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Here’s What’s Bothering Me About Batman: Arkham Origins

Kotaku: "I watched the trailer for the upcoming Batman game that got released earlier this week and immediately had one inescapable thought: You can’t tell it’s a prequel. That’s not a good thing." (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Mr_Nuts  +   712d ago
Thats totally my problem with it aswell, instead of looking like a prequel it looks like a quick cash in. He dosen't look younger and his armor/gadgets, as many people have pointed out, look better then the ones we find in the past two games which are set in the future. I don't see why they just didn't make a prequel when he became Batman and met the Joker for the first time. Oh and I don't get Deathstroke being in the game aswell, I mean he's a guy whos managed to take on the entire Justice League by himself but even with a lesser experienced Batman he's someone going to manage to take him on.

It's a big problem as well since the main voice actor has been changed. If Batman looks the same then it's going to look weird seeing someone else play him. Think I'm going to have to pass on this one. I'll wait for Rocksteadys next game
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jc48573  +   712d ago
I can always go back to Arkham City or Asylum if I want more. I've been wanting to do so anyways. Origins, sigh....maybe a rent. Learned a big lesson as they tend to release GOTY editions, which I doubt is going to happen with this "origins." In all honesty, this Batman makes the other Batman look young, which doesn't make any sense.
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The_Klank  +   711d ago
He does meet Joker for the 1st time, sorry if that's a spoiler.
The_Klank  +   712d ago
So because he has some stubble on his chin he is older? Because he has better armor means he is more experienced?

Its not like this is his first night as Batman, he's been doing it for 2 years already, he is still very much a myth as that suits his training. We've seen nothing of his gadgets. In the trailer he gets caught unexpectedly by Deathstroke, he was setup, to eager to pound some thugs. Deathstroke then takes him to school, if not for the interruption from Deadshot, who knows if he would of walked away.

So I'm very much looking forward to this game, the premise is pretty cool and I loved the other games.
ironfist92  +   711d ago
In the dark knight films, didnt he downgrade some aspects of his suit aswell?

So maybe he;' heavily armoured here because he's younger and more vulnerable, but later on he becomes more experienced, and doesnt need much protection as it weighs him down?

Thats how I see it. When youre rich and young, you tend to go all out, especialy when youre just starting off as a viigilante, where safety is of more importance.
PigPen  +   712d ago
I can tell it's a prequel, everyone isn't on steroids.
cyguration  +   712d ago
Batman looks pretty roided up to me.
Prcko  +   711d ago
I am pumped for this one
plaZeHD  +   711d ago
And it doesn't bring much new to the series. Previewers aren't so psyched about it.
ironfist92  +   711d ago
I hope its alot more condensed than Arkham City. More to the style of Asylum.

Getting from place to place was a bit of a chore in City
hazelamy  +   711d ago
that's a problem with a lot of prequels though.
you look at all the armour abilities the Spartans had in Halo reach, and you wonder why MC had none of them.

it's rare that it affects the gameplay though, it's more a problem with the storyline and consistency of the game universe through multiple games.
DarthJay  +   711d ago
I'm not generally a Batman fan, but this series has done it for me. I am absolutely looking forward to this game because it is another Batman game, and even if it is cookie cutter from the last two mechanically, those games were fundamentally solid and I am OK with it. The story in these games is what differentiate it from others. If it is a good story on top of the gameplay I already like, I'm going to find it really hard to complain. I respect that people respect the Rocksteady name, but I feel like if their name was attached to this, there wouldn't be many people complaining...
Excalibur  +   711d ago
This is the main problem when doing prequels years later than the original, the tech always advances and you try and shoe horn a story into what you've already shown.

In this case they have to have some sort NEW stuff to show you but that's harder to do when you go back in time (story wise) when BM had less gadgets, skills and such.

Honestly don't you expect BM to have all the cool moves and toys he has had in the past two games?
Jacksulz  +   707d ago
tbh im just fuckn stoked that theres a new batman game coming out soon, like these games have been fucking amazing, story, combat, level and character deign. this game will be awesome no matter what i reckon. with the point brought up earlier about deathstroke being taken on by the whole justice league, again this game is set way earlier than that. Not only is batman younger and less-experienced, so are his enemies. also hasnt kevin conroy the beast, been recently confirmed as the voice of batman in origins? if so, icing on the cake !!

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