Diablo III For Xbox One/PS4 Shows Up in Holland Game Advertisement

Hardcore Gamer: While Diablo III was released over a year ago, Blizzard looks like it's finally ready to debut the game on consoles.

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yewles11857d ago

"strategic partnership"

Jek_Porkins1857d ago

This shouldn't surprise anyone really, before last E3 there were stories that Diablo 3 was running really well on the Xbox 360.

MassOnesumis1857d ago

Could you give me a link? I been noticing you've been doing alot of subtle damage control/proselytizing on the xbox one articles. Word of mouth isn't as reliable as it once was.

Jek_Porkins1857d ago

Sure thing, also I don't do damage control as I don't work for a gaming company, just don't feel like negatives are the only things worth talking about.
"Diablo 3 Console Release Date: Game 'Running' On Xbox 360, PS3 Says Blizzard"

MassOnesumis1857d ago

I appreciate your link but they never said which console, gen, or how well D3 ran on it.

We've got builds up and running on it," Pardo told Polygon.

Pardo didn't say which console(s) the devs have a version of Diablo 3 running on; however, there is always the possibility that Blizzard already has its hands on a next-gen dev kit or two

deep_fried_bum_cake1857d ago

The inclusion of the 720 shows that it is just speculation. It really means nothing as any legit listing would have it listed as the next gen Xbox (as it was before the reveal) and not as a speculative name.

negative1857d ago

I'm sure it'll play better on the Xbox One rather than the PSbore....

baraka0071857d ago

lol even if true this is who you'll be playing with online ppl and it'll cost you 50 dollars a year to do so ;)

SlyFoxC1857d ago

i see what you did there... PSbore

how about XBone

dantesparda1854d ago

Its actually $60 a year for XBL now and its been $60 for a few years now.

And stfu you stupid butthurt fanboy

Zechs341857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Very good source considering the things is still listed as Xbox 720


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