they're smarter than the engineers at Microsoft. Same here in N4G they're smarter than those working at Microsoft. Lol it's funny.

Btw I'm not getting it I don't want that Kinect shit watching me and I like PS4 I'm just saying these so called experts need to take a break until we know more about this KinexBoxOne.
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MariaHelFutura  +   989d ago
A seagull at this point seems to be smarter than anyone working at Microsoft.
DragonKnight  +   989d ago
@Kratos_Kills: It isn't about being "smarter" than MS engineers. They've already made themselves look dumb enough. It's about a position of common sense that Microsoft sorely lacks.
its_JEFF  +   989d ago
I really don't hoe how people are buying so hard into this?!?

Just imagine if such a revolutionary tech was created and its first use or even the first news of it is making.... Better graphics! that's what we used it for!

I'd imagine if this tech was possible the first we'd see of it would be PC gaming! but that would require a massively fast network.
No FanS Land  +   989d ago
Even if MS is right and Azure works wonders. it's not a neat advantage. I mean Sony has a cloud service too, who knew!?

Their argument is invalid.
I read many MS claims this week being totally all show no go.

and that PR fiasco contradicting everyone one another among top executive people, what the hell!
dale_denton  +   989d ago
well stated sir
xPhearR3dx  +   989d ago
Uhhh why wouldn't they? That's more hardware sales for MS. It also gives them a chance to improve everything. Maybe they could use this on the 360, but that was be a stupid move. You combine this technology with the Xbox One specs + blu ray + improved controller and functionality and you could have one hell of a machine.
forcefullpower  +   988d ago

Surprising their are some of us that actually work in the IT at this level not just repairing PC's. I have been brought into so many meeting to be a technical consultant when we get companies try to pitch business and the shit these firms try and spout about what the cloud can do is unbelievable.

The only people that fall for it are the people that know nothing about it.

I can design and build corporate systems that are cheaper and faster that they can do in their own DC's. They just use a lot of smoke and mirrors to confuse the customer into thinks is cheaper for their DC and the people they need to manage it.
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nix  +   988d ago
fr0sty  +   989d ago

Kinect is always on... watching you masturbate in 3D infrared.
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Majin-vegeta   989d ago | Immature | show
_QQ_  +   989d ago
@^ I don't think Bulma would mind.
NS  +   989d ago
Well every one gets it except for delusional xbox fans.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   989d ago
the idea of an always-on, always listening and watching camera is actually an extremely disturbing concept which goes far beyond anything to do with gaming.
verizon, for example, has patented technology within tvs that allow your tv cameras to monitor what it is youre doing in your livingroom, which allows them to run certain advertisements on your TV based on whatever it sees. cuddling with a loved one while watching a movie may lead to commercials about birth control. yelling at someone in your home? how about a nice relaxing add about a premium vacation to the bahamas?
thats right folks- pretty soon, our tvs are going to be watching us!
at some point, people have to stop doing what it most convenient for them, and start doing whats right. to say something like "microsoft is the bad one because theyre doing it with kinect" is naive. pretty soon, this type of thing will be standard practice for most electronics.
Not saying that society has to divorce itself from all modern technology. only saying an always listening and watching game console is not only a step in the wrong direction...but a ton of steps into a place you didnt even know you were headed. I dont know about you guys, but i personally dont feel very comfortable with a piece of machinery that is able to watch and listen to my every action without my consent.
Ask yourselves: is it a conspiracy theory, or the future?
Why o why  +   989d ago
Google would love that. Im sure they're trialing something like that. I use android but these types of intrusions are not good
Aquarhane  +   989d ago
All i want to do is pop my game into the console and play, is it that difficult understand?
WeAreLegion  +   989d ago
What's a game?
babis1974  +   989d ago
they have gamers heads in the s**t and they proved it.
Loki86  +   989d ago
I've touched on this topic so many times I'm not even going into it again. These people do not understand how the Azure system works whatsoever, especially by comparing it to Gaikai and Onlive which are strictly streaming services that pass bits of information from point a to point b.
Hicken  +   989d ago
No. Instead, this is a service that needs information from point A to be sent to point B so point B can perform computations that will then be sent BACK to point A so your frickin game can work correctly.

And it's all supposed to go off without a hitch, without lag or latency. Developers are supposed to code for this, ALONGSIDE the much easier to do PS4 and PC versions, as well as a version for people who WON'T have access to cloud computing.

Am I missing anything?
IBleedXbox  +   989d ago
FUCK CLOUD. i dont need it or dont want it
NextGen24Gamer  +   989d ago
then stick to your ps3 or buy the ps4. LOL...Next gen gaming isn't for everyone. When we went from tapes to CD's...People said the same thing you are saying. LOL...they just didn't want to let go of old worn out tech...The future is coming and old head will resist and that's okay. Stick to the old tech...But many will enjoy the new tech and eventually we will all look back and get a good laugh about how we couldn't see the vision Microsoft had at the time, but it will all make sense years from now. Kudo's Microsoft!
MariaHelFutura  +   989d ago
Being monitored on a cloud network by facial recognition technology is not the same as tapes to cds.
S2Killinit  +   989d ago
read the article please, you've been duped.
NextGen24Gamer  +   989d ago
It's amuzing to me when people try to explain something that they don't understand. Microsoft has been working on this for over 7 years and they basically future proofed the xbox one. It's not rocket science people. They have 300,000 servers for their cloud. The cloud will be utilized by developers to AUGMENT the game that is installed on your system. Xbox reps are stating that the xbox one will be 3x as powerful than with the cloud augmentation. If your internet gets interupted or goes down, the game would still look great...remember the xbox one is 10x more powerful than the xbox 360....That's more than enough for any of the xbox 360 gamers...who cares if the ps4 has a little more raw power...It's all a huge upgrade from this gen regardless...But when your connected...and the game uses the assests from the cloud...we are getting into 30 times as powerful just in what the cloud can augment in your game. It's exciting stuff and just because some lazy editor on an online website eating a donut behind his computer screen says it's rubbish...if its what sony fans want to hear they will believe it. Microsoft has invested billions into this new tech and at E3...the games will be revealed and the tech will be further explained. Believe it or not. I'm ready for the true next gen console from Microsoft...I applaud them for being forward thinking and giving us a future proof machine. It's an exciting time to be a gamer!
manageri   989d ago | Spam
fr0sty  +   989d ago
It really is amusing, so try to get a better understanding of it before you attempt to explain it.
S2Killinit  +   989d ago
don't you think that if it was such a powerful tool that they worked so hard to achieve, that they would make a mention of it in their reveal? Come on bud you can't be that naive.
TheXboxOne   989d ago | Spam
NateCole  +   989d ago
With Gakai we have seen what is possible. This is not a new concept at all. What is funny is MS and some xbox fans seeing it as something new.

In the future we could see a dumb terminal as console with the horsepower done from the could like a virtilized console. In I.T we have virtulized servers and PC for ages.

What this will mean is that the virtilised console is scalable and you don't really need to upgrade the hardware because its done software from the cloud end. Console holders will just have to upgrade their server hardware farms that host these virtulized consles when needed.

Gaikai is similar however you will not need a dumb terminal for console. Its completely virtual that theoretically you can access it on any platform that can access fast broadband.

These are future tech though. Perhaps in another 7-10 years we would see it as standard.

In terms of current gen though Gakai is more applicable than this tech MS are talking about. Devs will not be able to utilised such extra horse power from the cloud because future X1 owners will not have as standard all have fast broadband.

Gakai though anyone with fast braodband will be able to acess it.
Jockamo  +   989d ago
Please don't make stuff up. It really makes you look like an idiot.

Read this article: How the xbox one draws more processing power from cloud computing.
NateCole   989d ago | Personal attack | show
Jockamo  +   989d ago
Didn't even read the article did you...
Certain processes that don't require high bandwidth can be offloaded into the cloud such as lighting, menus, terrain, etc. These things don't need to load in realtime. You don't need to support an entire game like Gaikai, just smaller parts of the game, allowing the local hardware to do the heavy processing.

Most homes have a dls of 6-10 mbps. This shows that an extra gig of memory can be used for cloud processing power with just that alone.

So, no you don't need high speed broadband to utilize azure. And with fiber-optics being installed, internet will be much faster then that. The US has the slowest, most expensive internet services in the world. MS is just anticipating the catch-up.

I don't even know why I bother. I'm sorry your trailer home has shitty internet.
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sakyboy   988d ago | Spam
Jockamo  +   988d ago
Azure has been around for years and devs already have experience making hybrid applications. This explains how, since you sound like a professional developer. :/
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sakyboy   988d ago | Spam
Jockamo  +   986d ago
Ugh, why do you have to run things in tandem? MS has already discussed a bulk of Azure's work in early applications will PRELOAD before the hardware kicks in. I don't know if you know this, but you need to look past your little fanboy goggles and realize that the Xbox 360 has even used Azure. That's right, chump, you can fabricate all the shit you want and lie to yourself with your little arrogant brain. The fact is, HALO 4 uses Azure in in-game processes. Don't believe me? Here's an interview with the 343 Studios discussing how they used Azure to help run Multiplayer in Halo 4. Please watch it and go jerk off to other posts that you think you can troll.
Jockamo   989d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
NextGen24Gamer  +   989d ago

Gakai is not the same as what Microsoft has developed. 300,000 servers powers the Microsoft cloud...and they developed it with improvement to gaming in mind. They have planned this for over 7 years. I understand you believe we are another 7 years out...but you are wrong and you will see. Microsoft is leading the way with this and more will be explained at E3. MS execs are just laughing at the guys posting ignornat rants about how it won't help gaming...This has been in the cards all along. That's why your console needs to be connected...So every developer knows that everyone who purchases the console can take advantage of the cloud...that's crucial for it to work and that's why sony can't do it. People will always resist change...all through history...but years from now it will all make sense...This is an exciting time to be a gamer!
NateCole  +   989d ago
Your argument falls apart because not everyone will have fast broadband which this tech will need.

Basically what will happen then is MS will forgo the segement of the gaming market that don't have fast or even standard broadband. Do you see this happening?.

You do know the speed next gen console handle data transfer internally right?. lol!.

Dude. MS really has done a number on you.

Edit: Elite24Gamer.

I don't have time explaining it to you so read the article. It explains it quite well. The fact you think you can just plug in an Ethernet with standard broadband will magically get you TITAN i7 level performance is hilarious.
#10.1 (Edited 989d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
NextGen24Gamer  +   989d ago

Its not an argument, its facts.

Who told you that this tech will need a fast broadband? Obvoiusly it can't be a slow connection, but the standard online connection will work just fine for the game augmentations.

You obviously have no idea how developers will use the cloud to improve game graphics and AI...But the tech is there and Microsoft has spent tons of money perfecting it.

No one has done a number on me. I'm just not a sony fan like most of the people on this website. I love games, and I love new tech...Truth be told, I'm getting both consoles on day one and I will play & enjoy the games I want to play. I would hate to be a broke fan boy who could only enjoy one experience. That would suck...I love games too much and I love xbox live. I have 100 friends that I play with on the regular and on the xbox one you can have 1000 friends...I can't wait!
S2Killinit  +   989d ago
cloud computing can not make your console become more powerful. At best it can load up maps, thats it. The graphics and everything else is up to the hardware and that can't change. Read the article please. This whole "for every xbox there is 3 in the cloud" is a shameless move to fool fans into thinking that its ok if their system is under powered compared to it's competition.
SOULJER  +   989d ago
WOW. I'm proud of this author. Not because he did the Math. That was the easy part, nor because he has common sense. Why you wonder because he has honor. He told the TRUTH. When he could have lied like other people on NG4, but he did'nt. I commend you SIR. Thank you for your honesty. Take care and God Bless.
S2Killinit  +   989d ago
So this should put an end to the "3x more powerful" joke of a damage control Microsoft pulled.
Dape  +   988d ago
So by your logic,in a few years upgrading AMD Graphics cards and Nvidia will be pointless. Meaning Microsoft might bankrupt these two companies??
Basically saying pc gaming will be pointless...
Imagine playing mutiplayer while at the same time using skype and streaming the game via cloud.You telling me all that will be fine without lag what's so ever??
I dont get how xbone fans believe that the cloud is going to magically add 3x more power into it... E3 is right around the corner anyway. If cloud gaming is that powerfull, they will talk about it no doubt!
#13 (Edited 988d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KillrateOmega  +   988d ago
YES! Finally someone gets it!

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