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Xbox One the ‘Most Wished For’ product at retailer

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One home entertainment system ranked as the top ‘Most Wished For’ product at Amazon.com Inc. post reveal of the hardware. (Amazon.com, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tag Invalid, Tech, Xbox One)

jujubee88  +   915d ago
PS4 is the fourth most wished for atm,
Kinda funny coincidence!

forum67  +   915d ago
That is a good source for fact. Better than hundreds of lame gaming-site editors creating console debates.

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abzdine  +   915d ago
check the PS4 release date on your source :D
jujubee88  +   915d ago
Oh crap!
Thanks for the right link, forum! ^^

@abzdine: Yeah. Haha. WTH I know PS4 is a futuristic machine but damn. 2020? O.o
xHeavYx  +   915d ago
What retailer?
PLAYWATCH  +   915d ago
Of course it's going to be #1 wished for right after the reveal. PS Vita and others were #1 wished for too right after their reveal.
ThanatosDMC  +   915d ago
Wow, all PS3 games on top.
PLAYWATCH  +   915d ago
Forget what others want.

Do you want a game console where its primary focus is not on games?
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bintarok  +   915d ago

Release Date: March 31, 2020 (???)

Someone didn't do his job well.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   915d ago
I thought nobody liked MS unveil though?

EDIT: Just to clear this up for anyone the article is wrong, the hardware will not require a constant internet connection. But the console itself is designed with a connection in mind for updates, patches, making games better, overall content.

The console will work offline but your "experiences" won't be that great. But you can play Blue Ray movies, play games and do Live Tv.

But the console recommends a internet connection overall. That's its design.

Trust me I've read interviews and listen to many podcast about this subject.

EDIT: You guys can disagree all you want its all over the net and Don Mattrick even stated it Aarron Greenberg even stated it a "Disagree" button doesn't make me wrong, Because I'm right.
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stage88  +   915d ago
Gamers didn't.
SniperControl  +   915d ago
Needs to connect to the internet every 24 hours right?
YNWA96  +   915d ago
For 'gamers' who have complained non stop about the xbox one doing other stuff as well as games, do you play the actual fvcking games or just come here to bitch about it? Let me guess, mommy will be buying your console then? Wii mini anyone? No PS4 or Xbox One for you dearest....
DigitalRaptor  +   915d ago
Don Mattrick is a corporate schmuck that presented a gaming console as a television remote and fantasy football enhancer, whilst smiling.

And Aaron Greenberg... you want me to repeat the list of laughable statements and claims he's made over the years.

Link us, if you're so positive we're wrong. The mandatory daily connection admission from Phil Harrison was brushed away with an even more vague answer by MS execs who clearly didn't want to tell people more. Please show me a source that says otherwise and isn't sketchy corporate damage control and I'll shut up about that particular type of anti-consumer integration.
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SniperControl  +   915d ago
wasn't the PS4 the "most wished for" upon announcement back in February as well?
in 3 days??? plz!!

Supermax  +   915d ago
Not surprising
hakesterman  +   915d ago
Not Buying this Crap for a Second.
MoonGazing  +   915d ago
Lmao so none of you notice amazon. has the release date for ps4 in 2020 while the xbox in 2013 that could be why.
gamertk421  +   915d ago
Doesn't matter. When you type in the product name, you click on the wish list. I didn't even notice what they had as a placeholder date. Nice try, though.
solidworm   915d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
My brother and I did sign up for the early pre-order, so I guess all the negative internet reaction isn't going to end up being the majority. Would still like clarification to the used game issue though, hoping for a positive resolution so everyone can be happy.
StoutBEER  +   915d ago
You just summed up how I feel exactly, to the T.
SexyGamerDude  +   915d ago
The used game thing has been cleared up.

There will be a fee for used games. The only way your friend could play the game is if you went over his house and signed into his Xbox with your account. But let him borrow the disk to play on his own account and he will find out that he must pay a fee.

This was all answered in a interview with Adam Sessler.
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Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
No, right now everything is still rumor, Major Nelson said they'll announce something sooner or later, so I assume around E3.

The whole way this is supposed to go, looks an awful lot like Sony's patent from earlier this year http://www.ign.com/articles...

Not saying that is more than a rumor right now either, but there is no clear yes or no as of this minute.
Riderz1337  +   915d ago
Lol the product was just revealed so of course there will be a lot of people, even with the negativity, wanting the Xbox One. It might be the most wished for product, but the real question is how long it can keep that title.
SexyGamerDude  +   915d ago
Just watch the interview on YouTube.

It's on the Rev3Games channel. I would post the link but my android doesn't let me post links to specific YouTube videos.
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bluetoto  +   915d ago
"Would still like clarification to the used game issue though, hoping for a positive resolution so everyone can be happy"

Why, you and your kind are going to buy/support MS regardless of what they do to you so why the need for more info? To convince smarter people that MS is the choice for them so you and your kind can feel validated?
Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
I have no wish or desire to feel validated, the only way I wasn't going to buy an Xbox One would have been if it needed a constant internet connection to use games.

I don't need to convince people to buy the Xbox One, if they want to buy it, they will. At the same time I have strong opinions when it comes to gaming, and it shouldn't just be the negative people who are allowed to share their opinions, don't you agree?

This is the latest from Major Nelson on his blog:
MAY 24TH 2013 12:32 PM PT
Xbox One and used games

Over the paste few days, we have been reading comments and message boards following the Xbox One announcement. There are a few questions regarding used games. I wanted to clarify and provide this official statement:

The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.
bluetoto  +   915d ago
You are supporting an anti-consumer company that is only interested in expanding their bottom line, at the expense of gaming mind you, yet you state having strong opinions about gaming? I'd say you don't even like gaming as this is a TV machine that sometimes plays games.

"I don't need to convince people to buy the Xbox One, if they want to buy it, they will. At the same time I have strong opinions when it comes to gaming, and it shouldn't just be the negative people who are allowed to share their opinions, don't you agree"

I fully agree and all opinions should be heard, but you don't seem interested in gaming, only that MS is successful.

Funny the one thing that would have turned you off isn't being implemented as of yet( as you stated by major nelson things are in flux over at MS) and a $500 million marketing budget proves that hype and false promises can change the uneducated feeble minds of many, so please don't insult my intelligence.

You support MS, good for you, but please stop pretending you care about gaming.

Can't wait to see what you come up with after E3!
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Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
No offense to you, but you don't know me at all, you just see words that I type. If I didn't care about gaming I wouldn't do reviews for two sites and have a Youtube channel with gaming as the dedicated feature. I also do Let's Play videos on a regular basis.

I buy every console every single generation, and I've bought 95% of my games new to support developers. I own almost 500 current generation games, I run a gaming clan www.teammoh.com and I've been a competitive gamer for the last decade.

So please, tell me how I don't care about gaming because I enjoy everything, including Microsoft.
gamertk421  +   915d ago
Sick burn!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   914d ago
Strong opinions? Really?

In all those posts you make very clear how important BC (which are missing on Xbox One) are for you.

In those you seen to not care or even want a blu ray drive.

Here you ironically make fun of how MS would be handing over next gen to Sony if they go with always on, block used sales, focus on kinect, etc

Here you show how much you care about actually owning your stuff, your despite for liscensing/digital distribution focus and cloud services

You looked concerned with OS footprint when you assumed Sony was using "at least 2GB" with PS4.

BISHOP-BRASIL  +   914d ago

Here you say that rumors about streaming TV were not console related, not even Xbox related (i.e. not gaming) but something MS would do to counter Apple TV

Despite you already saying you are always online, you made it clear that, out of personal principles (yup, remember that, PRINCIPLES), you don't want to be forced.

When you assume Watch Dogs may have any kind of DRM you say you're going to "vote with your wallet".

You even go on and say someone would have to be an "utter idiot" to believe MS would block used sales and have DRM.

And finally, when discussing MS reveal, you had made your own points on what would put 'em on a good light, mentioning no always online, no DRM, no blocking of used games, games running on the box, Xbox Live evolution, better D-Pad... None of which happened.

Despite of Xbox One obviously not coming to be what you expected/seen to want, here you are proudly saying you already pre-ordered yours. Sorry to break it for you, but you don't have "strong opinions", what you have is called "double standards". Hence why the "internet negativity" may make no sense for your "principles".
Hicken  +   914d ago
"Pathetic" is the word that comes to mind when reading your comments.

"Blind," "fool," "fanboy," also all fit. "Ridiculous" is another word I'd use. "Unfathomable."

There are a lot of words I could use to describe your attitude towards this, your willingness to brush aside the negatives and push Microsoft up as some sort of... I don't even know what the hell you see them as.

Whatever it is, though, you're wrong.

And seeing you chase after them like a starved puppy is pitiful.
Majin-vegeta  +   915d ago
I'm sure most of these people don't know about the spying stuff.
Roper316  +   915d ago
if MS hijacking your Skype messages doesn't get you, Kinect will, LOL
ape007  +   915d ago
yes i agree, it's a conspiracy by the American government.................... .............

paranoid much???
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Tyre  +   915d ago
You must be pure ignorant and have a peanut brain to still say that dumb shit. Did you have your head in the sand the last couple of years. You could say that in the seventies, but after all the revelations of the past couple of years, you just can't. Geez, that people still believe in fairy tales. OMG! Try to read more and do your research. And like as if Amazone is the most independent scientific resource for real data. The pre-orders data is mostly rigged.
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SonyKong64  +   915d ago
my government loves me. they love liberating Muslims and it has nothing to do with Oil/Opium and Power.

9/11 was a group of Elite Saudi Arabian super pilots that enjoyed strippers, drugs and booze.

human beings (especially the corporate profit driven type) would NEVER use Kinect to gather information or view 12yr olds watching porn early morning in the family room while parents are at work..


I suggest reading a book.
DOMination-  +   915d ago
MS do keep skype messages but they just store them somewhere in case they suspect you're a terrorist or something. Whilst I dont really like it you have to understand its not like they read everything you say. The same will be true with kinect I'm sure. Again its your right to dislike it. Its fair enough but its not like theees a guy watching your every move.
BlmThug  +   915d ago
It's not just Kinect. All of society is watched by all forms of media. I live in London, the most watched city in the world in terms of security cameras.
Monkeycan8  +   915d ago
What I don't even... How??
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   915d ago
PS Vita was #1 at its reveal as well and look how that turned out.
whoyouwit04  +   915d ago
Yea but normally when a Microsoft product is number one it normally turns, to success Look at kinect.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   915d ago
Kinect is not a success. MS were practically giving them away. Move is actually bigger outside of the United States.
Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
In every sense of the word the Kinect was a success, and Microsoft actually backed it with advertisements and content. It's the fastest selling electronic device of all time according to The Guinness Book Of World Records, and it's sold over 25 million units in less than 2 and a half years.

That being said, it isn't the best thing ever or anything, but obviously has found much success.

So the excuse starts now? Microsoft was able to advertise their product and that's the only reason it was successful? Also, "seen as a success"? Really? Seems to me 25 million is a success, no matter who likes it or doesn't like it.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   915d ago
With $500 million in marketing, anything can be seen as a success.
whoyouwit04  +   915d ago
Guess this just show the rest of the world ( not including the N4g litter sony fanboys) are willing to give the Xbox the benefit of doubt. Or, at least until E3, and until they explain how the thing works properly.
WeAreLegion  +   915d ago
No. They just don't know anything about it. They didn't watch the reveal. Those who did aren't getting it.
Jek_Porkins  +   915d ago
I watched the conference, and I'm getting it. You assume everyone went into it expecting a ton of games, I'm educated and read that Microsoft said many, many times leading to the unveiling that games would be E3's focus, not the reveal.
S2Killinit  +   915d ago
seriously? what if two people wanted it, and the second place was wanted by one person. I would make it the most desired item. I think that the majority of people who will buy console are thinking of purchasing it through retail or some other source.
WeAreLegion  +   915d ago
People didn't watch the conference. They just know it's coming.
Bennibop  +   915d ago
Also strange that you can review the PS4 on Amazon but not the X1, what is that all about??
silkrevolver  +   915d ago
PS4 was most wished for the week it was unveiled too.
forum67  +   915d ago
because it didn't had any competitor in Feb.
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S2Killinit  +   915d ago
you realize that the most wished for item doesn't say anything about how many people will buy it, right?
Godz Kastro  +   915d ago
Look everyone both consoles are going in different directions but I fear Sony has chosen a difficult path. They need to have services to back up their games.

Imagine if someone launched a tablet that ONLY played games. It would get crushed in the marketplace by the likes of apple/google.

Times are changing... We as gamers have to change with them.

If Sony is counting on gamers to get it where it wants to be financially then they are doomed. Those are the same guys that will buy used games (not all of them) but many will.

They absolutely need to make money on stuff other than games. The same notion that fanboys are screaming about as far as sony supporting the core is exactly whats gonna sink them. And at the end of the day MS will have hard core titles. 15 in the first year yet everyone wants to hang on the fact they didnt show a slew of games at a console reveal when e3 is like 2-3 weeks away.

Now if they dont show up with games at e3 then I understand the sentiment but that has not happened. Gamers will hold them to those exclusives they promised.

I don't want to see MS or Sony fail. That would be awful for the industry. Let MS grow it a bit and maybe sony can take advantage of some of the casuals that come in.
SonyKong64  +   915d ago
when did they ever say anything about the ps4 being ONLY about games?

the idea is that the ps4 as a "game console" their (google this word) 'primary' focus is games.

I like to sit down when I play and I haven't watched Live cable TV for 5 years now, so really, Xbone offers nothing to me over my ps4.

If I change my mind in the future and decide to throw 100$/month to my cable company to watch commercials, I'll have a TV gimmick in my WiiU for that..
bluetoto  +   915d ago
"Times are changing... We as gamers have to change with them."

No, we don't. Why do WE , the CONSUMER have to change ANYTHING?

Please don't refer to yourself as a "gamer" just because you play one or two games on your 360.

I've been gaming for more than 30 years and haven't had to change one thing about my hobby, but now suddenly WE need to change? GTFOH with that BS.

WE are the ones that birth new companies and kill off those that don't get us. Don't know where YOU live, but here the consumer with the money run things, not the ones that are trying to sell you something.

MS is all smoke and mirrors, selling the undereducated hype, all the while lining their pockets with profit off the stupidity of the deluded.
If it wasn't for a good deal of dimrod American rednecks MS would have folded tents long ago and let another company that wasn't so anti-consumer make a new big 3. Hope this is the last time we have to deal with them..
OSIRUSSS  +   915d ago
Come on people. If they launch the same day the Xbone will be sold out across the US! The PS4 will be sold out across the planet!
Derek-Flint   915d ago | Spam
lisamonroe   915d ago | Spam
Nodoze  +   915d ago
Let's be honest who doesn't want a slick games console/DVR/TV Tuner in their entertainment center. A box that does it all. One console that will allow me to do everything.

Oh wait it doesn't do DVR?
and it doesn't act as a tuner?
So it is just a fancy TV Guide that forces me to watch live TV?
and I have to pay for Xbox live to watch my cable (which I am already paying for, and the box, and the DVR service)?
You mean I still have to pay my cable company to rent my box?

WTF is the point of this 'bold' new direction that everyone is on about??

If you ask me this box is made for stupid people. People who want to throw away their money on services that they are already paying for. Like paying for live to watch Netlix!? What moron does that? Now look you can pay for live to watch your cable too! But but it allows us to play multiplayer games...EXACTLY.

xBONE for the Sheeple.
TKCMuzzer  +   915d ago
That was one of my problems with the presentation. I think there will be many non tech people who were watching that and probably not aware that you actually have to have a separate piece of equipment to actually watch anything (apart from Netflix etc).
Also, what happens if this do it all, centre of your life box decides to give up on you, remember this is 'rocket science' tech, untested, I mean look what happened when Microsoft threw some simple PC parts in a box a few years ago.
I'm not convinced, there may be time yet but it's probably to late, My Sky box is doing a sterling job on it's own.
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WhatchaTalkinBout  +   915d ago
microsoft propaganda, gamers need to stand up against this con artist, if we dont we will never have freedom again to choose what we want to do with our games and consoles...
microsoft is going to ruin this great hobby / entertainment we once had, not for the better either, more backlash towards them the better ,maybe they will reverse there decision on there plans for the xboxone for the better, but i cant see that happening,its there way or the hwy as i see it...
TKCMuzzer  +   915d ago
So, Microsoft of America announces a new machine aimed primarily for the Americans, spreads it everywhere, mentions TV, TV, TV which I hear is a common past time in America and all of a sudden it tops the most wished for product on the American site of Amazon. Well blow me over, never saw that coming.....

Microsoft knows their audience........their the ones who kept purchasing 360's after their first, second crapped out, they know your out there and if its got an Xbox logo on it your going to buy it........just the way the world works.

To be fair its the same for any company that has a loyal following, I mean you stick an apple logo on a dog turd and it would sell millions to many........at a premium of $600 of course..

There is an oline retailer in the UK called shopto. Now the Xbox one is the top pre order but more interestingly is that the PS4 had slipped out of the top ten until the Xbox one reveal and has now shot up to second, so it does seem Microsoft inadvertently game Sony a helping hand.
#20 (Edited 915d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nodoze  +   915d ago
Please don't cast all Americans in a bad light here. This one has had no part in the 360 fiasco, and wants absolutely nothing to do with the Xbone.

This 'thing' looks like a blatant cash in attempt. Microsoft = monetization. They care not for gamers.
#20.1 (Edited 915d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TKCMuzzer  +   915d ago
Unfortuanatly seeing as most 360's have been sold in America in can only be an assumption that many of American owners (core gamers) have bought more than one. There was a double whammy, your first one packs in, choice to make, wait for Microsoft to send you a refurb which you would not trust so then buy another new one on the off chance it would be better. I knew many on my friends list who rushed out and bought a slim when it was released because they had no faith in the one they already owned. I'm not sure Microsoft could believe their eyes.
I doubt it's just in America though, it's just that's where it sells best.
#20.1.1 (Edited 915d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
RuleofOne343  +   915d ago
I know what I am wishing for.
SpinalRemains  +   915d ago
Wait till these same customers learn the truth of what the xbox one really is, and what they force upon its owners.

Not rocket science.

We all need to unite and reject this obnoxious greedy creation.

Its a corporate wet dream, and some still want to buy it. Unreal.
Prcko  +   914d ago
ps4 all the way

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