Microsoft confirms Halo Bootcamp

GS:Company says project is not related to Xbox One or Reclaimer Trilogy; more information soon.

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NYC_Gamer1073d ago

This project is real what ever it may be

Shadonic1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

I'm fat I would do it unless we get spiders involved then ill be out.

ceballos77mx1073d ago

The whole new halo cartoon exclusively on the Xbox one network./s

OhReginald1073d ago

Halo bootcamp?

sounds like some Reality TV shows where a bunch of fat nerds have to complete for some kind of dumb prize.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

ok. do we win a ps4 in the end??

SIRHC131073d ago

I hate how Halo has to go down with this ship that is Microsoft.