GameSpy: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

GameSpy writes: "For years, Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer has been a critical darling and a favorite among hardcore soccer fans. Its combination of simulation-focused gameplay and micromanaging franchise mode gave it an edge over FIFA in the hearts of millions worldwide, and though it never sold the numbers that FIFA has Stateside, it's still a hit among North American soccer gamers. Therefore it's with some disappointment that we report that while Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has plenty of good qualities, it ultimately feels rather stale."


-Core gameplay is still quite fun
-Teamvision AI adds challenge from opposition and more assistance from teammates.


-Frame-rate plummets during some cut-scenes
-Edit mode is very limited
-Fun gameplay isn't that different from PES 07
-Online is unacceptably laggy.

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killer_trap3920d ago

so the game is released in north america with the same problems it had a couple of month ago in the pal region. way to go konami, way to go.