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Xbox One games will require regular authentication checks, used games won't have a fee

The Xbox One will not require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate a used game, but it will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played, according to sources familiar with the system.

While an internet connection will be required for the console, the company is also experimenting with special exemption codes that could be given to select people in very particular, internet-free situations, like active-duty soldiers serving in war zones, sources tell Polygon. (Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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Chuk5  +   802d ago
For MS's sake, I hope this is the case.
Anon1974  +   801d ago
"The Xbox One will not require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate a used game."

Microsoft has had every opportunity to say this themselves. They haven't. Why do you suppose that is? If you could just walk into a store as per usual and buy a used game, take it home and play it, why wouldn't Microsoft have simply stated "Nothing has changed compared to how it was before. Go about your business folks!"

They can't outright ban used game sales as that's against consumer's first sale rights and isn't even legal in the EU, but they're clearly up to something.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   801d ago
To second what you've said.

"according to sources familiar with the system."

Sorry to say it, but at this point in time "sources" won't cut it. We (gamers) need the Horse's Mouth to come out and state this once and for all.

As the French guy said in Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon;
"There is a time for diplomacy, and a time for action. The time for diplomacy is DEAD."
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morganfell  +   801d ago
They have said something. MS said there will be a fee. Phil Harrison already stated if your friend wants to play one of your games on his or her account there is a fee. How does MS know this person is a friend and not someone that bought the game used from you, Gamestop, or Cheap Santa?

Answer? They do not know. If a game tied to your account is used by someone else on their account there is a fee. MS stated this. If this rumor were true it would mean there is a fee for your friends to play but not for people that bought the game used. How much sense does that make?

IS this rumor attempting to state that MS will have authorized resellers in retail chains that can take the game from you, deactivate it on you account reactivate the game for use for someone else? That means MS would be asking for a piece of that resell unit.

Imagine what your used games will be worth if Gamestop has to share the profit with MS.

The only other way this would be true is if MS has now decided to reverse everything they have already stated.
psyxon  +   801d ago
Phil Harrison has said so much shit that contradicts itself lol. This is all getting pretty hilarious to me. I don't personally plan on buying the console so seeing people on the tip of their toes over it is sort of funny. It's like Microsoft is just hanging the carrot in front of your faces as they ride on your back. Haha.
Boody-Bandit  +   801d ago
It will. It won't.
It might. It might not.
It does. It doesn't.

This is insane and should not be going on. All MS has to do is say specifically what is and isn't the facts. They aren't. Which leads me to believe they are. It also leads me to believe MS knows these are restrictions their main user base wont like. They are going to dodge, dance and PR spin their way as far as they can hoping to get as many sales as possible. They figure once you're hooked, you're caught.

I'm not taken the bait. I educate myself before spending my hard earned cash. That way I don't have buyer's remorse.
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GamingWorldPeace  +   801d ago
"How does MS know this person is a friend and not someone that bought the game used from you, Gamestop, or Cheap Santa? "

Because the license ID is tied up with the Azure used game system that only retailers have access to. For example, if the ID Azure detect that the ID hasn't been scan or process throgh Gamestop, for example, the ID will not be marked as a "used game" ID, per say. If it is not marked, then Live will charge for the full amount of a digital purchase.

Here is the scope from the UK:
"A gamer walks into a retailer and hands over the game they wish to sell. This will only be possible at retailers who have agreed to Microsoft’s T&Cs and more importantly integrated Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure pre-owned system into its own.

The game is then registered as having been traded-in on Microsoft’s system. The consumer who handed it over will subsequently see the game wiped from their account – hence the until now ambiguous claim from Phil Harrison that the Xbox One would have to ‘check in’ to Microsoft’s servers every 24 hours."
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MikeMyers  +   801d ago
The fee is applied to anyone who wants to take ownership. What they have said is you can play the games on any Xbox One if you are signed into your account. They don't want to have more than one license out there. They don't want you at home playing Forza 5 and your buddy playing Forza 5 on his system at the same time from the same purchased game.

Sony did something like this with the game Warhawk. I can see why people may be upset because Warhawk was online only but these will effectively be all Xbox One games. The difference is Microsoft will offer some form of trading and selling of these games. That is what's up in the air right now and how that will be applied.

Right now when you buy games off of PSN like Journey they are tied to your account much like how these Xbox One games will be. Difference is Journey is a one time license. You buy it and it stays with you. You can't sell or trade that item. Essentially Xbox Live games will also be able to be traded and sold.

Everyone seems to look at the downside but if Microsoft can convince us why it's better by playing games faster, having games that are always live even single player games that could be cool. They are talking a lot about the cloud and their 300,000 servers. How the games can be offloaded from the hardware and improved upon within the cloud. So everyone gloating about the PS4 specs might wan to consider the possibilities of the cloud adding to the game experience. Gaikai will work differently. It will likely be a tool used to stream games to other devices than the PS4 and to help backwards compatibility .
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starchild  +   801d ago
I like to buy used games at pawn shops sometimes. But apparently that won't be a Microsoft-approved channel so I won't be able to do it.
DARK WITNESS  +   801d ago
we are not stupid.

If this is true all it means is that at the last min they have realized how F.U.B.A.R their idea was and this is the only way to redeem the situation.

on the flip side if it was always the plan, then they still messed up because why the hell did they not say this in the first place.

Thirdly, why are they making this crap sooo complicated for themselves. why not just let us play our games as we always have. Let us be able to use the console as we always have. Ok, fine we get that there are more functions now and if they need online to work then fine, they don't work without the net. but don't force stuff that does not really need the net to need some stupid verification online just for the hell of it.

I am still not buying one, they are going to need to try harder !!
kneon  +   801d ago

It was never the plan to not charge a fee for used game reactivation. If it was then they would have made that clear right from the beginning rather than incurring all this bad press.

So either they changed the plan or they are complete morons, there is no other explanation.

Well there is one other, this report could be wrong and they are still planning to charge a fee.
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GameCents  +   801d ago
You buy your game, install it completely on to the hard drive and no longer need to use the disc.
You take your disc to Gamestop to sell it but still have a perfectly working install back at home.
Gamestop de-registers your game from your account so that they are able to sell it to the next guy.
If you never have to log on to xbox live, the de-registration for that game will only be one sided and you could continue playing it forever even though you sold it.

That is the best way I can explain the need for regular online checks.
Now why not just eliminate the full install feature completely thusly removing with the need to authenticate games? Greed, that's why.
Microsoft and publishers want a cut of every used game sold from retailers like Gamestop.
This I suppose is somewhat understandable since Gamestop was making billions off of the used game market but as many have pointed out, used markets exist for everything.

Here's my problem with all of this. I never trade my games in at retail. I ALWAYS trade with my fellow 360/PS3 SA Gamer forum members.
We cut out the middleman and deal direct. This doesn't seem to be possible with the One because we won't be able to de-register our games on our own.
JokesOnYou  +   801d ago
Seems they are working on this issue, but I have an idea that would resolve this whole used game mess. If they implement a sort of dual authentication code where the license code is immediately downloaded to the owners profile and then have secondary authentication code that is tied to the disc itself, so basicly after the owner downloads the game to his hard drive he can play it anytime without the disc EXCEPT of course when that disc is being played on a secondary profile, if he chooses to loan the game to a friend then the friend cannot download the game and would ONLY be allowed to play the game as long as he has the disc as a "secondary user" via the secondary authentication code on the disc. Once the original/primary owner SELLS the game he loses the license and we are back at square one.
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SilentNegotiator  +   801d ago
HOW MANY TIMES must I post this quote?!?!

Phil Harrison (Microsoft VP):
"They would then have to purchase the right to play that game through Xbox Live...it will be the same price"

It WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL have a fee. It is not a question. Microsoft and their media buddies can claim that they haven't made a decision a million times, but we already got official word!
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Kidmyst  +   801d ago
Special access codes will be given for those with no internet connection. Well I am a gamer and collector and have been playing over 30 years, and this gen could be the first gen that holding onto consoles games is pointless. All past games on past systems I can play, so years from now I can not connect to authenticate these games and play them again. I might as well sell every game after I beat it. MSFT will not support servers for ever to authenticate I am sure. We need MSFT to just answer questions straight out.
rainslacker  +   801d ago

Your right. DD is not ownership. I've been saying this for the longest time. Steam owners understand this, and most people that buy DD games understand this. DD is a choice, and many people exercise that choice because ownership isn't important to them.

This issue isn't about DD though. It's about retail and ownership of goods and people's right's over the use of those goods. It's forcing the DD model, that many people avoid because it is not ownership, into a retail space where the publisher and console manufacturer have all the control.

This issue is about removing choice. It's about removing our rights as consumers. How anyone can defend that is beyond me.
DOMination-  +   801d ago
I'm not overly happy with whats going down and I am not defending MS but this system basically sounds exactly like how Steam operates and everyone seems to love that.
LocutusEstBorg  +   801d ago
Wrong. PC games can't be resold.
MikeMyers  +   801d ago

We have already gone down that road with online passes. Something a few publishers have supported, including Sony. That doesn't make it right as you say but this whole ownership thing is a mess to begin with. VHS tapes had copyright messages that were created to prevent you from making copies, the industry still knew the used market was happening. They just didn't want duplicate copies out there that were not paid for or authorized.

We live in a different era now, they don't want illegal copies of games roaming connecting to their servers. Those servers cost money to run and the used market is not helping them either. If Microsoft can somehow control the used market and still offer a mean for consumers to trade and sell games than that is something they will try and do.

One bright side is this could lead to digital copies being sold and traded, something we haven't seen yet.

With Microsoft pushing instant gaming and cloud gaming into one it makes sense for them to want everything tied to your account. Allowing people to use the same copy you bought and then applying it to their account (after you sold or traded that game) while Microsoft gets no money from it doesn't bold well for them and I don't blame them for wanting a piece of that pie.

Right now we have the used market and piracy that are making things difficult for them and the publishers. On the flip side we have digital content out there now locked to your account. Whether it be e-books, movies, music or games. From Amazon to iTunes to Steam to game consoles. All of which are already prone to piracy. The only way to curb that is by trying to control those digital goods and if they can somehow still offer a used market then I think that is a fair compromise. Some will obviously disagree with that because they want complete control of their own purchases while we argue they want complete control. I don't see too many people offering a middle-ground.
RyuCloudStrife  +   801d ago
Think about this, all of this as Microsoft looks at you through the Kinect's camera....
Freedomland  +   801d ago

You are talking about the games digitally bought but if you buy a game disc it's something else, you are the owner of that physical copy and you should have the right to use it however you like, it's like your mom buys a car but you have to pay fee to drive it.

MikeMyers  +   801d ago
"You are talking about the games digitally bought but if you buy a game disc it's something else, you are the owner of that physical copy and you should have the right to use it however you like, it's like your mom buys a car but you have to pay fee to drive it."

Then why is it illegal to modify your hardware to play pirated copies? You suggest it's your right to do what you want with your property but these companies will ban you if they find out you've tampered with the hardware.

If you buy a car you still have to insure it. You still have to obey the speed limits. It's not as free-for-all as you suggest. You can also only drive that car one at a time. A car analogy doesn't really fit with the medium in the first place. People who buy a used car know it depreciates as well. How does a videogame a month old depreciate?

I can see Microsoft trying to get some revenue from the used market as well as publishers. It does make sense since they are also the ones hosting the servers and Xbox One will have instant access and work within the cloud.
waltercross  +   801d ago
@ MikeMyers

Warhawk is an Online only game, all online games are like this, WoW is like this to, so is GW2, most every commercial paid Online game is like this. But You shouldn't have to do this for offline games.

EDIT: All MS had to do was make it so you need the CD to play it....Like it has always been, unless you download it from the market...Like it has always been.

I think people are pissed because if you buy a Hard copy, Why the Ef should you have to Install the Whole game?? That whole Install thing is what is messing up used games. Why have Hard copies?
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Rimfro  +   801d ago
@DOMination: The people that love Steam, love it because you get actual deals. Not these Xbox Live "deals" that still price the downloadable version of an older title, at well above the price of a new/used unopened disc. If you are a steam user, and have the patience to wait just a couple of weeks to buy that new release, you can save a ton. The PC distribution market has adjusted to consumers demands, to a degree, by off-setting many of the restricutions with fair, market-value pricing.

It seems that with this issue, Microsoft wants to have their cake and eat it too. They want all of the benefits of drm, without making concessions to the consumer, in terms of pricing, to offset the restrictions. It seems as if physical copies, on this new Xbox, are really just a trojan horse to force drm, and I think they are surprised that as many gamers have caught them with their pants down, as have.

They deserve the backlash. If they really want to push drm, make it enticing to the gamer. Lower the prices of digitally distributed copies since the production, distribution, and storage costs them virtually nothing. I could live with it if I meant I could download a brand new AAA game for less than retail price on a disc. And have real sale pricing on your digital library.
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Freedomland  +   801d ago

Because of people like you these companies are growing and one day they even put their cut on even blinking the eyes and they will totally control your life, instead of standing against these crooks for your rights you are taking their side.
Things that you bought with your hard earned cash are yours and that's it, period.
If you pay full retail price of a game and still you are unable to use it as your own what can be worse than that and that's not it after that you still have to pay for it, it's like paying interest on your own money.
Ok, they can take the service charges for their servers or whatever but the thing is, they are already taking these charges for xbox live.
nukeitall  +   801d ago

"Microsoft has had every opportunity to say this themselves. They haven't. Why do you suppose that is?"

Because there are change, but it seems MS doesn't know what those changes are themselves as they are evaluating.

How about you wait until they announce it?

"They can't outright ban used game sales as that's against consumer's first sale rights and isn't even legal in the EU"

First of all the "first sale doctrine" only applies to tangible items (as indicated by the US copyright office), but even then you have to look at it from all digital content including what all console manufacturer sells and not single out a particular entity (, but we know why you do). Heck it also applies to books, music and so on.

The second thing is that the first sale doctrine only allows you to resell it, but not necessarily make the copyright holder responsible for enabling it or make it possible for you!

If MS is up to something? I bet you they are and I'm pretty sure Sony is watching closely. Sony has been very vague as well as in the past introduced online passes, unlike MS, so we know Sony is interested as well.

The only one not up in the air is actually Nintendo, whom is likely to have a poorly performing console generation. Pretty sad really.
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MikeMyers  +   801d ago
"Why have Hard copies?"

Because not everyone wants to download 25+GB files. Lots of people also have caps on how much they download. It will also take most people quite a while to download that large of a file.

"It seems that with this issue, Microsoft wants to have their cake and eat it too. They want all of the benefits of drm, without making concessions to the consumer, in terms of pricing, to offset the restrictions. It seems as if physical copies, on this new Xbox, are really just a trojan horse to force drm, and I think they are surprised that as many gamers have caught them with their pants down, as have."

It's not just Microsoft but game publishers like EA. They see used games as lost sales. We can argue about that all we want but that is how they see it. I imagine Sony will also be adopting something similar. We will at least see them say it's up to the publisher but why wouldn't most publishers support it if now they can get revenue from used games? Do you think Sony has online passes for their own games just for the hell of it? Things are about to change.


"Because of people like you these companies are growing and one day they even put their cut on even blinking the eyes and they will totally control your life, instead of standing against these crooks for your rights you are taking their side."

Control my life? Isn't gaming still a choice?

"Things that you bought with your hard earned cash are yours and that's it, period.
If you pay full retail price of a game and still you are unable to use it as your own what can be worse than that and that's not it after that you still have to pay for it, it's like paying interest on your own money."

Paying interest on my own money? No, it's still about purchasing entertainment. Just like when I go see a two hour movie. I watch it and then maybe go see a new movie another day. Yes, games could have a shelf life. Some may want to play games from previous generations. That may become difficult moving forward.

"Ok, they can take the service charges for their servers or whatever but the thing is, they are already taking these charges for xbox live."

This is true. Live fees should cover server costs. However I imagine a lot of that instant access won't be limited to Gold members. At least I hope it isn't. It will be interesting to see what functionality is only accessible to those who pay a subscription. We'll have to wait and find out.
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Freedomland  +   801d ago

Thank you for at least agreeing on one point.
Out of bubbles now.

Rimfro  +   800d ago
@MikeMyers: You are right, things are about to change. Consumers like me, who own every console, and buy 60+ physical retail copies, are going to abandon consoles completely in favor of PC. Most gamers won't follow suit, but a lot of "hardcore" gamers, in my inner circle at least, already have and will. I'm currently building one now. I did the math, and even with the much higher entry cost to gaming on a pc, considering the number of games I purchase in a year, the pc will pay for itself in just eight months. All the while, I'll be enjoying superior graphics, physics, mods, and multiplayer. These two "next gen" console announcements have underwhelmed, and have turned me off of the future of console gaming. I might still consider a PS4, though. Just not for a while.
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rainslacker  +   800d ago

Here's what I get from all your comments. MS Xbox One is a completely Digital Distribution based console. Seems that rumor was right that came out early last year then. I guess that makes everything OK then. My bad.

Now, I have no problem with DD as a choice for those that choose to use it for whatever reason. I even know you are not adverse to using DD based on past comments from yours. But there are many that still do not like the models used to sell games online. Ownership is one of those major issues, and changing up the actual distribution method(a disc), does not change what this actually is.
Maddens Raiders  +   801d ago
Yeah but it's still a cluster*uck though. All of this obfuscation and hoop jumping is simply going to confuse and alienate more customers from your product. In the end the best policy is clear simplicity. This is not clear and simple.

Every other answer from a MSFT exec that is seemingly "in the know" is clouded in mysteries, guessing, possibilities and platitudes.

Maybe they forgot who their bread and butter is and that's gamers. Maybe they forgot that gamers only care about two things when it comes to consoles: Games, and the Bottom line.
Toon_Link  +   801d ago
I'm interested to see what happens with used games outside of retail I.e. eBay. I can see a lot of people getting pretty pissed the game they just bought is tied to another account. Also I really don't care if Microsoft or a publisher gets a cut off used sales it's not like you see this anywhere else, when has Honda got a cut from a used sale of a car?
fr0sty  +   801d ago
It still doesn't change the fact that if you end up going broke and need to drop your internet connection for a little while, your machine stops playing games all together. Or, if like me, you live in a hurricane prone area and end up losing power for weeks at a time. Running your console off the generator to help pass the time until the power comes back on will no longer be possible on this machine. Lending games to a friend will still be a pain in the ass, since the game is tied to your account and will have to be deactivated from your system before they can play it on theirs (unless you give them your Xbl login info, and let them ruin your online stats in your favorite games).

Honestly, the used game thing is just the tip of an iceberg of problems.
KarrBOMB  +   801d ago
Honestly, with the economy the way it is. I've been on unemployment off and on. I cancel my internet connection every time I'm on a layoff. I know others do this as well just to pay other bills. So what good does a gaming machine do me if it's just a paper weight for months on end?

It's not an up economy to require everyone to have internet connections just to play single player games. I can't see the always on (might as well be) working for lots of people in lots of situations. My old house didn't permit a wireless signal in every spot. Downstairs where my 360 was, was one of those areas. It was a newer home with awkward connection spots, the cable hook ups were in the master bedroom upstairs, and center support structure in the middle of the downstairs. So being that all the PC'S were upstairs, so was the wireless router. Getting to the center structure to run cable was impossible without a blueprint or professional knowledge. Cable company wouldn't touch it for less than $500.

So the 360 was downstairs because my girlfriend had a different work schedule than I did. The only other option was to turn her sons room into a game room and make the living room his bedroom. So obviously that wasn't going to happen. So a disconnected 360 was the only option. I know what you're thinking, 100 ft Ethernet cable. Dogs ate cables quicker then dog treats. Without the blueprint I had no clue where the correct space was for interior columns. Tried to enlist my dad who owns a general contracting business, he said if it's not exterior then you're mostly guessing.

Why say all of this, because there have been to many times I just didn't have an ability to use an internet connection for a console. So any one requiring it won't have a use for a large amount of people at different times.
fr0sty  +   801d ago
Younger people especially, who are just getting out in the real world and getting by on low paying jobs as they go to school... Those are the kind who will be having the hardest time keeping a steady internet connection going, and those are a huge chunk of Xbox's target demographic. This doesn't even touch on people who live in rural areas where a good net connection is not only hard to find but also often much more expensive.
GameCents  +   801d ago
Solution: Let the playing off the hard drive require internet connection. If your internet is unavailable for more than 24 hours then you HAVE TO play with the disc inside until internet is restored. Problem solved.

If they do that then and only then will I consider an Xbox One. Only require internet for the first time you install a game.
The other thing would be letting gamers be able to deregister their games themselves so they can sell them on ebay or trade them with friends.
GameCents  +   801d ago
Solution: Let the playing off the hard drive require internet connection. If your internet is unavailable for more than 24 hours then you HAVE TO play with the disc inside until internet is restored. Problem solved.

If they do that then and only then will I consider an Xbox One. Only require internet for the first time you install a game.
The other thing would be letting gamers be able to deactivate their games themselves so they can lend games to friends, sell them on ebay or trade them with friends/other gamers.
BlindGuardian  +   801d ago
what are the online checks for then? this is false:

the checks are for MS to know if you're playing games from your HDD that you still own, by checking if you sold the disc on one of their authorized shops (which will ask for your account info)

that's why the OS won't let you play anything if you don't let your console call home to check which ones of the games you have installed were registered as sold before they let you play the ones of which you still have the disc

the ones that appeared on their database as sold will be removed from your HDD

EVIL SCENARIO: if your internet goes down for more than 24 HS MS will assume that you're trying to screw them by playing games from your HDD of which you don't have the disc anymore and they will stop you from playing ANYTHING just in case
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The_Infected  +   801d ago
"According to sources"

Gives us a 100% clear answer you crazy Microsoft!

This is a PR nightmare! This is the most confusing crap I've ever seen! We hear different things every hour with no official word with a "clear" answer of anything we need to know. God if it wasn't for PS4 I'd quit gaming! Thank you Sony for being their with clear and well respected answers while Microaoft plays stupid!
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indysurfn  +   801d ago
Here is the thing to not miss. Microsoft has been talking about doing this for TWO YEARS! They keep getting told NO, by the consumer. They did it again, trying, and retrying to get it past the revolt to warm us up to the idea of not having full ownership of what we paid for(and not renting). Will we eventually fall for it? I HOPE not.

But if you change your mind because Microsoft once again changed their mind consider this. Remember all those updates we have on the current systems? Ever read them? Terms and conditions can change at ANY given moment WITHOUT NOTICE. Failure to accept the new terms, and conditions, then your system will NOT be updated, and you will not be able to play on your system until you do.

Reguardless, you still can only go to monopoly approved price fixing retailers Like EB!

So say we fall asleep(let our guards down), and millions people have bought the system, and THEN Microsoft does a update, and from now on your trade ins require a fee is paid, either by you are the buyer. Or Microsoft, make the 'periodic' internet checks more frequent. They already got you! Then it will be a MAD RUSH to the retail store to trade in your xbox(one) before it is only worth $25!!!

Don't let companies take pot shots at you without holding it against them permantly. They are doing JUST like they did trying to trick us into going to war in Iraq!

Remember Sony is watching, and they have not totally committed to not having a fee for saling your game, if we let Microsoft have our money for being fools they Sony will have to charge to compete! If you sell yourself out why should you expect Sony to let Microsoft be the only company to gash you for money.

Plus they still require a internet connection to watch tv, or play a game. Are you kidding me, am I the ONLY person that noticed that you will have to have active internet watch cable, or satellite TV!

Right now when my internet goes out my cable tv still works! If I get xbox one when my internet goes out, or modemn I can't watch tv! I think this is a deal that Microsoft STRUCK with the ISP's (just speculation) to get monopoly(ops exclusive) content!

Plus they will have ILLUMINATI sight into your living room!
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MYSTERIO360  +   801d ago
What! whats next xbox one will play blu ray...but not really?
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Prcko  +   801d ago
kinda agree
Shok  +   801d ago
OR, there IS a fee, it's just that you pay the fee when you buy the game at retailers:


Basically, used games aren't going to be as cheap as they normally are. Instead of paying $30 for a used game that is $70 new, you'll be paying $55, which will cover the activation fee.
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Software_Lover  +   801d ago
........ that is how it is now. You dont pay 59.99, but you pay 54.99 lol. The only way to buy used is to wait a year or two for the price to get reasonable, unless the game is COD which never goes down in price.

Now unless it is an EA game, then you pay the 55.00 then go home and pay the 10.00 fee to access online.
admiralvic  +   801d ago
As Software_Lover has already stated, that isn't much different than now. Most GS games start with a $5 dollar buffer and a good percent of them are only slightly different in price, with most of the value coming from clear out sales / discount coupons.

Either or, M$ really needs to clarify things. If all of this is true, I am not sure how it will affect people not selling through a retailer. It is possible that a fee for those people will still exist or it might not or really M$ needs to iron this out before it gets anymore out of hand.
rainslacker  +   801d ago
There are many many places where you can get used games cheaper than GS. So he still makes a proper point. The costs of any associated fee is likely to be passed onto the person trading in. The fee will reduce the trade in amount received, which has the added benefit to publishers in that you may not be likely to part with the game for such a low price. It's playing right into what they want.

The reason I assume this, is that it's harder to sell a used game at a higher price, and stores aren't likely to take the hit by having it sit on shelves.
jc48573  +   801d ago
you know f**k it. I'm not going to buy a xboxone regardless. Why you ask? How do you do trust a company that has a confusing policy? Every now and then, Microsoft comes in saying something a little different than before. You can stick it, Microsoft. Two big middle fingers up yours.


that's just not good business practice in my opinion. Like stop with all the BS and tell us everything. Stop the merry go around. I bet a lot of people are tired of this constant looking around for answers routine.
#3 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
decrypt  +   801d ago
True ill just stick to PC. No reason to own a locked down closed platform. With how weak next gen consoles are my PC wont even need an upgrade to beat them lol and i get to keep all my games i bought for my PC.
#3.1 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Fishy Fingers  +   801d ago
Dude change the record. I'm a "PC gamer" and I'm still just as excited for the new consoles as anyone (one of them anyway). The console exclusive games will be great and as the lowest common denominator improves, so will the quality of the games for all of us, even we, the PC master race.
MysticStrummer  +   801d ago
You won't own a console so we won't expect to see you commenting on console articles anymore.

Somehow I'm sure it won't work that way.
waltercross  +   800d ago
I'm a huge PC Gamer, but I'll still be getting a PS4 since I Love Console games to.
wishingW3L  +   801d ago
man, this keeps changing every day. Fees no fees, always on or at least once every 24 hours... etc. XD
#4 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SexyGamerDude  +   801d ago
I know. I was watching the review Adam Sessler had with someone at MS and I watched the man say that there was a fee.
Jek_Porkins  +   801d ago
They should just come out and say what the deal is, but if this is the case, I have no problem with it. As long as there isn't a fee for used games, and I can loan a game to my bro, we're all good.
Bathyj  +   801d ago
And if there is?
Jek_Porkins  +   801d ago
Thankfully it looks like it wont be. http://www.theverge.com/201...

For me, the only deal breaker would have been the need to stay online the entire time while playing a game. While I'm connected all the time as it is, my connection can get sketchy and drop sometimes. A little check in once a day or week or whatever has no baring on my intent to purchase.
Tatsuya  +   801d ago
The time will come for you to realize that you're on the wrong side young one.
#5.1.2 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
waltercross  +   800d ago
It reminds me of the TSA, some people are willing to sacrifice some freedoms for what they call...."Better Security".

As Benjamin Franklin said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".

Same goes for in this case, think about it.
Some people are saying, ahhh come on It's just a little check, ah come on, It's just a fee.....People like that do not deserve to play good games and they deserve everything they get from MS and Big Brother.
NatureOfLogic  +   801d ago
With mandatory installs it's more complicated than most people realise. They can't just get rid of the fee or disc codes unless they get rid of mandatory installs. Games would would easily be exploited if you could simply install freely. The used games system they'll have in place would become useless and pointless. Getting around mandatory installs is the real problem here.

@ Software_Lover, That makes sense. But what I can't get my head around is, why the every 24 hour authentication check then? or always connected? It's confusing. I know what they're trying to do ultimately, but how they are trying to implement it is the confusing part.
#6 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   801d ago
The only way to do that would be to have it necessary to have the disc in the drive and use that as a form of DRM. Install the game, but still make it necessary to have the disc in the drive. This is what the 360 does now.
DEEBO  +   801d ago
jek it doesn't matter what MS does.their c##k so deep down you're throat,you can be the next linda lovelace in deepthroat 2013.but the name will be called deep xbone!this brings me back to the good old days on N4G when the 360 first launch.going to pick up the x1 but wow!the fanboy thing is just sad man.
GamingWorldPeace  +   801d ago
Yo Deebo,

chill out Dawg and get off Jek's back. He's been very vocal and concern about used game fee if you look at his past posts and this article is stating that there is no fee involve for the customer so he is happy about it. You can say the same thing about the majority of Sony fans on N4G if you really want to go that route without sounding like a hypocrite.
Hicken  +   801d ago
He's been very "I can't wait!" regardless of the damn things DRM practices.

The only reason he sticks those weak-ass reservations in is so he doesn't look like a complete tool, and yet he looks that way, regardless.

All the comments you refer to nonetheless say how excited he is, when he should really be more concerned about all this. The fact that Microsoft isn't being clear about it all should bother him, at the least. But while he says it, while he professes trepidation about the used game fee, his enthusiasm isn't dampened in the slightest.

Sorry, but if Sony were HALF as horrible-looking as Microsoft is right now, I'd be ready to go grab a Wii U.

This guy, though, would buy the XBOne if it were a box full of nothing, literally.

Yet I'M the fanboy...
tiffac008  +   801d ago
They should really stop this flop flopping and just get to the point. Its creating more unnecessary speculations as it is.
Zcarnut  +   801d ago
The problem is no one knows if these console makers are:
1) launching trial balloons and adjusting accordingly
2) Havent worked out all the details untill a later date
3) There are plans already set and people are just speculating untill its made official
#8.1 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jek_Porkins  +   801d ago
My understanding of this is that they are trying to say that you install the game on your console and you won't need the disc every time you want to play.

You initially install it and then you won't need it any more. You can bring the disc to a friend's house and install/play over there, but when you get back home, you will need to prove you still "own" the game by putting in the disc and re-authenticating.

Basically, this is a solution for the common problem of, if you break your game disc, you're screwed. Am I making sense here?
Zcarnut  +   801d ago
Thats what I got out of it. Keeps the game from working on two different systems at once.
Mr-Dude  +   801d ago
Yeah, but still the constant re-authenticating will annoy the hell out of me. And what if Kinect 2.0 breaks? Then X1 is nothing more than a paperweigt? My internet fails? Or people who don't have internet? They practically have nothing to look forward then.
The constant jumping from "no fees, will have fees" and trying to wrap it with nice PR words...it's just one big pile of crap! It looks more like they don't know how to talk themselfs out of it anymore...

Jeez, i hope they clarify all these things otherwise next-gen is PS4 ONLY for me.
Jek_Porkins  +   801d ago
We don't know the time frame for authentication, and the article says there will be people like servicemen and women who wont need that. If Kinect 2 breaks, you send it back and get it replaced, or if it's your fault you buy a new one. Same as if your Wii U Gamepad broke.

The authentication process might not even be something we see, it might do it while we sleep, so it's too early to really tell.
Skate-AK  +   801d ago
Well the difference is if you broke your Wii U gamepad at least you can still play the console with the pro controller. On XBone you would be screwed if you had more important things that your money needed to go to at the moment.
Jek_Porkins  +   801d ago
No, you couldn't. If you break the Wii U, that's it. You need the Wii U's Gamepad in order to play most games, and even with the Pro Controller you need the Gamepad to start it up.

I cannot believe we are reduced to arguing over something like this in the first place. Why would it break to where you couldn't get it replaced? I've had my Kinect since launch, it's been on my TV via a mount and has had no issues.

I swear, I think people look for the most idiotic things to worry and complain about.
Aquarhane  +   801d ago
What are you talking about? they have already confirmed there is a fee for used games. You can't say what was just confirmed is a rumor.
#10 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
deadfrag  +   801d ago
Best thing to do is just forget about this console the stupid DRM they are trying to get players in with it, and move on to the next one avaiable that is trully about gamers and games.
#11 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
grayfoxx881  +   801d ago
Microsoft is really complicating the entire situation with the Xbox One. And it's all because of money.
Foxgod  +   801d ago
Got no issues with the authentication check.
I would if the 360 had it, because the 360 had limited built in connectivity capabilities.

Just like all my other devices, the Xb1 will be 24-7 hooked to my WiFi lan.
Takwin  +   801d ago
We all thought the rumors and flip-flopping would be better after the reveal, but it is without a doubt worse now. I am solidly behind the PS4 and the WiiU for a variety of different reasons. I wouldn't pay $100 for the Xbox even if the online was free. Between used game fees and the dudebro factor, it is just too much to overcome. No surprise WiiU sales have surged (with the great games still a few months away) and Sony's stock up 9%, it's clear that others agree. See: Twitter poll.
maniacmayhem  +   801d ago
I have an idea, how about getting rid of the full game install period. And just have the instant feature work with the game currently in the Xbox One (including any digital DL'd game).

This way the Xbox One will work the same way we gamers have been playing since the dawn of man.
DEEBO  +   801d ago
yeah my bad dude,i was just playing around.he's is just sticking to the topic at hand.sorry jek
KingKevo  +   801d ago
We already knew this, it's logical. But that's not why people are complaining. Of course you won't have to pay a fee, because you already bought the game from a retailer who works with MS so they already got their 'fee'. What people are mainly complaining about is that the used games might get more expensive, but especially about something else; they want to swap games with some friends from time to time and that won't work so easily.
Sarobi  +   801d ago
Why isn't MS just clearing the air of these questions..
Gr81  +   801d ago
I still
Don't understand wtf they are trying to say.
Excalibur  +   801d ago
Why do you have to say more at a later date? Put the misinformation (on your part BTW) to rest once and for all.

I'm sorry but this whole authorization/De-authorization sounds shady at best.

Still NO SALE.
#20 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gamer-Z  +   801d ago
Online DRM rumor (check)
strigoi814  +   801d ago
Why does gaming have to be this complicated..
quenomamen  +   801d ago
So in other words this while thing blew up in their face now theyre scrambling like cockroaches
hazelamy  +   801d ago
where does he say there's no fee?
vigilante_man  +   801d ago
System not released yet so its possible to change policy. But if its built into the OS and new network system it may not be possible to change at this late stage.

They cannot delay the release.
Prcko  +   801d ago
i hope not
slugg  +   801d ago
Gamestops CEO "I have seen the new xbox and worked extensively with Microsoft, and I am excited for our relationship and gamers going forward." Microsoft CANNOT charge a fee for you to play a used game; it is illegal. The REAL issue is the online connectivity requirement; now if you buy a used game, it WILL NOT WORK on your system until the verification is removed from the original owners system and transfered to yours. So once you trade in a game, you might as well erase it from your hard drive; it will not work until you re-purchase the game. So people with no internet will not be able to play used games for sure, and might not be able to use the Xbox One at all.
2pacalypsenow  +   801d ago
Dont care not getting it
Bellcross  +   801d ago
Polygon is owned by MS don't believe a word they say.
stage88  +   801d ago
Stick it where the sun don't shine MS.
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