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Submitted by lifesanrpg 993d ago | opinion piece

GameStop is at the mercy of Microsoft and the Xbox One

GameZone writes, 'In an attempt to learn the truth of Microsoft's used game policy regarding the Xbox One and retailers I learned something much scarier: retailers, particularly GameStop, are at the console-maker's mercy. What Microsoft says goes, and there's really not a damn thing anyone can do about it -- well, unless you're a consumer, because then you can choose to speak up with your wallet.' (Xbox One)

jc48573  +   993d ago
gamestop did say something I believe. They said that Microsoft simply wanted a piece of the pie meaning they saw the money making business in used game sales. My question is whether or not consumers realize this. The majority of concerns come directly from gamers who are well versed on this.
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dcbronco  +   993d ago
Or maybe it's the developers that want a piece of the action. Though there isn't a game develop out there that has half the talent of Gamestop. Who but Gamestop could have come up with a business model where you cheat people selling used games to you and then you turn around and sell them at nearly new prices for huge profits that you don't have to share with the developer. That is the work of true talent. Or are they real pimps? Whatever, it's all the same.

You that pimp Gamestop. Tell 'em.
"I want to be your Motha, your Fatha, your Sista, your Brotha. ....I want to be everything to you baby.
The_Infected   993d ago | Bad language | show
timmyp53  +   993d ago
Don't blow you loads just yet guys.
We still don't know Sony's stance on any of these issues. My guess is they went first this feb to see if microsoft would play their hands but they are both pretty hush hush. Major Nelson keeps saying that nothing is finalized. Cat and mouse for sure. Hopefully us gamers don't lose in the long term though... =(
jc48573  +   993d ago
man, do you really think Sony is stupid enough to play the same ball ? I sure hope not. I mean, just look at the backlash microsoft has been receiving.
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CerebralAssassin  +   993d ago
It very well Could happen. From a business standpoint, if the rumors about xb1 are true that would push a lot of people to sony because they dont want to support such a monopoly. But if sony does it as well the gamers have nowhere to turn. Your stuck. Unless you want a wiiU. Pc isnt the answer because this system is implemented already for that with cd keys. So for me this isnt too big of a deal because I spent a lot of time on pc but I too have grown into the resale business. Not the end of the world though.
Sovereign59  +   993d ago
Exactly. Sony has yet to make an official statement on how the PS4 will treat pre-owned games, it's unwise to assume their own plans are or are not similar to Microsoft's.

Yes, hopefully they have no plans to implement something like what Microsoft is doing with One, (and hopefully there's still time for Microsoft to change their minds on this) but for now we simply do not have confirmation one way or the other, so far it's all nothing more than speculation.
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Darrius Cole  +   993d ago
Actually they have been fairly clear on it.

About used games


About requiring an internet connection, without which used games can't be blocked, detected, or charged for.


Unless Sony does a 180 then Microsoft and the new Xbox One are going out there alone. I guess they believe that they can make a good profit on 30 - 35 million consoles if those users all get all of their games from Microsoft.
timmyp53  +   993d ago
@Darius Cole If you seriously look at those two articles its still a bit unclear. Shuhei Yoshida sort of implies that its up to the publishers. I'm just like you guys I think it'd be stupid as well if they did it. But I wouldn't count it out guys.
Sovereign59  +   993d ago
Unfortunately nothing in those articles brings total clarity to the situation. Each one basically states that used games won't be blocked, I don't take this to mean it rules out the possibility of Sony choosing to charge some sort extra fee somewhere along the path between coming into possession of a used game and playing it on the console.

From the last article: "Speaking at a roundtable session with the press attended by Ars Technica, Shuhei Yoshida stated that "when you purchase the disc-based games for PS4, that should work on any hardware." When asked whether games would require online registration, Yoshida noted that that decision was up to the publisher. When asked if Sony, as a publisher, would require games to be registered online, Yoshida said, "we are not talking about that plan."

Maybe I'm just exceedingly cynical, but it seems to me...
Best case scenario: Online passes still prevalent next-gen
Worst case scenario: Sony will also adopt a used game policy similar to that of Microsoft's
Sovereign59  +   993d ago
And now this... I just don't know what to believe anymore, this whole reveal was such a mess.
S2Killinit  +   993d ago
it seems that Sony is leaving it up to the developers. They are not going to be the ones that charge (unlike MS) but they wont stop developers from doing it if they please. Especially in light of their partnership with Blizzard (which does link each game to a single account). So the reason Sony is hush hush, in my opinion, is because they have clearly said that they don't believe in blocking used games but that they are going to "do the right thing by developers and consumers." They don't want to come out and say that there will be no 'fees' only to be blamed by the consumers when the developers apply their own fees to used games. That way Sony hopes to stay out of this while keeping the developers happy, letting retail know that they aren't directly putting their hand in their pockets, and letting the consumers know that they will not be taking their money if they wish to play used games. Thats what I think.
wastedcells  +   993d ago
GameStop lost most hardcore gamers a long time ago. They cater to kids, moms and dads or their location. If anything they will tell their staff to push Wii u or PS4 if it leads to potential trade ins in the future. I buy almost every decent new release because I know I can trade up later. If I can't trade in xo games then I simply won't buy them..... Or an xo.
dcbronco  +   993d ago
Timmy we do know Sony's stance. They said they wouldn't do it but they would leave it up to publishers to do it with their titles. With Sony tech BTW.
wishingW3L  +   993d ago
not just Gamestop but the entire industry. Remember that USA is the biggest video game market in the world and the Xbox brand is the biggest there. Lots of stuff could happen....
Brawler  +   993d ago
Exactly, and remember gamestop employees to give their two pieces to uninformed people buy consoles. If the used game fee goes through you can assume gamestop will just push ps4 and wii u. Which can hurt the xbox one sales.
2pacalypsenow  +   993d ago
Gamestop just need to side with Wii U and PS4 and PC
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VonBraunschweigg  +   993d ago
Weird. MS still needs gamestores to sell games to gamers, gamestores can't survive without buying back those games from gamers, now MS wants to make money to/again on re-selling already sold games back to gamers, which could be bad for stores, where gamers buy the games in the first place. I'm confused.
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rainslacker  +   992d ago
It's actually good for retailers to cut out, or to make less convenient, personal sale(person to person). It means the most convenient way to sell your games is to go to a retailer...not unlike it is now in some cases for many.

So while retailers may make less on each sale, they stand to make a lot more of those sales than they do now.

Kind of all depends on final implementation though. But it is something that's going around.
McScroggz  +   993d ago
I'm not a business man or a psychic so I can't know how much influence Microsoft will have on GameStop. While I don't believe the PS4 will sell 150 million while the Xbox One only sells 25 million (PS2-Xbox sales); but if that did happen then GameStop would have the upper hand. This is a scenario where I think Microsoft has the upper hand now, but a year or two after launch the Xbox One better have substantial sales or GameStop will no longer be under the mercy of Microsoft.
Quickstrike  +   993d ago
I could see a possibility of Gamestop carrying the Xbox One, but not buying back used games of Xbox One.
rainslacker  +   992d ago
If that's the case, expect it to have very little shelf space, and probably no in-store promotion from the employees, kinda like their PC section, or various other gaming related things they carry. Unless MS pays them for that space of course.:)
Darrius Cole  +   993d ago
Actually they are not at the mercy of Microsoft. If it plays out in the way that it now (May 24, 2013) looks like it will, I would not be surprised if Gamestop starts to subsidize the PS4. They may throw a game in with a purchase or something like that. It will be in their interest to make sure that as few as possible Xbox 1's are actually in the market. Every customers that buys an XBone is a customer lost to Gamestop forever. Microsoft is essentially asking them to cut their own throat. They won't do that with a fight on some front.

Gamestop will probably offer the new Xbox One because they want people who would buy one to come to them, so that they can convince them not to buy an Xbox One and to instead buy a .

By the way, this story is more relevant now than it was in the past. It is too old to be commented on and I cannot do a new submission for it. Is there any way to fix that?


It is Michael Denny, Senior VP of Sony Worldwide Studios basically confirming that the PS4 can still be used if it is never connected to the internet. Which eliminates the possibility of DRM and/or any sort of charging for, or blocking of, used games at the console level. I know that is has been said before, but he used more straightforward language in this interview.
Hicken  +   992d ago
What people keep thinking of as Sony saying they'll let the publishers decide on whether or not to allow used games is, instead, about online passes. A bit of a difference, but a difference, nonetheless.

That aside, there's another big thing people don't seem to be considering: Microsoft needs GameStop more than the other way around. Microsoft moves far more hardware and software through GameStop than any other single retailer, and possibly more than the next few combined. Should Microsoft decide to do something that GameStop believes is detrimental to them, the retailer can choose not to stock the consoles/games.

It would be a far bigger blow to Microsoft's pockets to not have GameStop selling their goods than the other way around. Hopefully, this is something else Microsoft takes into consideration- though it may be too late by now- before their console reaches the market.
TwistedMetal  +   993d ago
sony will do the right thing. they always do. greatness awaits.
Prcko  +   993d ago
true dat!
S2Killinit  +   993d ago
whats sad is that not only is Microsoft implementing anti consumer policies, but they are going to affect the whole gaming industry with their agenda. Perhaps forever.
Takwin  +   993d ago
I will speak with my wallet. Before the reveal was even over, I had decided to get a PS4. I have never had a playstation. I had both Xbox and every nintendo. I love my WiiU for everything Nintendo (and what a finish to the year they will have with games!) but I'm super excited to get my first playstation. Processing power dominance, exclusives, free online, actual used games. Game over.

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