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Can HD Releases be the Next Wave of Gaming?

GamersBliss.com writes: "Gaming has changed over time, I have recently noticed something, during droughts of gaming great older games are re-released and given a makeover in HD. But why is that? Have you noticed what I've noticed also. Several answers for that as you read on but I would like to be the first person to say I love how my gaming memories. Seeing them come back now especially in an age where visuals are pushed to the limits which adds a lot to the game then when I played it." (3DS, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Cam977  +   797d ago
Silly article. When have PS1 games been remastered in HD? Never.
THESHAUNZY  +   797d ago
LMAO!!! FACE!!!!

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Dno  +   797d ago
Chard  +   797d ago
zerocrossing  +   797d ago
Weren't they already?
cunnilumpkin  +   797d ago
it'd be cool to replay some classics like uncharted 2,3 , gears 2,3 halo 3,4, resistance, killzone etc. without all the jaggies, screen tearing, sub-hd textures and 25-30 frames

love to see those games at a blistering 60 frames, with 4x msaa and high res textures....im sure the will be coming

ms, sony and Nintendo LOVE to re-sell us the same games over and over.....and honestly, I don't mind a bit, as long as it is a true upgrade

I've been massively disappointed with the hd remakes this gen

every single one can be emulated on pc for free with much higher res and frames rate and aa, hopefully the do them right and offer enough to the package, cause im quite sure as soon as ps4 is out the ps3 emulators will be rolling in
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ginsunuva  +   797d ago
Maybe the gen after this one. Or at the end of this gen.
DarkBlood  +   797d ago
that would be one hell of an emulation when the time comes so i cant imagine what kind of pc parts would be needed to handle that task
TheSuperior  +   797d ago
I would hope some game from this Gen will come back out next Gen since backwards comparability is either a no go or up in the air right now
kma2k  +   797d ago
Before i even opened my ps3 box i took my ps2 put it in a box & stored it in the back of my closet. I have no intentions of doing that this next gen. My Ps4 will sit right in between my ps3 & xbox360 so i have my backwards compatablity. I am assuming its gonna be at least 1 full year before the great games come out for the ps4 after launch!
jensen86  +   797d ago
i hope so because there's some good franchises out there that id put alot more time n money into if the graphics wernt so bad
MKDA_Scorpion  +   797d ago
Who else is still waiting on that Metal Gear Solid HD Remake with the MGS4 engine?
DarkBlood  +   797d ago
was that a thing or a community dream?
MKDA_Scorpion  +   796d ago
Well it was talked about for awhile, and most sources thought that was going to be in the MGS HD Collection but it turned out to be 2, Snake Eater and Peace Walker. Nothing wrong with 2, Snake Eater and Peace Walker, it's just you would figure a PSX game would have priority.

Was rumored for a long time.
DCfan  +   797d ago
I'd love to see Raiden's ass with MGS4 engine
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   797d ago
I would snatch up a HD remake of Legend of Dragoon in a heartbeat!
baraka007  +   797d ago
the future of gaming is playing old games at higher resolution? I guess it makes just as much sense as all the other crap posted on here...
urwifeminder  +   797d ago
Remakes just show how stale and scared devs are biggest fail in modern gaming more of the same please.
MKDA_Scorpion  +   796d ago
That's like saying Trophies/Achievements add no replay ability whatsoever. Some people just don't want to go back and have to buy a PS1 and the game and controllers + cables to be able to experience the game as it was intended, and Emulator compatibility and terrible ports only go so far.

Honestly IMO, the only time something is worthy of being re-released is if it is upscaled and has something new to bring to the table. They have done too many PS2 "Essential Collections" and "Packs" way too many times.

Say for example you play God Of War, you beat 1, and 2, but you haven't played them in awhile and want to catch yourself up before God Of War III comes out.

Would you not want to play them in HD, instead of having to go back to PS2 to jog your memory?

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