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The newest 3D Mario Platformer is getting announced at E3 and AMHNetwork have published what they want to see in the game.

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Snookies121579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I want Mario to look a bit more realistic...

DarkBlood1579d ago

*shoves flashbangs in my eye sockets*

kirbyu1579d ago

What is that picture? I see a head, then a neck, then WTH am I looking at?

Snookies121579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Shhh, it's okay, just accept it... :]

BullyMangler1579d ago

but then the more real mario looks = the less CREATEive = the art of wonder gets left behind . .

coolbeans1579d ago


Ninty will find a way to make it a reality.

SonyNGP1579d ago

Bring back that sense of freedom like 64/Sunshine had. The Galaxy games felt a bit too linear compared to those two.

kirbyu1579d ago

Or just make Super Mario 64 HD.

Rusty5151579d ago

No. Too many HD remakes. I'm not buying the wii u to play games I've already played before. If it's a sequel to super mario 64, however, that'd be awesome. And if you could free roam around the mushroom kingdom and have as much freedom as you did in mario sunshine, that'd be amazing..

kirbyu1579d ago

If they add more playable characters, they shouldn't ruin it by making you have to play as specific characters at specific times. Let me play as whoever I want, whenever I want.

Gocatters17021579d ago

Agree, but that's what the article says, you should be able to change at times of your choice. There might just be certain stars you can reach with certain characters... therefore you need to play as a certain character

RiPPn1579d ago

I really enjoyed Super Mario 3D land. It would be cool to take that design and apply it to a larger world like Super Mario World.

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