Persona 3 FES Opening Video

The open trailer from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on LPtv.

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VigorousApathy3920d ago

Looks pretty good for a Playstation 2 game. This is the director's cut of the original Persona 3 right? Games can have director's cuts now, take that Roger Ebert!

Skerj3920d ago

Yeah it was Atlus saying thank you to the fans for supporting it so they gave us more of what we love. I can't wait for this, because it holds the true ending to P3. P4 being translated is equally on that list as well.

Homicide3920d ago

Awesome vid. Can't wait to get FES.

vilmer3920d ago

FES and P4. The PS2 is still a monstrous beast.