Killer is Dead: You “Earn Points for Looking at Women’s Cleavage

We’ve been disappointed with the ESRB lately and their lack of funny ratings, but thanks to Killer is Dead, which is scheduled to launch this summer (probably in August, if retailers are to be believed), they are back on track.

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DCfan1071d ago

This game looks more appealing everyday

ScubbaSteve1070d ago

This is just silly tho, looking at women's cleavage is its own reward.

SexyGamerDude1070d ago

I know. Can't wait for this. Loved Lollipop Chainsaw.

ShaunCameron1070d ago

Can we finally get a release date?

Dark111070d ago

I really love grasshopper games.

but the problem is their games are just too short and not worth $60.

Kyosuke_Sanada1070d ago

-Says in Frank West's voice-


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