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The extent of Kinect 2's visual DRM is beginning to emerge

Kinect 2 will be able to employ certain DRM measures depending on what it observes in the living room.

That’s the conclusion suggested by a patent filed by Microsoft, and corroborated by sources talking to MCV in the weeks leading up to this week’s Xbox One reveal.

ExtremeTech reports that Microsoft has filed for a patent that allows Kinect to monitor the number of viewers in the room. It then cross-checks this with the maximum number of viewers permitted by the licence that a user agrees to when purchasing or renting content. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   676d ago
Holy invasion of privacy batman!

Just don't move, Kenict will not see you if you stay perfectly still

And getting fully drenched in mud could also help
Masta_fro  +   676d ago
What in the actual fuuuu...???

This is just getting rediculous. Scratch that, we passed rediculous at the reveal.

This is...LUDICROUS!!

And i know some fanboy, somewhere, is thinking "well its just a patent doesn't mean they'll use it..." to that fanboy i say...Why would you defend this? Even if it is just a patent, the simple fact that microsoft thought it up is insulting to me.

Just my humble opinion, but F@ck that shit! You do not mess with people's privacy!
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MikeMyers  +   676d ago

You will be able to adjust the settings. It's amazing how people always think the worse.

Also, as if Microsoft will charge people extra money if there are more than a certain amount of people in the room viewing/playing something.
Blacktric  +   676d ago
I love Onion's take on what could possibly be next to follow these ridiculous DRM measures.


"It's the immersive obedience experience we've been waiting for."

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Masta_fro  +   676d ago

Seriously, i checked your profile to see if you're a microsoft employee.
Maybe...Or maybe you're just a microsoft fanboy defending every negative xbox article you read.

Don't care. But please dont act like you know anything, and judge me for thinking the worst.

What part of...Its a camera that is always on and you have no way of TRULY knowing what information gets sent to microsoft... do you feel comfortable with?

And yes, the goverment tells you everything they do.
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DeanSanchez  +   676d ago
Games have changed. ID-tagged players carry ID-tagged consoles,
use ID-tagged games. DRM inside their software enhance and regulate their playability...

Game control.. Information control..
Account control.. Retail control.

Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

Games.. have changed.
aCasualGamer  +   676d ago
Completely agree with Masta_fro.

It's not that i'm afraid they're going to use the patent, but the fact that the patent exists and that they came up with the idea is quite insulting. I don't want that greedy moneysucking screw up of a company to try and spy on my family, in my house. Not that i was ever going to consider buying their console after that event.
MikeMyers  +   676d ago
Masta_fro, I take it you didn't read that xbox link I sent you for the existing Kinect. They have already been asked about Kinect 2 always being on and mentioned about the current Kinect policy being applied and how they will still be protecting peoples privacy.
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joeorc  +   676d ago
already too late
Busted: Microsoft intercepts, decrypts, and reads your Skype messages


for people that think is just a rumor:

Microsoft says that ‘Legal Intercept’ can be used by the US government or “one of its agencies”. If further mentions that this technology would require obtaining “appropriate legal permission”, which might not be that difficult for a government to acquire. The technology can record any kind of voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) communications. “VoIP may include audio messages transmitted via gaming systems, instant messaging protocols that transmit audio, Skype and Skype-like applications, meeting software, video conferencing software, and the like,” Microsoft said in the filing.



Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One Kinect microphone is always listening for commands, in other words, it’s always on. The new Xbox One will continue to listen for voice commands even when the console is turned off. This makes it possible to turn the console on with a voice command. If the device is powered off, it’s in a state which can be considered as sleeping. While it sleeps it still listens for the ‘power on’ command so that it can be turned on whenever an user gives that voice command.
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Fairchild Channel F  +   676d ago
Just don't believe it when it tells you that it just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit and that it will go 100% failure in 72 hours.

PSVita  +   676d ago
Companies patent things all the time I wouldn't worry about this too soon or if ever.
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Godmars290  +   676d ago
The thing is in this case MS could also implement this anytime they wanted.
kevnb  +   676d ago
sony and cinavia say hi, you should worry.
PSVita  +   676d ago
Piracy is a totally different topic.
Supermax  +   676d ago
Oh no what to do oh yea I'm gettin a Xbox one on you know day one.
Masta_fro  +   676d ago
exactly, microsoft is sure making it easy for me to decide..

he's being sarcastic btw...
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M-M  +   676d ago
Wow I can't believe how accurate the rumors were! I was hoping that something like this would never happen, which is why I said we should wait until Microsoft's reveal. Now it's pretty much confirmed that they will be charging based on how many people are in the room. Seriously is this a joke or something?
Angeljuice  +   676d ago
What next? Does it "grass you up" to the pigs if it sees you smoking a spliff?
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Pintheshadows  +   676d ago
That is a bloody terrifying thought.
Theangrybogan  +   676d ago
Nah just bombard u with ads for Doritos and Mountain Dew....
Skate-AK  +   676d ago
So if I rented a movie to watch and told Micorsoft that me and a friend are watching. If all the sudden my girlfriend comes over and sits down to watch the movie with us it would block the movie? If I understand this right that is such bull.
LeCreuset  +   676d ago
Block the movie? Nah. That would give you a CHOICE of deciding whether to pay an additional fee to continue the movie. That's not the Xbone way. There will probably be some fine print in the terms and conditions which you accept when renting the movie that allows them to automatically charge an additional fee if your girlfriend drops by. Of course, MS will spin this as being designed "to provide our consumers with an uninterrupted viewing experience."
RiPPn  +   676d ago
In all honesty, how hard would it be to turn this thing so it only sees one person, or turn the thing around, or drape a cloth over it, or whatever?

Seems silly to put DRM on something that can easily be tampered with or technically disabled for that matter.
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Godmars290  +   676d ago
Except it actually and actively can count the number of people in the room and tell if they're looking at it.

You might be able to get someone to stand aside looking at it while you and an excessive number of other friends watch a movie - but don't you think thing are already ridiculous?
Gamer-Z  +   676d ago
what if you place a picture of you in your living room in front of the camera instead, I wonder if that would work?
MonkeyNinja  +   676d ago
lol +Funny
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
I bet the inclusion of a heart beat monitor is to determine how many people are around even if people try to trick the camera.
Pintheshadows  +   676d ago
I forgot about the heartbeat detector. On the plus side maybe it will dial the emergency services if you have a heart attack.

Then again, MS probably doesn't care if you die. You already purchased the console.

Achievement Unlocked : Heart Attack.
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
It'll probably charge you a fee to dial the emergency services.

Official Xbox One Theme Song.

LeCreuset  +   676d ago
1) I'm not hiding from my own machine in my own home.

2) I wouldn't be surprised at this point if the little snitch machine squeals to M$ if it detects it's being tampered with, resulting in some violation of their T&C, leading to the ban of your account and all of those games tied to it that you never really owned but were borrowing from Xbox despite paying full price for them.
T2  +   676d ago
Your comment somehow brought up images of mob guys beating a kinect cam calling it a snitch
rainslacker  +   676d ago
This thing can hear your heartbeat. It doesn't need the camera to tell how many people are in the room.

Workarounds to get around a technology are stupid. Technology is supposed to be the workaround to make our lives easier.
Arai  +   676d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this thing is DoA, seriously MS wth are you thinking?
Theangrybogan  +   676d ago
There's stil enough fanbois who'll buy it unfortunately.
merciless  +   676d ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha is the sound I will make this entire gen when I hear someone say the following "I own/just got/preordered/bought an xbox one"

I still had hope for ms but this just sealed the deal.

Side Note: Sony I've got 500 for your efforts whenever you decide to launch your new console and first party games. Not sure what that will get me but the money is yours
AceofStaves  +   676d ago
I hope Sony doesn't decide to go down a similar route. If it does, this current gen will by my last.
MxRBrobaFett  +   676d ago
I sure hope a fist moving up and down at a rapid pace doesn't activate it.. You know... For when I'm using a slap-chop or something...
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DragonKnight  +   676d ago
Are you gonna love your nuts?

THamm  +   676d ago
Isn't this stuff illegal or against FTC or something. I mean I know we are being watched all the time, but what is happening, we play video games not build missles
knifefight  +   676d ago
Maybe they'd get around it by making all users agree to allow it in the Terms of Service or something. I mean, there will no doubt be pages and pages of fine print that every user must agree to before using the service or even the console. (Let's be honest, how may people read every word of that stuff?) If the company can say "Yeah but he agreed to it!" then everything turns gray.
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Pintheshadows  +   676d ago
I read something the other day about a company (sadly I can't remember who) that placed a £1000 reward in their terms of service. It took 3 months for someone to claim it. People who purchase this console (i'm going to call them idiots) will have no clue what they are signing themselves up for.
rainslacker  +   676d ago
Some website will read it to find all sorts of headlines for them to get people riled up. By then though the ones who brought it will be SOL.

I wouldn't be surprised if MS TOS is enough for a full years worth of headlines on it's own. Nothing beats a doom article more than a fear article.
KwietStorm  +   676d ago
I'm just thinking of the Human CentiPad South Park episode. Actually, that was probably just appealing to our humorous side to get us prepared.
Tyre  +   676d ago
@THamm, 'I mean I know we are being watched the time'...no we are not being watched ALL the time, but by buying into this trojan spybox system....we bloody well will! We have it in our own hands not to support this direction the companies are trying to fool us and lure us into, i mean don't buy this system EVER. They can build such a closed eco system with all their money but without inhabitants it will not be of any value to them, it is about our input, we will generate the content. They will constantly observe us and they will make shitloads of money selling the observation/profiling information to other companies & governments, THAT is the real purpose of XB1 & those cloud servers wrapped in a sugercoated camouflaged 'game/entertainment'. They forget it is about lending a service to the public. Not preying on us about our private lifes. This should about the games and not the stuff that will be more of a misguided and sneaky way of fooling people into volunteering to have their freedoms removed. DONT BUY INTO THIS. It would be one of the biggest cons out in the open for everybody to see in the history of cons. Microsoft should be ashamed. No money in the world amounts to the values of these freedoms our grandfathers have sacrificed their lives for. This about so much more than just the games & or pathetic profits, it should be the other way around.
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ziggurcat  +   676d ago
like i said when people cried about the patent sony filed:

patents don't matter because most of them don't ever see the light of day.
LeCreuset  +   676d ago
Except Microsoft is asking for a lot of trust with this always on camera. Even if the patent is never used, it reveals two things:

1) It reveals how problematic an always on-camera can potentially be to those MS is asking to trust them and not worry about having an always on camera in their homes.

2) It shows that the party asking for trust (MS) has thought of ways in which the camera could be used against the consumer for the benefit of MS and its partners.
brettyd  +   676d ago
IF this is true, it's pretty messed up, this new Kinect sounds like a major invasion of privacy.
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urwifeminder  +   676d ago
Pc wont let me sell my games so no bother to me I just get more selective and wait for sales cool future tech though.
CaulkSlap  +   676d ago
I wouldn't put it past them trying it. It would obviously never happen right now due to backlash. But people Microsoft's stated goal is to dominate the livingroom. If they have a gigantic user base and monopoly with content publishers, whats's to stop them from forcing it down our throats later?

Imo Microsoft needs to be shut down HARD at the start of this generation and hopefully they'll drop the arrogance and redeem themselves like Sony did over PS3's lifecycle. We need competition but there can be no reward for the direction MS is taking Xbox.
TotalHitman  +   676d ago
@majiebeast (the OP), I love the HAL 9000 image you chose. It's a good comparison to Kinect.
Sideras   676d ago | Bad language | show
kingPoS  +   676d ago
Hears a thought. Imagine for a moment that kinect 2 has to be mounted on the corner ceiling instead of being placed by the TV. Now keep in mind that kinect 2 is...

Always on
able to recognize voices
able to recognize faces
able to detect heartbeats
able to see in the dark

It's a good thing it doesn't have to be installed on the ceiling... right... Right!!!
Sarobi  +   676d ago
I'd much prefer if my privacy wasn't invaded.

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